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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Usage Of Tools Which Help Significantly In Crime Scene Investigations

    Today the increasing level of unemployment as a result of the present financial crisis has also heightened the occurrence of crime.

    Because of that security needs to be taken to a higher level. This doesnt necessarily entail abandoning presently effective security procedures such as motion detectors as well as surveillance cameras. What it needs is support from a lot more vigilant security means. A metal detector pinpointer is one solid example.

    Most people encounter handheld metal detectors in building entrance doors usually at shopping malls. These types of gadgets help in the discovery of possible undetectable weapons and such.

    But contrary to what we have gotten used to metal detectors arent restricted for use in such cases. I personally know of one merchandise in the line of Garrett security metal detectors that actually aids in the investigation of a crime scene.

    Portable metal detectors hasten searching for evidence. Weapons shell casings projectiles as well as other metallic evidence become less difficult to find with the help of these pinpointing devices.

    I have really observed one in action. A robbery-shooting incident took place in one of the units of the building I worked at. I saw the investigators combing through the scene with their CSI Pro-Pointer units and retrieving a number of useful evidence.

    I yielded to my curiosity and looked into these types of gadgets on the web. I found out that they have a microprocessor that ensures maximum level of sensitivity with no needed adjusting. In addition several come with a pinpointing tip as well as a 360-degree side scanning functionality allowing one to scan an area with the side and then utilize the tip to pinpoint the target exactly.

    Who would have suspected that not all metal detector pinpointer products are alike. I am assuming that no run-of-the-mill personnel like me would know about all the security equipment readily available and all their particular functions. I am simply glad that the police are putting them to great use.

  • When Cheaper Doesnt Necessarily Mean Less Effective

    In terms of your safety you definitely shouldnt scrimp on what will help keep you in one piece. But of course there isnt anything wrong with searching for amazing practical offers which will allow you to minimize on cost.

    Just because cheap stun guns are very affordable that doesnt mean that they fail to work effectively. Finding the suitable protection for you which fits your budget is quite possible. You just have to do a bit of searching.

    All stun guns work by releasing electric shock to the body of the enemy the moment contact is made. This electricity is strong enough to immobilize the target for a few minutes permitting you time to make a run for it.

    If you have an eye out for cheap stun guns which could save you from an attack then you might want to take into consideration low voltage stun guns. These are equipped with 500000 volts or lower that offer a milder stunning effect but are strong enough.

    Stun Master stun guns are examples of low voltage stun guns that are reliable and simple to utilize. A lot of people believe that the higher the volts the better but really its the amperage of the stun gun that takes an opponent down.

    A single amp is potent enough to kill however cheap stun guns are simply as safe to use as more expensive types. Some have only 5 to 8 milliamps which are more than enough to disable the enemy without inducing lasting injury.

    Self-defense tools are intended for protection and never for fighting back. So instead of confronting the opponent you need to escape quickly. All stun guns are non-lethal so you do not need to worry about harming anybody permanently.

    Different types of cheap stun guns are for sale on the web for practical shoppers that enjoy great finds. Protecting yourself doesnt have to be expensive. Do not forget that a low voltage stun gun is all you require to remain unharmed.

  • When Unusual Storage Places Are Unpredictable To Thieves

    Leaving Arkansas and onto Chicago was among the boldest actions which I made soon after I became eighteen. My decision for independence also made way for strange things to happen inside my teeny-tiny home. As much as independence is great the fact remains that I now have to secure my personal possessions without creating a huge fuss of it.

    To protect the essential stuff I utilize diversion safes particularly cans to hide those from burglars. Good thing how to make a stash can inconspicuous is out of the question considering that the ones which I purchased blend properly into my things in the home.

    Concealing these types of stash cans at different places within the apartment was easy mainly because their exteriors resemble regular items available at home. For instance I make use of a 7up can safe for storing a few wads of cash which I placed in the kitchen cabinet.

    I also make use of a bathroom cleaner can safe that I put under the sink of the lavatory. It blends nicely with the toilet brushes as well as the real bathroom cleaning solutions that I make use of.

    Aside from my can safes I make use of other forms of secret safes like the flowerpot safe close to my bedroom door that stores my jewelry and the book safe in my overhead shelf that holds my credit cards and also identification cards.

    Considering that I have put a lot of storage safes at strategic areas inside the house I feel safe and that nothing important would be taken from me if ever burglars decided to break in and grab my stuff.

    Sadly there is no way that I could hide my flat screen for safekeeping. Hopefully someone could design a diversion safe which could hide the television from would-be burglars.

    Apart from safekeeping I am thinking of how to make a stash can useful for holding my other very important belongings. Maybe I will use my extra root beer can safe as a penholder for pens that I would hate to get filched no matter exactly how mundane they may seem.

  • Effective Technique Of Protecting Your Kid On The Internet

    One morning I found my 10-year-old child checking out Web sites from where he should have stayed away. I told him not to look at them as they werent for kids and he followed at first but I would catch him at it again and again. So I had adult content blocker software installed for good.

    Child-safe Web browsers protect kids such as mine from checking out things on the net that they should not see. However these are meant to make browsing more enjoyable for kids as well.

    These safe Web browsers for children are often colorful and attractive to children. And their interface makes it easy for kids to find and also load their favorite Internet sites.

    I chose a KIDS netSAFE Web browser for my kids laptop. I believe it is great that it already includes icons of various Web sites for children.

    In full-screen mode this Web browser may be locked so that my youngster cant just leave or minimize the window without having a password. This lock likewise prevents him from touching the admin settings.

    The kid-safe Web browser includes a great feature that allows me to add Web sites to its favorites list and it has a colorful icon my child clicks on to get into the list. At the same time it has a pop-up blocker to hinder any kind of sites that my kid should not see.

    Also Im able to stop my child from surfing more if I think he shouldnt by disabling the KIDS netSAFE Web browser address bar. And I can check out what Internet sites he has been looking at because the browser has a seven-day viewing history. One more thing I like about this is that it lets me add to its list of blocked Web sites.

    My son and I used to argue regarding his using the computer. But with adult content blocker software installed in it right now I dont have to worry about what hes looking at anymore.

  • How You Can Gain Knowledge To Defend Yourself Effectively

    As soon as my sweetheart got me a pepper spray right after I was robbed I felt a lot more confident regarding protecting myself. The personal protection tool is handy as well as easy to utilize and I love that. However I had never utilized one before the mugging incident. I would like to learn how it would incapacitate assailants effectively. I researched on the internet on the proper use of pepper spray. Although this looked pretty simple I worried that I may not be able to utilize mine correctly in the event that I did not gain information about it first. I discovered that defense spray causes an unbearable burning sensation within the eyes as well as on the skin of the target. The discomfort is going to be enough to disable the recipient for a few minutes which opens up a chance for you to escape danger. I was also relieved to learn that just about all self-defense sprays regardless of strength are non-lethal weapons. Any results are temporary and wouldnt inflict long term damage on their target. During my search I ran across a pepper spray instructional manual which was just what I needed to learn techniques on utilizing such a device. The handbook entitled Surviving the Mean Streets is by Doug Lamb who was called a nationally acclaimed expert on personal protection. This pepper spray booklet has facts on defense sprays and how to utilize them to bring crooks down. It is 32 pages long with info on choosing the right type of spray how to shoot one how to carry it and also how to handle a number of enemies. Information as well as advice on date rape protection tactical home usage and use versus knives and firearms as well as valuable facts are all included. Everything you need to know about protecting yourself with defense sprays appears to be all inside the booklet. Learning the effective use of pepper spray has raised my confidence even more. If anyone makes an attempt to rob or harm me once more in any way I am aware that I can safeguard myself with knowledge and my own handy personal defense device.

  • Helping Protect The Sick And Elderly From Danger

    As soon as my mother contracted ALS I was brought to the realm of in-home patient care. She died after 3 years. I was merely 13 years old. At some point I studied and trained to become a private nurse the same as Mrs. Wills which truly doted on mom on her difficult times.

    It is tiring this job but mothers memory fuels my own passion. My latest patient has ALS and also is someones mom as well. For her fifty-fifth birthday celebration I got her a burglar alarm since I agonized about her own protection whenever she was not beside me.

    Elbas spouse had a home security alarm system installed as soon as their youngest child attended college several years ago. Nonetheless I did not want just anyone to enter her own room all of the sudden. So I placed the intruder alarm system on the doorknob from the inside.

    In case the knob be touched it would ring out immediately. Given that this is a dual purpose 120dB alarm system I tote it around as a portable alarm system to take her out for walks. In the event that she has a medical emergency then I can pull at the metal string in order to holler for aid.

    The couples child in college is thankful. She knows personal alarm systems call interest to otherwise helpless scenarios in order that help may come. Moreover once a miscreant is put on the spot he is more likely to turn away.

    I discovered that she herself utilized a 115dB door stop alarm system at the dormitory. Apart from the doorstop obstructing a door its alarm component is triggered whenever it is forced to open. The gadget cant be tampered with due to a motion detector with adjustable sensitivity.

    How about you? the spouse queried one day. You remember to secure my Elba but have you got any sort of personal protection? It came unexpectedly and he was correct. So I got me an aerosol alarm which screeched for help from a 1/4 mile away.

    The 10-gram spray with push-top activator can let loose some 30 high-key short blasts. Inside my apartment it functions as a super-loud burglar alarm considering that I bring it along to bed.

  • A Gentle Method Of Defending Yourself Towards Bears

    Ive got a long scar on my right arm running from shoulder to elbow. It is a souvenir from a memorable camping getaway in which we bumped into a spitting mad grizzly. I know this might have been worse had Derek not have the presence of mind to utilize an EPA approved bear spray so they could pull me to safety.

    Never have I been more grateful for pepper sprays than on that fateful day. And being equipped with something that was non deadly yet strong enough to momentarily disable an opponent was being smart and also cautious.

    The agonizing burning experience self defense spray brings about whenever oleoresin capsicum gets into the eyes and skin is fast. It likewise leads to coughing or gagging which buys you enough time to recover your own bearings and escape the scene for safety.

    Wildlife especially wild kinds also offer danger. It is a comfort that there are bear pepper sprays for you to arm yourself with. It is purely for bears and also should never be used on people. Derek informed me its primary use was to lower damage to both wildlife and also human being during an encounter.

    You get to protect yourself against a bear with bear repellant however wont result in permanent harm to it thus it can easily rejoin its population. I do know that the grizzly in the receiving end of the Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent Derek had utilized would most likely stay away from human beings later on because of its experience.

    Derek was between fifteen to twenty feet away as soon as he pressed the button which led to the bear roaring in pain. That was when a bit of the spray caught my arm and precisely how I acquired the scar. This is non combustible but I still felt the heat of pain coming from the wound.

    I hear that Mace bear repellant spray works well for longer distances around 30 feet. In order to ensure it gets the job done the fogger spray empties in 5.4 seconds.

    Nature has its dangers but with an EPA approved bear spray we have a much better opportunity of defending ourselves while taking pleasure in the scenery.

  • How A Professional Protector Can Do The Job Efficiently

    After years within the police force I decided to get into the challenging world of female bodyguards. Becoming one is really challenging work indeed thus I needed to learn from the best.

    A multimedia fair brought instructional fighting videos to my attention. These show personal protection techniques to any individual in the privacy of their own household according to their very own schedule and pace. This is strictly do-it-yourself thus they are a lot more affordable than going to real defense classes.

    I got myself Be The Bodyguard by Gregg Woolridge. Through the self-defense video he managed to teach me exactly how his escalation of force could help me overpower enemies which were much bigger and also heavier than I was.

    In just days I was able to know exact moves which could disable and shock any assailant. Gregg likewise managed to train me how to combine head techniques with physical pain to defeat my enemy. Plus I also learned how to be unhurt during an attack.

    I was able to learn how to create improvised weapons. It is really necessary for someone in my line of work to accomplish this particularly if I do not have access to any pistol or knife.

    On my first day on the job my charge an aspiring politician made a speech in an auditorium filled with supporters. The moment he was just about to finish I noticed a person moving sneakily toward the left side of the stage.

    I addressed him quickly and pulled him towards the back. He had a blade within his hand. Had he planned on stabbing my client. Within minutes I left him unconscious on the ground. Another one arrived having a gun. He joined his buddy in the backstage bound right up until they were handed over to the cops.

    Female bodyguards like myself perform the job faster when taught strong techniques the correct way. I am definitely happy with what I do since I defend lives to the best of my abilities.

  • The Way To Keep Your Valuables Secure From A Dorm Thief

    In the past couple of months burglaries have been taking place in our dormitory. Even when everybody kept the rooms closed somehow this thief knew just how to pick the locks open and has managed to get a hold of our valuable items.

    So far my roommate and I have not been victims of theft and we do not ever intend to be. We played it smart and looked into covert safes. Smart cover-ups make diversion safe gadgets far more ideal areas to hold personal belongings in compared to the usual hiding spots.

    As sodas are staples in many dorm rooms I was really positive that an A&W root beer soda can diversion safe will merge well with all our stuff. It is a great solution for keeping my money and some jewelry hidden.

    Diversion safes are technically hiding safes or money safes that are made to look like traditional things around the house. The reason for their disguises is so that robbers will not have a clue that they are real safes whenever trying to rob you.

    Books are definitely something that there a lot of in school so a book diversion safe would go flawlessly in a dorm room setting. With all the books we have lying around this cover is a clever one.

    Using a secret safe is definitely a good idea since the greatest method to truly hide your things is in plain view. Thieves make an effort to spend the least amount of time in your home given that they do not wish to get caught which is why they search the obvious areas initially.

    My roommate was interested in a hair brush diversion safe. She was very certain that no one would think this brush for a safe. I agreed also given that we both have long hair and having hairbrushes inside our room is just natural.

    Great disguises truly make diversion safe products an awesome means of hiding money as well as jewelry. My dorm mate and I are happy with the solution that we found out and feel secure that our things are safe.

  • Very Important Reason Why Use The Internet For Your Personal Protection

    A handful of stuff constitute the contents of my bag. These are my credit cards and also money a cell phone and my handy dandy flashlight stun gun. I never ever leave the house without one.

    My affair with the stun gun started several months back when a good friend suggested that I arm myself with one. In spite of housing thousands of volts of electrical energy its non-lethal which makes it safe to bring. Individuals who buy stun guns do so because of the effectiveness of these personal protection tools in spite of being small in size.

    Several stun gun designs have emerge in the market however not all are versatile enough to have all the things that you need in order to protect yourself.

    You could buy stun guns with flashlights that are really useful when taking a walk in the evening or in a dark alley. Aside from lighting your path the stun flashlight can be used to stupefy your attacker using the strong LED light. This will stop the assailant for a few seconds and provide you with enough time to run.

    In case the assailant persists in advancing in your direction then you can utilize the stun guns main feature to administer electrical shock directly into the targets body. That will not deal irreversible injuries as this self-defense device is only built to immobilize momentarily for a couple of minutes.

    Whenever you buy stun guns look for ones with a flashlight as well as an alarm system as well. It is very easy to find these on the internet and very practical also.

    Why. Well what if somebody had been following you all that time and saw that you went into a shop which sold self-defense tools. The concept of carrying weapons and also disguised stun guns at that is to surprise your assailant. If he knows that youre carrying one then you may be the one to get caught off guard.

    But whenever you buy stun guns on the internet the products are delivered to your home and wrapped appropriately in a box. By doing this nobody will think that you are armed and prepared to protect yourself.

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