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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • What Stun Guns Give Additional Personal Protection?

    I take extreme care about my personal safety and so must everyone else. Why would I accept a self-defense tool that does one thing well if numerous others can do more things just as effectively? All kinds of threat lie in wait out there.

    Prudence directed me to check out what individuals who happen to be turned on to stun guns buy in the end. I learned consequently that every kind of stun gun could stand on its own. One that offers more abilities though can surely make itself handy on more situations.

    For starters it stands to reason that wrongdoers appear in the evening. Thus I see no reason to obtain a stun weapon with no built-in light anymore quite frankly. What too few recognize is also that lighting provides numerous purposes.

    Not so long ago I discovered that owners of flashlight stun guns buy into the sight feature not simply to light their path in the dark. A powerful LED can disorient as well as blind subjects temporarily. Furthermore light helps the aim in lieu of any skill in target shooting.

    My being circumspect attracted me towards stun devices in the first place since the power of electrical energy to subdue attackers has me convinced. The moment a unit shoots electrical shock towards the human body the receiver is sure to be disabled in the interim.

    I found out too that believers in stun guns buy products built with an alarm. Given that most of us have no street fighting savvy stun alarms are very useful in calling the attention of anyone in the immediate radius to our need for rescue.

    Check the 4.5 million volt Stun Master multi-function stun gun for example. This high voltage stun gun is equipped with an extremely bright LED flashlight a 110 dB security alarm and red flashing emergency lights. Its a rechargeable stun gun as well.

    Understanding that other folks just like me that are into stun guns buy the multifunctional types makes it foolish that I acquire one that can do little more than stun.

  • Ideas For Dealing With Bullies

    No one says it out loud but more than the average person passive-looking lanky types attract the undesired interest of bullies as well as other hoodlums. My siblings and I acknowledge this kind of unspoken fact.

    We all have the same non-intimidating frame. From the time we were still young we used to copy the movements of our favorite action heroes in an attempt at learning how to fight as well as dispose of bullies. Obviously that rarely worked in real life.

    Right now we are old enough to understand that exactly what we see in films is very distinctive from actual life. As a result we have switched our attention to instructional fighting DVDs which we have discovered on the web to help us understand self-defense and rehearse helpful techniques which we can utilize.

    The Hand-to-Hand Fighting System DVD from Paul Vunak is my chosen street-fighting video. It offers eight simple easy-to-follow moves which can be used versus an assailant. These movements are basic as they can take large guys down with the use of power from extensions of the way that our body naturally moves.

    My older brother works every night with Advanced Combative Tactics by Shannon Stallard. It uses cutting-edge concepts that help condition the brain into a defensive fighting mode.

    The Israeli Lethal Hand-to-Hand Fighting System video is the preference of my younger brother. Here Nir Maman proposes to show the well-kept secret to a shortcut however effective self-defense training method.

    The great thing about these types of self-defense videos is that we get to learn them at our own pace. At our convenience we easily replay or skip portions of the DVD to be able to get better at a certain topic. Furthermore they offer a choice which is easier on the budget as compared to real self-defense classes.

    My brothers and I are aware that bullies these days could do more than rough us up or take a lot more than our lunch money. They could end up hurting the ones we love too. This is the key reason why we think that learning how to fight these types of intimidators off is a necessity.

  • Effective Manner Of Fighting Bullies

    In the summer right after graduating from high school I decided to sign up for jujitsu school just before I would go to college. One girl inside class was a bully. She loved to beat us up fellow girls and also the boys. As soon as I skunked her in a sparring one time it was disturbing how livid she became.

    This lady brought her anger outside and waylaid me in the hallway at knifepoint. It was lucky that a janitor walked in upon us and broke the fight up. This was the last occasion I would step out of our home without having combination pepper and tear gas spray on me.

    A jujitsu classmate provided me the idea to get a self-defense spray after he heard what happened. It starts a severe burning experience on the skin and in the eyes. Strong defense sprays further cause persistent coughing and also retching and obstruct theair passages.

    But the end results are temporary and give no serious injury. They are non-lethal as well as fade away by 20 to 45 minutes. Within that moment you should be able to escape and contact 9-1-1.

    I mean I do not have any motives of sending that bully to the hospital let alone her grave. For that matter I would dislike to spray her unless it was completely necessary like say if she let her switchblade touch me once more.

    One of the Mace triple action defense sprays was the thing I carried beside me. It was fitted with a flip-top safety cap plus a belt clip which kept it handy for going around and running. Its 17-gram can had 10 one-second bursts that work for eight to twelve feet.

    Self defense sprays generally contain oleoresin capsicum or OC which triggers coughing as well as gagging together with involuntary eye shutting. In addition police pepper spray just like my own has two key components.

    The first is CN tear gas. It makes you overproduce tears lose your balance and feel like burning. The next is UV marking dye a seemingly invisible marker of felons so that it is quicker to find them throughout a chase.

  • Proper Usage Of Self-Defense Sprays For Protection

    I always thought that I could protect myself with anything that I could get a hold of. But I became aware not too long ago that doing this could put me in extreme danger.

    Something I just read on the web made me realize that making use of wasp spray for self defense is a no-no. They are insecticides which work on insects and theres no sufficient evidence indicating that theyre not harmful to people. These could actually cause much more harm than good.

    At the same time I was intending on buying bear spray for my camping journeys and so thought I could double it for use towards robbers but I was obviously wrong. I found that that bear pepper spray is designed especially for bears and cant be utilized on people vice versa.

    Similar to normal self-defense sprays bear sprays cause an excruciating burning sensation in the bears face. The pain will stop the bear buying you enough time to escape as well as flee towards safer grounds.

    For defense against bear assaults during my outdoor trips I did discover a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent which is going to be effective in repelling bears. Its registered with the EPA as a suitable repellant for just about all bear types.

    Pepper spray for bears is non-lethal. Employing one is going to minimize death among bears that attack. Bears can recover from the pepper spray effects as well as go back to their population. Moreover it will reduce the loss of life in human beings being attacked since these self defense sprays effectively scare bears away.

    I further wanted to get my girlfriend a devoted outdoor enthusiast as well a Mace bear repellent spray. Its a safe humane spray that will hinder a bear instead of involving it in a potential fight.

    Because of my research I discovered that making use of wasp spray for self defense would be a major mistake. Wasp sprays are against wasps bear sprays are for defense against bears and regular pepper spray defends versus human assailants. Safeguard yourself effectively by utilizing the suitable safety gadget for your needs.

  • Important Safety Measures For Your Apartment

    I was happy when I was ultimately able to have enough money for living in my very own apartment after many years of having a roommate. Now I had my very own space which I could possibly do anything with. The thing was the moment robberies were being reported within the building I feared for my very own protection.

    Living by yourself has its own benefits and drawbacks. I think that I am more of a target since Im a girl living alone. While I was searching on the internet for options I landed upon self defense kits intended for my own way of living.

    I discovered that safety kits contain numerous self defense gadgets which were assembled by experts to focus on a certain concern. Essentially there are sets out there created for security in houses in offices for females for vehicles and stuff like that.

    Throughout my search for the ideal package I ran across numerous SafeFamilyLife kits from the Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women to the Being Safe At Home Survival Kit.

    I found apartment security kits that I thought were the most suitable and decided to acquire the Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit. The benefit of buying all the safety units in a package is that it spares you the trouble of getting every piece one by one which is complicated expensive and time-consuming.

    This apartment survival kit came with a diversion safe disguised like a can of dried soup 1/2 oz. pepper spray with visor clip glass breakage alarm magnetic door alarm small alert alarm 2 oz. pepper spray with wall bracket door stop alarm system cell phone light as well as all battery packs a products instructional manual and DVD and five special safety reports.

    Besides the safety devices the better safety kits give safety reports to give you helpful information for personal protection. For instance one particular report included in mine is �Five Steps to a Safer Apartment�.

    Self defense kits are really useful for safety and security. Now that I do not have a roommate Im happy to know how to protect myself in the event the need arises.

  • Exactly Why Keep Your Things Safe Under The Radar

    I got an unexpected telephone call from my sibling one morning. Her apartment had been broken into when she was spending a trip out of town with her fiance. Her jewelry hidden inside her drawer had been wiped out.

    Learning from her experience I thought of buttressing our home with advanced home safety products despite the fact that I could hardly afford it. Luckily I came across a range of decoy safes or diversion safes while browsing online.

    Not like the normal safe that is usually made of steel as well as costs a lot of money these types of decoy safes are hidden as regular items. The disguises are products usually seen within the house in order that whenever a burglar sees them he would think that they are normal house items.

    While sorting through different diversion safes I was hit quickly with an idea. I obtained an Ajax household cleaner safe to hide my valuable jewelry. Along with other cleaning merchandise it is unnoticeable and strategically placed.

    Since I tend to get locked out of our home a lot I got a stone safe in order that I could utilize it to hide the front door key. It may be an old trick to hide a key beneath a rug or rock but this one hides it within. When an intruder suspects that a key is hidden beneath it he will be disappointed to discover nothing there.

    A wall socket safe is one more favorite of mine. Who would think to examine an innocent-looking electrical outlet and risk getting electrocuted? That is the reason why I feel positive regarding concealing our weekly allowance and an emergency credit card inside it.

    Home robbers will spend only a couple of minutes ransacking a home. They have their target spots where to seek out valuables. When those valuables are hidden inside covert hiding safes instead their time will be up before they can find anything at all.

    I find decoy safes or diversion safes the best hiding spots for the small but expensive items that I hold dear. Housebreakers can be ruthlessly thorough so I am happy to be well prepared for that.

  • What Makes An Effective Personal Protection Device

    Stun guns are increasing in popularity. Regardless of whether it is the rise in criminal activity or their features it cant be denied that these self-defense devices make the planet a safer place.

    Quite a number of stun devices can provide a level of security and safety for the bearer but those with features other than just for stunning assailants prove to be far more useful. This is the reason why manufacturers have come up with ways on how to make stun gun designs versatile yet effective.

    The Stun Master 3.5 million-volt rechargeable stun gun with flashlight is a good example. It is a portable unit which can easily be held and also used. With it in your hands you can go around all by yourself with confidence whether on broad daylight or into the night.

    Flashlight stun guns give you the edge of seeing into the dark as well as blinding your opponent with powerful lights. This is an alternative feature as well as a wonderful strategy on how to make stun gun gadgets a lot more effective.

    Rechargeable stun guns are practical tools since you wont run out of power especially during moments when you need it the most. Merge the flashlight as well as the rechargeable features and you get an amazing self-defense tool which is non-lethal yet effective in numerous ways.

    More information on stun guns can teach you how to make stun gun features function to your advantage. Do an online lookup and while youre at it read articles on actual events when stun guns have preserved lives.

    Stun guns shoot up volts of electricity to an opponents body yet wont give any kind of lasting injury. So you do not need to concern yourself with maiming an attacker permanently. The effects of the shock is going to last for several minutes which should be enough time for you to look for cops or run towards safety.

    The more that you understand how to make stun gun devices very useful the more that one becomes effective and efficient in your possession. Complement this tool with information and youll be capable to safeguard yourself much better at this point on.

  • Advice For Guarding Your Apartment Against Burglars

    When I relocated to the city for work it took a little while for me to get used to living in a flat in comparison to my family home inside the suburbs. For starters it was smaller and for another I was living on my own.

    I got a lot more worried when I heard that a robber had entered the place next door. It was the moment I decided to check into alarms systems which could be set up in small apartments. I did not desire to risk having an intruder enter especially since I was alone.

    Online there were many available home security alarms that were well suited for defending any home from burglars. I discovered motion detector alarms. These work by detecting motion that activates the alarm. The noise of the alarm is going to inform people inside the home and also is going to deter any trespasser.

    What I selected was a Mini Alert alarm which I felt is going to be perfect for my apartment. This generates an infrared triangle that creates an invisible barrier that cant be breached without triggering the alarm off.

    The alarming is triggered right after a 30-second delay offering you time to turn the gadget off as soon as you enter the room. This home alarm system is battery-operated so no wires are utilized which makes it very easy to transfer from one spot to another.

    PIR alarm systems just like it utilize passive infrared detection to be able to keep a room safe from any burglar. They have the ability to detect human presence accurately with the aid of PIR technology.

    A couple of weeks following the robbery at my neighbors place someone tried to get into my home. The burglar alarm sounded right away. The moment I checked I saw the thief running away. I am just delighted that my brand new security safety alarm works.

    Home alarms systems are perfect for keeping homes safe from intruders. No burglar desires to get captured so any kind of noticeable alarm sound is going to send them scurrying away.

  • Effective Means Of Protecting Yourself Swiftly From A Secure Range

    Being raised in a dangerous neighborhood compelled me to know how to safeguard myself at a very early age. Of course I didnt desire to cause any problems but if it was my security at stake I understood that the only way for me to make it through was to fight back.

    For protection I got some martial arts lessons and grew to become specifically interested in the Japanese Ninjutsu. I enjoyed ninja shows as a child and was often attracted to how the ninja moved. Part of the lessons taught me how to use ninja stars as a type of self-defense.

    Whenever possible I would not desire to be caught up in a brawl of any type. However if I had to stop an assailant I felt certain that I could defend myself from a secure distance using these small tools.

    While taking up the training classes I made a decision to obtain a set for myself. I was glad to come across several Internet sites selling authentic ninja steel throwing stars. Having my own I would be able to learn the art of throwing.

    I found these steel stars in both edged as well as no-edge designs and offered in 2-inch and 4.5-inch sizes. Furthermore these were sold in a package with the option to get 2-inch stars in a set of four or 4.5-inch stars in a set of 12 with various designs.

    I opted for 2-inch mini professional edged steel throwing stars which came with a carry bag. By doing this I can protect myself every time the need arises with the stars within my possession constantly.

    What I even more like regarding these kinds of stars is that they are discreet. Attackers will not be able to recognize them as weapons immediately and would never guess that they are about to get hit.

    Learning how to utilize my ninja stars has improved my confidence and aim significantly. In the event that any person tries to pick a fight with me or intimidate me theyll be in for a surprise.

  • Effective Method Of Safeguarding Yourself Against Bad Friends

    Familiar yet unexpected faces welcomed my return to the dormitory room one evening. I used to spend time with these guys in high school. Upon reaching senior year having discovered that they were up to no good I had distanced myself from them. In any case I received my visitors civilly.

    All of us have come to be able to take you back to the group said one. He accepted a job inside my college and had spotted me around and they wanted it to become like before. What? If these ex-pals werent going to budge would the crippling effects of pepper spray make them?

    My older sister provided me one before I left home for college mentioning that this would not incapacitate forever and was non-lethal. While the recipient fought off the short-term effects for about thirty minutes you could get away and call 9-1-1.

    Self-defense spray deters once at work to be certain. It produces burning pain onto the skin and in the eyes and upsets breathing. Moreover potent self defense sprays inflame the eyes until they shut and causes unrelenting coughing as well as retching.

    She pointed out that this was no garden-variety 10% defense spray she was giving me. This was a lot more powerful kind owing to an 18% dose of oleoresin capsicum or pepper which she checked was legal where I was heading.

    Hot self defense sprays like this based on my sibling work their way quicker in the body while producing a far more unpleasant experience of pain. I imagine that they come down really hard on your aggressor.

    And here I was confronted with the possibility of utilizing a 1.5 oz. Wildfire 18% self defense spray towards delinquents who were a negative influence on me. I would bet they could not withstand its 3 million Scoville heat units greater than the regular 1 to 2 million.

    Although I made it very obvious that I was no longer into the very same stuff they were my past friends kept bothering me on school. They got too threatening at some point so finally they felt the burning effects of pepper spray on their own faces.

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