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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Effectively Way Of Preserving Order And Security Within Your Club

    When I opened up a club within the city I spent my youth I knew that it would be a great deal of work. Not only would I need to worry about the business aspect of things but also need to take care of other issues such as brawls and related situations that could happen with drunken clients.

    To be able to keep everything in order I decided to arm my security guards and bouncers with devices that will fortify security. As I looked for choices it came to my mind that Garrett electronics produced handheld metal detectors which I would usually see around.

    I remember seeing a bouncer at one more club holding a SuperWand which I recall well because of its distinct appearance. It has a 360-degree detection field and it gives even sensitivity and tip pinpointing in order to detect weapons along with other metal items with excellent precision.

    This lightweight sensor has a high-volume and a useful dual alarm setting that provides both audible and silent search. It could sense ferrous non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons as well as contraband and other metal items.

    Security metal detectors are helpful for finding weapons and other metal items. Having a metal detector at the club would allow my security guards to detect people carrying weapons as well as contraband and deny entry to them for the protection of other customers.

    While looking at the selection of metal sensors I considered a tactical handheld metal detector or THD. It features a silent vibrating alarm indicator and also provides a very sensitive response to metal items.

    I love that this metal detector comes with a flashlight making it perfect for evening use which is when the club operates. Its durable and compact and is built with a sealed water-resistant housing.

    In spite of seeing other choices I stuck to security metal detectors manufactured by Garrett electronics because they were the types I commonly saw around. I definitely desire a trusted product to help keep the clients and employees at my club protected.

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