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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Pointers Concerning How To Protect Yourself Whenever Assigned To The Night Shift

    As a nurse I am used to shifting work schedules even though I usually take evening shifts so that I can care for my children during the day. (My hubby works a nine-to-five job.) My hubby would often let me know that perhaps I should look for a different job that didnt require me to head back home in the wee hours.

    In order to set his mind at ease I informed him that I would buy myself a personal security alarm. I got to know of these types of self-defense devices from an x-ray technician friend at work that likewise had one.

    A personal alarm is a tiny piece of equipment that sets off an alarm when triggered. With one it is possible to draw in the attention of people close by that you are being attacked or robbed.

    That colleague owns a mini personal alarm with clip. The alarming gadget whenever triggered produces a 101-decibel wail. It can be turned on as well as deactivated with a simple push of a button. Because of its small size it can easily fit in the pocket of your own coat or in your bag. For easy access you can attach it onto your belt or bag.

    My husband was thrilled by the idea thus we began looking for personal alarms online.

    I wished to acquire an electronic pocket/keychain whistle. It possessed a 120-decibel alarm. Contrary to its being a �keychain whistle� there was no need to blow on it in order to set off the alarm. Instead it used a button in order to inform all those around that you were having trouble.

    My spouse on the other hand suggested I order a personal alarm with flashlight. Having a 130-decibel alarm in one people could quickly come to my aid. It had a flashlight that would be useful for whenever I had to walk through the hospital parking area to get to the street.

    I was convinced by my husband�s viewpoint so I purchased his recommendation of a personal security alarm. Now we both feel safer and he can finally have a good night�s sleep.

  • Tips Regarding How To Conceal Possessions In A Dorm

    Most people claim that college life is incomplete if you have never stayed within a dormitory. Certainly dorm life is fun and you can share unique experiences with roommates. There are downsides to residing in a dorm however and privacy is one of them.

    Our dorm room is a place that is visited by friends and classmates. I believed that I was fine with this scenario until a pair of my earrings went missing. That was when I began utilizing a hollowed book to store my things as well as petty cash.

    I was not aware of diversions safes until I went on the net to search for security storage. Originally searching for a safe box I was disheartened by the expensive prices. It was a very good thing I followed a link leading to a web site that showcased unique hiding places.

    Seeing the clever items that can be used to store my stash was a real eye-opener for me. It is a real shame that I wasnt responsible enough to get items like those before moving into a dorm. Realizing that I was careless with my valuable items I made a decision to try using a disguised book safe.

    When I first obtained the package I was surprised by how well the safe resembled a book. It could have easily fooled me had I not known its real use.

    Soon after putting it among my other books it was extremely hard to view the difference. I thought it was crafty utilizing a real book and hollowing out the center to ensure that a hidden box can be placed. It is not like other book safes as I learned eventually which are clearly made of plastic.

    The usage of actual pages and its convincing weight give this covert safe the feel of a true book. I can conceal my things right there on my desk and it will continue to be untouched.

    Soon after obtaining a hollowed book for a diversion safe I had no more troubles with missing things. Dorm life may sometimes be chaotic but I have found a brilliant approach to stay on top of that chaos.

  • Exactly How A Baton Stun Gun Is Put To Use For Self-Defense

    I have seen questions with regards to a Taser baton about half a dozen times roughly. It usually comes down to an affirmation that you can find numerous sorts of self-defense batons around.

    Search the Internet for a Taser baton and you will have results which will point you to numerous baton stun guns. The nearest that you could possibly get to an elongated Taser stun batons are an easy match probably because of their capabilities.

    Baton stun guns are a variance of a traditional self-defense weapon the wooden baton or club. The aforementioned has been used for hundreds of years by law enforcement officials to subdue violent criminals.

    The modern stun baton is made up of light elements that could be taken around without difficulty. Its rubber and also plastic base makes it simple to grip using the hand. The shaft is made up of metal which is suitable for electrical conduction.

    As one thinks about the chance of a hybrid in the way of a Taser baton it is very easy to see the key reason why men and women would think about about combining both versatile weapons. A Taser along with a baton both have characteristics and implements that are really effective in close and also distant encounters.

    A baton stun gun has extended reach capabilities just like a Taser does. With the former the metal shaft can be protracted and retracted at will. An electrical charge will run through the entire shaft and the tip ready to stun an opponent upon contact. If the assailant attempts to seize the baton he is going to be stunned right away.

    If you ever came upon a Taser baton then it would have had excellent similarities with stun batons in form as well as functionality. Stun guns are non fatal weapons that utilize a high voltage charge to disrupt the link in between the brain and the muscle tissues. This brings about short lived immobility as well as confusion.

    Also baton stun guns can be utilized as leverage towards solid items as soon as one is trapped. It could crack glass and generate an access for escape while in emergency situations. This device is helpful as well in deflecting blows and preventing violent pets.

  • Tips On How To Protect Your House Even When You Are Out

    Everybody loves having road trips. We do. However this signifies that no one is at home for many days at a stretch which makes the house really appealing to thieves.

    We have constantly thought that crime prevention in community areas is not just about security patrols or police presence. Security guards and cops cant secure private residences always.

    A lot of homes possess security systems. Specific surveillance cameras for instance allow activity throughout the house to be watched live through closed-circuit television or record it for later viewing. Sometimes action can be seen live as it is being recorded too.

    On the other hand home alarms which are generally attached to windows and doors notify those in the house to the presence of an intruder whenever an alarm is triggered by the protected door or window being opened.

    An issue with these types of home security alarm systems is that generally people have to be around for them to be effective. In case no one is around to be notified then nobody is around to call the cops and the only time anybody will know about a break-in is the moment the damage is done.

    Our auto dialer with security alarm system is an infrared motion sensor which detects movement inside any area of the house which we pick. Any kind of activity detected activates its 105 dB alarm and makes the unit call approximately 5 predetermined phone numbers informing me my partner our two grown kids and even my sibling several blocks away to the possibility of a break-in. We can call the cops immediately so there is a better chance that theyll catch the suspect.

    We have a very similar auto dialer safety and security alarm to inform us if a burglar breaks into our shop as soon as it is closed. And whenever we are inside the shop the alarms chime mode informs us whenever a customer enters.

    Crime prevention in community zones shouldnt be the sole obligation of security officers or law enforcement. We can do a great deal to keep our properties and ourselves protected.

  • Effective Manner Of Protection Whenever Traveling Overseas

    I like to take a trip. Thus I understand a foreigner could be easy target for local criminals. That is the reason why I decided to equip myself with some self defense information so that I would not become a sitting duck in case I got into a difficult situation.

    I conferred with Marco a friend which was mauled by thugs within his community. He turned to instructional fighting DVDs in order to avoid a similar encounter in the future. No classes for him since he was shy and desired privacy to learn the skills. Besides instructional DVDs allow you time to learn and practice.

    I followed his own suggestion and obtained Advanced Combat Tactics by Shannon Stallard a martial arts professional which blended his defensive skills with biology. The core of this specific training is the simple techniques which deceive the brain from freezing up to taking action.

    Im attempting to master the simple visualization secret so my brain is forced to think I am a predator rather than a victim. Plus this DVD teaches saying action words that are meant to trigger the brain into taking decisive action.

    On a trip towards Miami I sat next to a guy reading an article with regards to practical defensive steps. Chris informed me he likewise beefed up his knowledge with the street fighting DVD of Jim West called Fight To Win.

    Being not able to safeguard his girlfriend from a mugger several years ago he vowed to know self defense skills. The West DVD showed Chris balancing secrets which enabled him to move quickly without the likelihood of being knocked down plus the 4 fundamentals of punching.

    As a birthday gift my brother obtained Rapid Assault Tactics Fighting System. He said he picked this because of the 3 simple tools to master inside your fighting arsenal. Plus it is a totally interactive video where you can actually train with Paul Vunak himself.

    I am getting ready to go abroad. And with my self defense information I believe I can pretty much take care of myself.

  • Being Aware Of The Laws First Just Before Getting A Personal Protection Device

    Here in Massachusetts its forbidden to sell carry or have a portable gadget that discharges an electrical current. That is the stun gun law in this state and that was what I said to my sibling that was hell-bent on obtaining one for self-defense since she wished to relocate to New York to study dance.

    �It is also illegal in New York!� I informed her. �Move to another state such as Texas or California if you wish to get a stun gun.�

    Don�t get me wrong. Im not discouraging the use of stun guns. This saves many lives - not only ordinary people but law enforcement officers and also criminals also. My daddy was once a policeman and I wish to be a federal agent so I am studying Criminal Justice here in NU.

    �Okay fine. Give me a rundown of all the areas Im not allowed to own a stun gun� she answered. I figured she was just testing to find out just how much I knew because she had already sent her applications to the School of American Ballet and the Broadway Dance Center.

    Apart from New York as well as Massachusetts I informed her that it is illegal inside Hawaii Michigan New Jersey Rhode Island and also Washington. Within New Jersey for instance you may be faced with a misdemeanor for ownership or face three to seven years in prison if you actually used it on somebody.

    Inside other states you can obtain special permits like in Connecticut Illinois as well as Wisconsin. But dont think that you can conveniently obtain those permits or carry a stun gun throughout the state. A number of cities have banned stun guns outright like Annapolis Baltimore Chicago and Howard County.

    My sister appeared to be thinking about it however I understand that look on her face. She is not giving up. �What if it were a super small stun gun? Or anything which appears like a phone that nobody would notice?�

    �Well Im not going to bail you out that�s what. Rules must be followed including the stun gun law.� �Fine� she mentioned �What about pepper spray?�

  • Effective Way Of Defending Oneself Inside Your Residence

    Ive got a nagging suspicion that one of my neighbors despises me enough to carry ill will toward me. It is a guy the same age that resides several doors down. He flirted along with me back as soon as I had just transferred into the condo and I blew him off each and every time.

    Once I found him trying my locked front door. Plus he as well as his drinking buddies would murmur and also stare me down when I pass them by. I become more nervous by each minute but what is the best home defense weapon for me within this conditions?

    Pepper spray is my choice for self-defense outside the home. It could trigger a severe burning discomfort in the eyes and also on the skin. Should the recipient is incapacitated by this scorching feeling he can no more proceed with attacking you.

    Moreover several strong pepper sprays can retard breathing as well as enlarge the eye blood vessels so that the eyes shut forcibly. Only inside the house is a different matter in that it needs to be safe for you to be near your very own released spray in an indoor setting.

    I am thinking about trying a newer type of defense spray in gun-like housing. The design allows it be delivered continually a la aerosol regardless of the angle even from upside down. Via the unique release method it could focus on the direction of its target in confined environs.

    The Mace pepper gun that Im eyeing can deploy 7 25-foot blasts coming from 25 feet away. A purchase is going to come furnished with a pepper gun dispenser 28 gram OC cartridge water test cartridge and also batteries for a built-in trigger-activated LED light.

    Be assured that the results are non-lethal and also momentary. They result in no irreversible injury as well as fade away in 30 minutes. While the gun pepper spray is at work you must flee and contact 9-1-1.

    Pepper guns are among current self-defense items made safer for residences that I cant wait to try. After all what is the best home defense weapon if not one that is OK to have with your loved ones around?

  • The Way To Secure Your Valuables In A Shared Household

    In my junior year in college I made a decision to make an early start on grown-up life. I reduced my school load found a six-hour work and also left the dormitory. I joined a rental apartment for 5 in which I obtained the bigger bedroom which I will be sharing with two other individuals.

    Since I was now gainfully employed but hardly knew my housemates I wanted a way to keep safe safes which would keep my ready funds as well as jewelry. As to what those holding cells could be my knowledge was restricted to the usual safes back then.

    However I doubted the effectiveness of regular safes no sooner than finding one roommate deposit a jewelry box into the bottom of her socks drawer. She moved swiftly before I or the other woman could catch on but not fast enough.

    If I were the thieving sort I would have filched from that female by now. For instance if I were a robber I would have hit the bags lying around reached into all the jeans pockets and flipped the drawers over.

    A real time of epiphany showed me that jewelry boxes cashboxes coin banks also wallets are the worst type of locations where you can have things safe. Being painfully obvious hiding places they are the first objectives of burglars and also filchers.

    Luckily for me I chanced on diversion safes for sale online. These are hiding safes that masquerade as the common household products anything from a jar of peanut butter to a Love My Carpet deodorizer can safe.

    The concept I guess is that intruders would never to think to look within cleaners or food containers. A pilferer will walk past my Desenex household can diversion safe and go for another tenants dresser drawers where a thing valuable awaits more likely.

    I almost lost hope of being able to keep safe safes which were going to have my money and jewels until stumbling on these kinds of disguised safes. As soon as my roommate with a jewelry box gains my trust I may let her in on it.

  • Continuing To Keep Your Own Children Safe Outside And Inside The School

    It really is surprising how the lessons we dont forget most from school are the types that are non-academic. One of the best morsels of wisdom I picked up while in high school was that the best defense versus harassment of any sort was calling attention to your condition.

    During that time we used to have safety whistles. Nowadays my kids and I employ some panic alarms that I had bought in an online store.

    Much like the good old whistle personal alarms can be tripped off to be able to sound an alarm which would certainly alert other individuals of the threat you are in. Oftentimes the wrongdoers themselves get spooked and run away whenever they get shocked by the alarm.

    My youngest daughter makes use of an aerosol alarm. Upon your pressing the activator on top this alarm gives off an ear-piercing screech that can be readily recognized as a call for help. This personal security alarm is very small as well as easy to hide but its alarm could reach approximately a quarter of a mile away.

    My other child has a keychain alarm with flashlight. The 130dB alarm can be activated in 2 ways. The very first is when the pin connected to the key chain is pulled. The next is when the button on top of the unit is pushed. Besides an alarm it has a built-in flashlight for use during low light conditions.

    My own personal alarm is a 120dB electronic pocket/keychain whistle. It makes the exact same sounds as a regular whistle would. The sole difference is there is no requirement for me to blow on the alarm. All it takes is the press of a button.

    The miniature design of the personal alarms which we are presently utilizing makes them very ideal to use while on the move. Thus asking my kids to make them a part of their daily get-up has been absolutely no trouble at all.

    I have stressed the significance of panic alarms to my little girls. I really hope and pray that they will take it to heart like I did.

  • Best Means Of Defending The Whole Family

    For safeguarding my family members and myself I used to believe that I needed to arm myself with a lethal tool to be able to fight those who threaten our security. But then I realized soon enough that there are various stun guns for self defense so that you might have the ideal level of safety that you require.

    I always understood that I had to acquire one for my family. These non-lethal weapons are exactly what we need in order to thwart any kind of attacks. Simply by providing volts of electricity into our targets we can render them helpless.

    While the attackers are motionless I told my partner and 2 kids that they ought to run as quickly and as far away as possible. I reminded them to ask for help and ask assistance regarding how to get hold of police authorities.

    This is all I could do to look after them especially when I am not close to them physically. I got a variety of stun weapons and distributed them among us. I gave my daughters high voltage stun guns that might neutralize their assailants utilizing a lesser number of shots.

    For my spouse who studies at night to pursue her teaching degree I procured one of those great flashlight stun guns. This way she can find her way much better in the dark and also come home safe.

    To be on the safe side I also provided them with stun alarms to draw in attention when they are being assaulted. Plus it can discourage assailants from continuing their bad misdeeds.

    The moment my children ask why I arm myself with a Stun Master multi-function stun gun instead of a gun I tell them that it is enough to get me out of harms way. Given its 4.5 million volts of power extremely bright LED flashlight and 110dB personal alarm it is the most practical way for me to keep myself in one piece.

    Picking stun guns for self defense could answer a familys need for ultimate protection without inducing long term injury to their enemies. I would hate to be in the hot seat for thinking merely about defending myself.

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