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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • Learn How Self Defense Pepper Spray Works..

    If you are considering carrying pepper spray as a means of self protection, then learning How Self Defense Pepper Sprays work is one of the smartest and most effective things you can do in improving your personal security. I wrote an article an this very subject at my martial art warrior training website..

    "Many are not aware that self defense sprays have been around for over 40 years. In the beginning they were used exclusively by law enforcement as an alternative to using their firearms.

    pepper devices and sprays were developed as less than lethal or non-lethal weapons. Over the past 20 plus years, the use of self defense sprays by everyday citizens has skyrocketed.

    In the past 15 years, there has been a development of more effective defense sprays that cause no permanent harm to the recipient of the spray.

    There are several different types of self defense sprays on the market today, but there are only 3 basic chemical components used in them..."

    Read More @ How Self Defense Pepper spray works - Big Bear

    carrying a personal security device, similar to the highly effective and Hot 18% Wildfire Pepper Spray, is a great way to protect yourself and feel safe, if you neglect training and understanding of how they work and how to use them, then you are cutting your personal security short.

  • Ways To Ward Off Malicious Attacks By Coworkers

    Moses and also I began at the insurance company on the very same month as well as moved up practically at the same time. Our last promotion was to a similar post and also in the same year. When law enforcement officials picked him up one week back on several charges of fraud I was in shock.

    How could he have embezzled funds right under my nose when both of us were rarely out of each others sight? Several believed I was in on it. I acquired foes this way so that personal defense weapons came to my head by the end of the same week.

    Not everybody was positive Moses pilfered the cash on his own. As soon as some abused these accusations to climb the ladder at my own expense I could no more keep silent. After a weekend of Web surfing I purchased a telescopic steel baton.

    Self-defense batons lengthen farther out than many other close quarter weapons. You could have a secure space from your assailant however reach him enough to hit back as well. This attracted me.

    The moment I paid attention I stumbled upon extended batons those that protracted the farthest. This is attainable without compromising on exactly how easily a baton can be handled as well as brought as these types may also be retracted in the farthest.

    All this takes is some swift and also slick wrist flipping. The extendable baton can protrude the moment you are assailed. It can retract otherwise and be no hassle to store away.

    Cast from sturdy steel telescopic batons I discovered on the net could lengthen to any of 16 21 or 26 inches. These had rubber handles to guarantee a stable grip. Also they each included a free heavy-duty nylon holster.


    You never ponder personal defense weapons unless in the face of danger although this is most likely wrong. By the time youre confronted with a threat you ought to have prepared already by getting the sort of weapon ahead of time.

  • Solutions For Saving Oneself From Unsafe Conditions

    I made a quick visit to the convenience store one evening and while going back home some guys cornered me in the street. I was so terrified but grateful when cops appeared around the corner and rescued me.

    I understood that I had to find a way to safeguard myself from this type of situation in case it occurred again. I searched for pepper spray police experts would recommend to people within our area to utilize for protection.

    Soon after explaining the story to my closest friend she stated that getting a personal protection gadget was a good choice. She was previously saved from an opponent by her triple action pepper spray personal model and promises not to leave home without having it.

    A defense spray is going to provide an unbearable burning pain on the skin and in the eyes of the receiver. This discomfort is going to incapacitate the target momentarily allowing you to run away from danger and ask for assistance.

    Considering that hers worked effectively on my friend I went and got myself a triple action pepper spray pocket model. It possesses a compact design which fits very well inside a females hands. Small pepper sprays are easy to carry around and may be hidden inside the hand offering the element of surprise.

    Triple action pepper sprays are created using a combination of OC pepper CN tear gas as well as UV marking dye. OC pepper causes constant choking and coughing and continues to keep the eyes shut. CN tear gas triggers profuse tears and extreme burning pain while UV marking dye marks the assailant for quick identification.

    I felt that I ought to obtain a personal protection weapon for my younger sister too so I got her a triple action pepper spray leather model. It came with a fashionable leather-style bag which she can put into her handbag or pocket.

    I would like to obtain a pepper spray police officials themselves used. By doing this I was certain that it would work properly. Another thing I discovered is that all pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons so no irreversible damage is caused to their target.

  • Effective Way Of Protecting Your Property From Threat

    When that 12-year-old child from Oklahoma shot an intruder through the closet she was hiding in during a home invasion last October I did not know how to feel. Part of me was applauding the girl to have the guts to pull the trigger and another part of me was afraid for my own little girl.

    My daughter Sheila and I live alone and I realize increasingly more that security is something that no person should leave to chance.

    It does not matter in case youve got no foes. Occasionally it is just plain misfortune that armed intruders pick your house out of so many others to choose from.

    Celine my ex-wife was just as anxious over the incident and told me that she had set up a wireless home security system. She revealed it to me the moment I drove our little girl to her place.

    This includes a base unit that is linked to a landline a motion detector a door/window detector as well as a remote control. All are wireless and also could be mounted effortlessly. If one of the sensors detect motion or entry it activates an alarm.

    The base device will then call a pre-programmed contact number to be able to alert the person at the other end of the line. That person can listen in broadcast their voice through the base unit or disarm the system. In the event the system is not disarmed or if there isnt any response the system is going to call the next number on the list as much as 5 numbers. I was the last phone number on that list for Sheilas sake.

    The system looks good. You can also include an additional wireless home security detector for other doors and windows or an additional wireless motion detector inside other rooms within the house.

    There was one more home invasion this month inside Kansas involving a boy this time. I am glad I got an amicable divorce and that Celine and I can discuss home security in a civil way. You can not be too careful today.

  • Help With Hindering Muggers Lurking In The Evening

    Considering that I was scared of being mugged while walking home from work at night I decided to invest in my protection. I know about stun guns and how stun guns work simply because I did previously work as a security guard. So I went to get one for myself.

    A stun gun is a non-lethal self-defense weapon which incapacitates an opponent on immediate contact. It works by sending a high-voltage electrical charge into the targets body overriding their capability to move and making them to fall over.

    The effects are momentary and do not result in any kind of long term damage to an attacker. I bought a Stun Master multi-function stun gun which featured a high voltage rating a personal alarm and an LED flashlight.

    Flashlight stun guns commonly contain a built-in LED flashlight. This allows you to target an attacker effectively and perhaps scare them away using the light. Stun gun flashlights are helpful in the dark or just about anywhere you would require a light.

    High voltage stun guns offer a shock powerful enough to take a fully-grown horse down and are thus capable of bringing even the most powerful man to his knees. This is helpful because there are a select few around which are capable of withstanding the pain of an electric shock.

    Stun alarms produce a loud noise that can warn other individuals to your situation and scare an opponent away. This alarm acts as a deterrent and also warns anyone close by of the danger.

    Because of how stun guns work not the same kinds are suited for everyone. When attempting to obtain a stun device always make certain to do the research and determine whether or not its features will help you the most.

  • Successfully Tricking Robbers And Even Your Own Family Members

    Nobody teaches us how to hide valuables inside our home. The education which we obtain regarding this matter typically comes from films where jewelry and cash are hidden in large costly safes.

    If you ask me one example to follow is that of a person that died lately. As his children were emptying his residence after his death they were stunned to discover over 2 million dollars hidden in the oddest but blatantly seen places!

    This guy spent many years concealing his savings within containers where nobody would ever imagine precious possessions to be stored in. He collected money for many years inside cookie tins as well as toolboxes never to be noticed by neighbors robbers and also his children.

    How did that much cash stay safe in a house that welcomed numerous family members and visitors throughout the years? The answer lies in choosing the right hiding place.

    Normal objects seen in plain sight would never be looked at as hiding places for anything valuable. Diversion safes operate with the exact same concept as they are safes camouflaged as regular items.

    From cans of Del Monte fruit cocktail to containers of old-fashioned peanut butter and cans of Scotch Guard the mentioned things look precisely like the consumable products obtained in stores. The only difference is that they are really covert safes and therefore offer more security for your valuable things.

    The benefit of utilizing a diversion safe is that you will be fooling thieves who only seek out the large expensive safes made of titanium alloy. It is uncommon that a robber would raid your cupboards fridge medicine cabinet and mudroom so that your belongings will stay unnoticed.

    We can learn an excellent lesson on how to hide valuables from the elderly guy who hid 2 million dollars successfully under his familys noses. Being wary of banks he must have known that the greatest place to keep his money is nearby and in places no one would ever suspect.

  • Learning How To Fight Crooks The Easy As Well As Simple Manner

    Since we were children my sibling and I have had an interest in combat fighting systems just like we would watch on video. Similar to most kids our age we wanted to be just like superheroes all because of the numerous action motion pictures we were gung-ho about throughout that time.

    Now we are on the right age to learn that we are not at war nor are we part of an elite force out to help save the entire world. But these days the risk of criminal offense towards us along with our own family members is real as well as alarming. This made our own dramatic childhood desire into a useful self-defense option.

    With unrestrained excitement my brother and I searched around online for an appropriate street-fighting DVD. We selected purchasing an instructional fighting video rather than enlisting into an actual self-defense training since the former was less expensive.

    Furthermore we can learn from self-defense videos at our very own tempo. We can easily control the speed of our lessons. We can even go back or skip to certain tracks on the DVD.

    Immediately after looking through several options we selected Combat JKD from Chris Clugston. It was a self-defense DVD designed to accommodate the �normal� person. This meant that any kind of man or woman of any weight or body type can learn the lessons without having prior training needed.

    To date we have learned an advanced new fighting posture that can apparently negate all others. When you assume this particular stance your attacker would continue to be off-balance and would never have a chance to settle and fight back.

    We have also acquired tips regarding how to do an instant arm lock or a two-finger take-down. Thanks to the simple and also easy-to-follow instructions learning has been very easy.

    My buddy and I are yet to utilize our recently obtained skills in street-fighting from Clugston�s combat fighting systems. But that is actually fine by us. Despite our keen interest in action and also fighting our peace-loving nature always has us preferring to simply be on the safe viewing side.

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