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Being Aware Of How To Utilize Your Personal Defense Gadgets

Not too long ago my daddy gave me a pepper spray the moment I moved to Florida. I asked him What in the world am I going to do with this Dad? He knew that I was against firearms.

This is non-lethal Christine. All it will do is make your assailants eyes tear a whole lot that he will have to close them. And maybe he will choke a little bit and give you enough time to escape and obtain assistance. The more self defense facts you know the more secure you will be.

Plus he stated with a sigh it will provide your mommy and me some peace of mind.

I thanked them but I mean just because I have one does not mean that I instantly understand exactly how to use it properly. Therefore I bought this book by Doug Lamb The Facts About Defense Sprays And How To Use Them To Bring Criminals To Their Knees: A Surviving The Mean Streets Handbook.

Basically it is a pepper spray instruction manual published by the American Security Institute. So this is really authoritative.

This book brought me beyond the basic remove the safety point and spray instructions which you find on most Internet sites. I learned for instance that its unsafe to extend your shooting arm first since your enemy could try and avoid your aim or also seize your canister from you.

Apparently it is advisable to extend your other arm initially and shout STOP. This arm can distract your attacker from the hand holding the pepper spray or deflect anything that he sends your way. Obviously you need to extend your shooting arm the moment you finally have to use the pepper spray. However by then your assailant will have been caught by surprise.

Its funny since after reading such a comprehensive book I currently feel like some expert. Learning a number of self defense facts never hurt anyone. Well apart from several crooks perhaps. Right now I feel more confident about safeguarding myself. I am certain that my parents would be too.

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