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Advice On Leaving The Youngsters Safely At Your Home

Each time that I get out for work I could not help but get worried for my 15-year-old girl whos left by herself in the home. Yes she knows how to care for herself but the thought of leaving her without an adult to watch over her is what scares me the most.

To have others think that she is not by yourself I purchased a telephone voice changer in order that callers would assume that there are other people in the house apart from us two.

The Voice Changer 2 that I acquired for our telephone handset can change voices for about 8 different settings making our voices change into 8 different individuals. My teen could change precisely how she sounds like into a male which would leave callers with the thought that there is in fact a man in the house together with her.

Aside from its pretty neat functions it is also very portable and needs only a small amount of power to run. To add the unit connects to the handset itself making it work for most kinds of telephones for use at home.

After making use of our voice changer for a number of months I also came to a realization that this home security tool is good for single women who live alone.

Just before I head off to my workplace I would always check the unit if it is turned on and if the correct settings are made to change my daughters voice into that of a man.

That way telemarketers and prank phone callers would hear an adult voice. This would make them think that the people of the house are all able and mature thus lessening their tendencies to pry.

Being a solo mommy in Houston is quite a challenging task. Besides working 2 jobs to support my daughters needs and also mine I bear in mind that our security is one other issue that should not be ignored whatsoever. Having a telephone voice changer at home somehow lessens my worrying over leaving my teenager by herself in the house.

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