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  • A String of dog attacks, Lead to a Fatal Dog Attack of a Woman

    On May 9th, in the Antelope Valley town of Littlerock, Pamela Devitt was killed in a fatal dog attack. She was 63 years young.

    Here is part of the original fatal dog attack news report:

    Numerous strays also roam the desert. Residents say Littlerock has become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs.

    "A car will come down the street at 40 mph, slow down and a door will open," said longtime resident David Cleveland. "A dog will be pushed out. It will tumble once or twice and let out a yelp, and then the car will take off."

    The dogs then head for the desert, where they meet other strays, Cleveland said. "And when you have five to seven of them in a group — that is a very dangerous situation."

    For years, residents in Littlerock and other towns in the High Desert have complained about stray and vicious dogs. Then a woman was fatally mauled by a pack of pit bulls May 9, resulting in murder charges against the dogs' owner this week. Now, both residents and Los Angeles County officials are vowing to finally do something about the problem.

    Neighbors say they carry sticks, rocks and even guns to shoo away the animals.

    "You just have to do whatever you can to get them away," Carolyn Eslick said. -- Read More about Fatal Dog Attack

    I must finish this blog by saying, I am very much a dog lover and I have owned a Pit Bull in the past. He was a great dog and never once was aggressive to me, my children nor anyone else.

    That being said, I have always been a responsible dog owner no matter what breed was part of our family. It is the owners or former owners of these dogs whom I blame in vicious and unnecessary fatal dog attack.

    Tragedies like this fatal dog attack are a failure in personal security, I am in no way implying that the victim has any fault in this situation, only that we should learn from it and if one person is saved from a similar fate, maybe this fatal dog attack is not in vain.

    TKW Self Defense Personal Security strives to help prevent this type of tragedy, through awareness, knowledge and personal security training.

    I am very sad for the family of this woman and hope this tragedy can somehow prompt others to increase their awareness of the types of personal security that will increase survivability in such a situation.

    Carrying some dog pepper spray or a dog chaser with you may be just the personal security tool needed..

  • Suggestions Concerning How To Stay Protected On A Camping Journey

    My buddies and I are intending to go on a 3-day camping getaway at the end of the month. We were listing down things to carry such as our own tents a portable stove cooking utensils bear repellent in case we were attacked by a bear as well as other camping equipment.

    One of my pals inquired if we could make use of wasp spray as self defense instead considering that she already owned one.

    However after investigating a little bit on whether or not wasp spray could double as bear spray I found out that the answer just might be no. Apparently the contents of wasp spray havent been tested specifically versus people as well as other living things. Hence it might not be very effective or might actually cause long-lasting injury.

    I informed my buddies that it would definitely be best that we got a self-defense weapon which was specially meant for bears. With bear pepper spray the chances of getting permanent injury are lessened both in bears as well as in human beings.

    In addition bear repellent being a non-lethal weapon doesnt engage the bear to further attack. Instead it wards the bear off. The results will soon peter out without leaving any lasting injury. Needless to say this personal protection device shouldnt be used versus others either.

    A lot of my pals purchased the Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent which is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. It has a spraying range of 15 to 20 feet a comfortable enough range in between a person as well as a bear.

    My other buddies and I bought the Mace bear repellent spray. This particular bear pepper spray has a range of 30 feet as well as empties in 5.4 seconds. By that time the bear will have most likely received the full blast of the self-defense device and will have retreated.

    Obviously it would still be okay to bring wasp spray as self defense since we dont know what insects could possibly be within our camping area.

  • Ideas On Safeguarding Yourself Against Bears

    Jeff was lucky he was not all alone on the Bear Canyon Trail during that frosty Saturday morning in the San Gabriel Mountains. If he was he would become lifeless now.

    I had stopped to take photos on the trail and allow Jeff walk ahead. All of a sudden a black bear attacked him. I ran toward Jeff but he was presently spraying his own defense spray at the animal. It didnt work. I whipped my personal bear defense spray out of my own backpack and sprayed the animals face. It turned and ran. I looked at Jeffs spray. It said wasp as well as hornet killer. Jeff realized a very important lesson that particular day. Wasp spray self defense does not work towards bears.

    Bear pepper spray enables you to avoid having to fight back at a bear. This provides you enough time to get away and the bear recuperates eventually without permanent harm.

    But never use self defense spray for bears on humans. Defense spray for humans should never be used on bears either.

    Park rangers shared with Jeff afterwards that wasp spray similar to some other insecticides was composed of pyrethrins that attacked a bugs nervous system. What hazardous effect pyrethrins may have on human beings and bears nobody knows for certain.

    I utilized a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent versus that bear. I obtained it on the Internet. This is the only bear spray accepted by the EPA for all types of bears. This had a range of 15 to 20 feet and is one of the most powerful most effective bear sprays available on the market. The Alaska Science and Technology Foundation recommends this as well. And this doesnt include any flammable or ozone-depleting material.

    Jeff bought a canister of Mace bear repellent spray on the Internet afterward. It is a fogger that covers a bear in fog rather than spraying a steady stream at it.

    The the very next time we went hiking Jeff wisely left his wasp and hornet killer in the house and packed bear spray instead. I still cant believe he actually thought hed take that bear down utilizing wasp spray self defense. I cant stop kidding him over it.

  • How To Safeguard Yourself Versus Bears Without Hurting Them

    My partner Rob really likes getting close to nature and wishes to take me along his adventures. I on the other hand have always been paranoid regarding what might take place in the event that I go out fishing or camping.

    When I was just a little girl my uncle which was also an outdoor lover used to tell me stories regarding his trips. One that scared me in particular was his tale about his encounter with a bear. He was able to endure however had a lot of scratches from attempting to get away. Ever since that particular time he had sworn to study and also find out what the best defense against a bear could be.

    Still wanting me to be a part of his thrilling explorations Rob constantly makes sure that we bring some bear spray each time we get into a national forest. Hes likewise really pro-animal which is the key reason why he chooses this weapon among others as it will not cause bears permanent harm or damage.

    I once asked Rob precisely why we could not just make use of the pepper spray he gave me. He said to me that pepper spray induced an excruciating burning sensation on the skin as well as in the eyes. He mentioned utilizing a bear repellant was way fitter during bear attacks and that this wasnt recommended for use on human beings.

    I am frightened of bears however I do not ever want them to become extinct too. It is wonderful that bear pepper spray is a weapon for self defense to defend against a bear rather than to engage it in combat.

    Mace bear repellent spray is exactly what Rob and I are making use of. This is a powerful however humane way of defending ourselves against any future bear assaults. It can spray up to 30 feet.

    Defense spray for bears is non deadly. It reduces the possibility of permanent damage and death both among people and bears.

    I dont constantly agree with Rob however I am with him in believing that the best defense against a bear is one which merely wards them off not kill them.

  • Defending Yourself Against Bears When Trekking

    I could not comprehend the reason why my cousin Jenna was stuffing many wasp spray for personal protection the moment we all were heading to Denali. It was not like were hiking inside the Amazon for crying out loud. We were going to look at bears. Pyrethrin is considerably unlike oleoresin of capsicum extracts.

    The active element inside wasp spray is pyrethrin. This is extracted from chrysanthemum flowers while oleoresin capsicum the active ingredient in pepper sprays is obtained from chili peppers. In case a bear is going at you you arent going to repel it by using flower extracts.

    Oleoresin capsicum is an irritant. Whenever sprayed on your face it leads to a powerful burning sensation within your own nose as well as mouth and even makes your own eyes to tear. Therefore when a charging bear picks up the cloud of bear self defense spray that you place in its path this will close its eyes and cease its attack.

    I revealed to Jenna my canister of Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent. This is EPA certified to repel all types of bear in a length of fifteen to twenty feet. It isnt flammable and if we get it within our minds to cross over to Canada this is totally allowed.

    Pepper sprays for humans are not allowed inside Canada because technically this is a weapon. Bear repellents have less of the active substance since bears sense of smell and sight are better than ours.

    That is precisely why it wont be as effective to utilize bear sprays on people and the reason why making use of self defense sprays for human beings on bears might be overkill.

    The good thing concerning self defense spray for bears is that this wont lead to irreversible injury to the bear. It is non-lethal and the bear is going to learn to keep away from humans and return to its population.

    So I was attempting to convince Jenna to unpack her bag that was half full of wasp spray for personal protection when she finally mentioned Havent you been reading the news reports? There is an unusual increase in the wasp population within Alaska. Many people have been stung and searched for medical attention. It must be global warming.

  • Effective Strategy Of Defense From Bears

    As a troop manager for the local group of scouts in Alaska for many years I have looked into lowering the likelihood of bear attacks on the scouts. I recommended that they incorporate bear repellent pepper spray inside their list of items to carry during a camping excursion.

    While bear spray is not intended for use on human beings this is great at lowering the incidence of irreversible injury as well as fatality of both the bears as well as people. It is a non deadly weapon so it is appropriate to the scouts.

    Bear defense spray is going to fend off the animal rather than letting this take part in an assault. No harm is performed on the bear as it could soon recover from the effects of the spray and then this can return into the wild once again.

    I suggested to the camping committee that Mace bear repellent spray be a product to endorse in the camping list. I have tried out other pepper sprays for bears available on the market and I find that this one is quite satisfactory for use outdoors.

    The magnum fogger allows the bear repellent to be launched as a cloud of spray rather than a steady stream. The spot this covers will then become larger thus making this more effective in fending off bears.

    The camping committee conducted a test run of the bear spray over a weekend camping trip that included a visit in the local bear sanctuary. There was not a bear assault during the time but one of the scouts was extremely anxious about the bears around him that he sprayed the bear repellent accidentally on a large grizzly bear that was standing 15 feet away!

    It was obviously an accident and we were guaranteed that the bear was unharmed and being conditioned to steer clear of people at a sizeable range.

    Bear repellent pepper spray has been a vital tool in the campers list and we are delighted that the scouts are safe whenever enjoying the outdoors.

  • Ways To Safeguard Yourself From A Canine Attack

    In case you run into an aggressive pet dog while walking on the street running away is a definite no-no. Dogs can be quite dangerous. Without protection you might wind up in the emergency room.

    Rather than running away you should stay calm in order to avoid aggravating the animal further. A great deterrent to have along with you is dog spray which will securely shoo the mutt away.

    A dog pepper spray is just like ordinary pepper spray although it is instead developed especially for canines. It implies that these kinds of sprays shouldnt be used on humans vice versa. One spray will cause a burning pain in the skin and also eyes of the dog which will prompt it to step back.

    Dog spray is an effective safe as well as humane defense during any canine incidents. Since it is non-lethal it is going to lessen the likelihood of death in the dogs that attacked. Since pepper spray effects are only temporary the canines can recover easily and also rejoin their population.

    At the same time this spray is going to lower the risk of fatality in human beings that were attacked by dogs. It is because a dog defense spray is designed to make the dog run away instead of be involved in confrontation.

    The Mace Muzzle canine dog repellent is a great example of a dog spray that can continue to keep you safe from dog-related harm. It comes in a 17-gram canister that could spray from 8 to 10 feet away.

    Safeguarding yourself from a dog attack doesnt have to require harming the dog. There are safe alternatives available out there. These types of dog pepper sprays will ensure that both you and the canine can be free from danger.

    Dog assaults are very common and the effects can be extremely serious. If you usually enjoy walking or jogging or in case your job entails something like delivering mail throughout the neighborhood then it is best for you to obtain your very own dog spray for protection.

  • A Gentle Method Of Defending Yourself Towards Bears

    Ive got a long scar on my right arm running from shoulder to elbow. It is a souvenir from a memorable camping getaway in which we bumped into a spitting mad grizzly. I know this might have been worse had Derek not have the presence of mind to utilize an EPA approved bear spray so they could pull me to safety.

    Never have I been more grateful for pepper sprays than on that fateful day. And being equipped with something that was non deadly yet strong enough to momentarily disable an opponent was being smart and also cautious.

    The agonizing burning experience self defense spray brings about whenever oleoresin capsicum gets into the eyes and skin is fast. It likewise leads to coughing or gagging which buys you enough time to recover your own bearings and escape the scene for safety.

    Wildlife especially wild kinds also offer danger. It is a comfort that there are bear pepper sprays for you to arm yourself with. It is purely for bears and also should never be used on people. Derek informed me its primary use was to lower damage to both wildlife and also human being during an encounter.

    You get to protect yourself against a bear with bear repellant however wont result in permanent harm to it thus it can easily rejoin its population. I do know that the grizzly in the receiving end of the Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent Derek had utilized would most likely stay away from human beings later on because of its experience.

    Derek was between fifteen to twenty feet away as soon as he pressed the button which led to the bear roaring in pain. That was when a bit of the spray caught my arm and precisely how I acquired the scar. This is non combustible but I still felt the heat of pain coming from the wound.

    I hear that Mace bear repellant spray works well for longer distances around 30 feet. In order to ensure it gets the job done the fogger spray empties in 5.4 seconds.

    Nature has its dangers but with an EPA approved bear spray we have a much better opportunity of defending ourselves while taking pleasure in the scenery.

  • Ideas On How To Safeguard Yourself Against Dogs During Jogs Outdoors

    I am deciding whether or not to get started jogging outside. Although I generally do my cardio in a fitness center Im thinking that a breath of fresh air would be much better for me. But I realize the number of stray dogs within the area that has me worrying about running out there.

    Ive got self defense spray in the home for defense and ponder if it might not be suitable against animals also. If I want to protect myself effectively does pepper spray work on dogs?

    A lot of people do not realize why I am very terrified of canines. The thing is dog attacks are fatal. The moment a dog bites you this may be life-threatening if not cared for right away. I am a canine lover but a few canines are just too scary for me.

    As I have browsed through alternatives online I have come across a Mace Muzzle dog repellant. I find this offers safe effective as well as humane defense versus a dog attack. Since I am contemplating taking my jogs outside the house I will certainly need to have a dog spray like this.

    Buying several dog pepper spray wouldnt only be for my personal protection but also for the protection of the animal. One thing I have read is that the usage of defense spray for dogs helps lessen death in canines along with that in the men and women being attacked.

    Dog repellent is made for the purpose of deterring dogs in order that they can recover and return to their lives. I likewise found out that such a self defense spray should not be used on human beings and the other way around.

    I definitely am thinking that jogging outside the house is a thing I have to include in my day to day routine. For this reason I am seriously thinking about acquiring the dog spray for both my personal protection and the welfare of the dogs.

    While thinking about a decision I cant stop asking. Does pepper spray work on dogs? From what I am finding it seems clear that self defense spray for human beings must just be utilized on humans whereas canine spray will work efficiently on canines.

  • Proper Usage Of Self-Defense Sprays For Protection

    I always thought that I could protect myself with anything that I could get a hold of. But I became aware not too long ago that doing this could put me in extreme danger.

    Something I just read on the web made me realize that making use of wasp spray for self defense is a no-no. They are insecticides which work on insects and theres no sufficient evidence indicating that theyre not harmful to people. These could actually cause much more harm than good.

    At the same time I was intending on buying bear spray for my camping journeys and so thought I could double it for use towards robbers but I was obviously wrong. I found that that bear pepper spray is designed especially for bears and cant be utilized on people vice versa.

    Similar to normal self-defense sprays bear sprays cause an excruciating burning sensation in the bears face. The pain will stop the bear buying you enough time to escape as well as flee towards safer grounds.

    For defense against bear assaults during my outdoor trips I did discover a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent which is going to be effective in repelling bears. Its registered with the EPA as a suitable repellant for just about all bear types.

    Pepper spray for bears is non-lethal. Employing one is going to minimize death among bears that attack. Bears can recover from the pepper spray effects as well as go back to their population. Moreover it will reduce the loss of life in human beings being attacked since these self defense sprays effectively scare bears away.

    I further wanted to get my girlfriend a devoted outdoor enthusiast as well a Mace bear repellent spray. Its a safe humane spray that will hinder a bear instead of involving it in a potential fight.

    Because of my research I discovered that making use of wasp spray for self defense would be a major mistake. Wasp sprays are against wasps bear sprays are for defense against bears and regular pepper spray defends versus human assailants. Safeguard yourself effectively by utilizing the suitable safety gadget for your needs.

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