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A Guide To Staying Secure While In The Streets

We reside inside a tough area. Given that my daughter is presently a teenager I want her to master how to defend herself and know how to win in a street fight. I dont want her to get hurt the moment she becomes involved in some chaos in the street and I would like her to become ready when the condition requires it.

Given that we have a tight spending budget at home I do not possess extra to enroll her to a self-defense course. In the beginning I was worried about who would train her even a bit of martial arts. However I got the chance to chat with a buddy that said she obtained instructional fighting DVDs for her son.

These types of personal defense videos teach step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do when you end up in a street fight. Others even teach a bit of karate as well as similar martial arts.

I decided to buy Street Safe I by Paul Vunak. I figured this might be a good start for my very own daughter since it provided a simplified method of hand-to-hand combat with any kind of assailant when he attacked you.

Another excellent thing regarding it is it doesnt require really complex moves nor does it require you to practice or train daily. It will show you how to practically protect yourself from someone who wants to harm you.

The moment I gave this to my daughter Sheena I was surprised that she was able to pick up easily as well as grasped all the things which was said. She even shared several of the techniques to me so that I also learned a great deal from the instructional DVD through my daughter.

Although I wish that my daughter never had to use anything she learned within the DVD Im still pleased that she can now be confident when walking our streets.

Perhaps soon I will buy one more street-fighting DVD so I could learn how to win in a street fight myself.

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