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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Hiding Important Things In Plain Sight To Be Able To Avoid Theft

    Every now and then I would lose several dollar bills and small pieces of jewelry. I usually have people within the house like the nanny and the housekeeper so I can not determine exactly who is stealing from me.

    My spouse blamed me for leaving my things everywhere but also advised that I obtain a small home safe. This way I can keep my money and also small jewelry hidden properly where no one can get a hold of those.

    He told me to look into covert safes like a dried soup diversion safe that can be mixed easily with different food items in the kitchen. It is small in size and its camouflage offers the advantage of an ordinary appearance allowing it to blend very well with regular items in the home.

    I discovered how diversion safes are hiding safes that appear as ordinary items. Considering that they resemble everyday things any individual trying to steal my belongings wont think about looking in these covert safes.

    As I looked for options I discovered a stone diversion safe that would go well with all the other stones within the garden. It was offered in a small size making it easy to carry and also adequate for hiding my possessions.

    These types of secret safes are an awesome idea mainly because thieves are under time pressure so the first spots that they will aim for are the obvious hiding areas just like bedrooms. They would not bother searching through regular-looking items for things to pilfer.

    I felt that a hair brush diversion safe would also make the perfect disguise. It came in a great handy size as well as blended easily among toiletries as well as other products on my dresser. This enables me to keep my precious things close by but hidden as well.

    From the time which I purchased a small home safe for myself I have not lost anything at all yet. Thanks to my spouse I now know how to keep all my personal belongings safe so that they do not fall into the hands of burglars.

  • Ways To Defend Yourself Inside A New State

    I was excited about moving to Michigan for college. However I was bothered given that one of my pals had said to me that they had different defense spray laws there. Immediately after my sister was attacked a few months before I always carried a protective device with me pretty much everywhere I went.

    I was concerned that the laws is going to prevent me from owning my personal defense technique on hand. So I performed some study and was thrilled to discover that pepper sprays were permitted provided that the pepper spray ingredients were authorized by the state.

    As soon as classes started I asked around. One of the students stated that she had a Michigan accredited pocket model which once rescued her mom successfully from a robber. She stated that its tiny size made it very easy to slip in her pocket.

    Defense sprays are our protection of choice as these are helpful and also easy to utilize. Moreover they cause an agonizing burning sensation in the face of the receiver to give you enough time to escape.

    I began seeking Michigan approved self defense sprays and considered a Michigan double-action CS tear gas pocket model. This is comprised of CS tear gas which brings about unstoppable tears and also UV marking dye that marks the target helping the police with identification.

    It is not my goal to harm any person. I merely wish to have a way to protect myself from an aggressor. So the reality that pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons is why I like them. The effects are temporary and will not inflict permanent injury on the target.

    Besides having protection around I was thinking of having another one for my dormitory room. I purchased a Michigan approved personal model to keep on my bedside table. I realized that it is better to be safe than sorry.

    Pepper spray ingredients differ depending on the product. Some have OC pepper while others include CS tear gas. Both ingredients are effective for personal protection and that is all that matters if you ask me.

  • How You Can Protect Your Family As Well As Home Against Burglars

    I often felt that my household would be safest in the home. Regrettably this belief of mine changed as soon as we were robbed.

    Luckily I was able to scare the robber away the first time around. To defend my family I searched instantly for home security solutions that would help keep our house secure.

    As soon as I asked around a pal of ours stated that he was really satisfied with an entry alarm with RF remote control which he had obtained. It would notify him to a break-in and hence prevent a burglar from entering their residence.

    A gadget like that was what we needed. I looked on the web for what was available and discovered a variety of home security alarms. I found out that they are low-cost solutions for home protection. Having one set up in your property would alert you of an intruder.

    From different options I was drawn to a wireless home security system. What I liked about it was that even though no one was home we would still be warned of an intrusion. Upon detecting motion it would sound an alarm and also contact up to five pre-programmed contact numbers.

    I took my family on a beach trip one weekend feeling confident about leaving our house with the new system set up. While we were away I was awoken in the evening by a call on my cell phone from the security system. I contacted the authorities. As soon as they checked the robber had been deterred effectively by the alarming.

    With one of my girls going off to college soon I decided to get her a door alarm also. I felt that it is going to be ideal for keeping her protected in a dormitory room. She simply needs to hang it on her doorknob and it will immediately detect any attempts to open the door.

    I now am a lot more mindful of the significance of home security solutions particularly when the safety of my family is on the line. Given all the various available devices there truly is no reason to be unprepared.

  • Compact Means To Ward Off Attackers

    With all the violence which I find in news reports every day I have decided to obtain personal protection. But do stun guns work effectively enough in order to protect ordinary people such as me?

    I have just lately found out that a stun gun has power enough to deliver an electric shock the moment it is in direct contact with the target. It is non-lethal thus it will just incapacitate the target for a short while enough for me to seek for help and run away.

    One type is a mini stun gadget which is really compact and light and fits in a bag or pocket. It may also be hidden inside your hand thus it will completely shock your attacker. He will never have a clue that he is going to be shocked right then.

    There are also disguised stun gadgets which surprise assailants since theyre in the form of normal everyday things. In case you have one of these you have got the tactical advantage in an attack because he wont ever realize that you are planning to stun him.

    I have just come across a Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun weapon with flashlight. It is little and also easy to use and even comes with an alarm to deter attackers. It has a security switch and cap to prevent accidental discharge or electricity and an LED flashlight to help you see in the dark.

    My sister obtained this kind of flashlight stun gun because she as well needs to defend herself. She goes back home late from work normally. She never leaves her shop if there are still customers willing to buy things.

    Last night the moment she started locking up her store a man held her arm and threatened her. She used her stun pen quickly on the enemy. She ran for assistance and the bad guy was arrested.

    Do stun guns work in defending your ordinary self from extraordinary threats such as this? Well if my sister has proven it I believe they do. And this convinces me to obtain my own stun gun just in case that crook has buddies as well.

  • Using Disguised Safes To Be Able To Hide Your Possessions In Plain Sight

    The moment I was promoted to the upper management I was provided a lot of benefits. The most significant of these was the opportunity to relocate. Since my brand new workplace was going to be in a different city they offered me a company-sponsored condominium unit also.

    I accepted the offer and in just a month I had moved and was residing in an upscale condominium in the one of the citys wealthiest business zones. This was where I was first introduced to the use of disguised safes for covert storage.

    Living in an affluent area can make you a primary target of thieves. Certainly enough only a week immediately after I had moved in my neighbor claimed that his own house was burglarized and his personal lock box stolen.

    Amazingly enough the only thing in which the robbers appeared to take interest was the safe. A pal who is employed by a security company explained to me that burglars spend around 8 minutes only in someone elses house.

    Thieves will go for the most valuable objects that they can carry away in the least moment possible. Having a safe will usually suggest that you have something valuable inside of it.

    In contrast diversion safes are essentially empty storage units which look unimportant. Theyre meant to look like common household items like a soda or peanut butter on the outside but are empty internally so that you can stash things. The idea would be to place them in an environment in which they wont look odd.

    This will effectively hide your possessions in plain view and thieves is not going to imagine that such simple storage containers have anything of value. For instance a Barbasol shaving cream can safe and also a lint roller safe within your bathroom medicine cabinet can save priceless jewelry.

    Within your fridge you could place a 7-Up soda can safe and also a beer can safe to keep extra cash. I have since obtained disguised safes for my own personal use and am intending on purchasing much more for my own office.

  • Helpful Manner Of Staying Conscious If Driving An Automobile

    My uncle Johnny wound up within the emergency room having a concussion and slight injuries after falling asleep at the wheel of his van. Hes still groggy however the experience opened his own eyes figuratively towards the perils of sleepiness while driving.

    Not wanting to be a statistic I then made a decision to search for a solution to keep the same scenario from occurring with me. Drowsiness and exhaustion are known causal factors which result in almost 100000 automobile crash accidents documented by the police.

    It is a relief to have found out about portable sleep alarm systems which were made for people who have to continue to be alert while performing tasks or doing their own jobs. Nod off and one buzzes you awake. Driving alone can be dangerous especially when you feel sleepy. So this is extremely handy.

    A nap alarm system is innovative as well as could potentially help save a life - mine. Put on over the ear this posseses an electronic position sensor. In case my head begins to nod forward because I am falling asleep then the alarm will sound off to snap me awake or inform my passengers if I have any.

    This is better than honking horns behind me at a stoplight. And this works much better as soon as I am actually driving and I simply happened to doze off because of over-fatigue. That had happened to me a couple of instances and I was just lucky nothing unpleasant transpired.

    When I got my sleep alert I tested this and found out that I really needed to hold my head upright to keep it from going off. And that alarm audio is jolting however I guess it is only louder if youre conscious. A jolting noise should be good in case you are up studying all night too.

    I informed Uncle Johnny with regards to my purchase and he was eager to buy one as well. A nap alert would have saved him the two days hospital confinement. No more driving lapses when behind the wheel he vowed.

    Falling asleep at the wheel is not rare. Thus being prepared in order to stop it from occurring ought to be most welcome.

  • Learning How You Can Defend Yourself Towards Sexual Predators

    After a sexual predator attacked a good buddy of mine during our senior year in high school all of us girls were really concerned about heading off to college. It would be a different world and possibly a lot more dangerous.

    My father said it was about time I learned some rape aggression defense techniques. If I knew how to protect myself then we would have nothing to be concerned about. I suppose that making me a weapon myself was definitely the best solution.

    As I looked for fighting classes on the web I ran across a variety of self-defense videos. I was very curious and learned that these were great for any individual interested in gaining the skills to fight including females without physical strength or prior fighting skills such as my own.

    Through numerous choices I decided on Unarmed Combat Course by Frank Cucci. In the street-fighting video he shows people a hand-to-hand fighting system that was developed especially for the elite U.S. Navy SEALs.

    The moment I started watching I was not very confident with my capabilities. However since this instructional fighting DVD is made for individuals with minimal athletic ability and may be learned easily and viscerally I was actually able to master the techniques amazingly.

    Even though I needed to view the instructional video several times to truly get the system this was all worth it. Now I feel assured about being able to fight back versus bigger and meaner enemies.

    During my first week in college I went to several gatherings to meet new people. One of the guys in a gathering was harassing me sexually and pushing it too far. To his shock I defended myself and knocked him down to the floor. I have ever since understood even more that my freshly acquired fighting capabilities would come in handy.

    Knowing all about rape aggression defense and also how you can defend ones self is very important. There are plenty of sexual aggressors around and you definitely should not allow them to make you their next victim.

  • Effective Method Of Self-Defense For Extreme Sports Aficionados

    I started BMX as soon as I went along to study mechanical engineering in college. The other racers would ask my help to improve the purpose-built tracks and at times the bikes so I made friends fast. Out there it was very easy to feel invulnerable towards any type of danger.

    But in the exact same week that one amongst us broke a hip while motocross cycling another almost died in the hands of muggers. This took me back promptly to the real world. I went and bought some Mace pepper gun for personal protection while still OK.

    Though I toted self defense spray in my first year in college I for some reason forgot to keep up. It was now time to start this habit again. This yields a terrible burning experience onto the skin as well as in the eyes in order to incapacitate for some thirty minutes.

    Also strong defense sprays distress respiration force hairball coughing and also retching and swell the eyes into closing. The short-lived effects are non-lethal yet buy you enough time to bolt as well as contact 9-1-1.

    Coming across more recent sorts of pepper sprays such as gun-style provided me a pleasant surprise. The deal along with these kinds of pepper spray guns is that their unique fashion of deployment is nonstop not unlike with aerosols.

    So you can spray your enemy on and on and also when you are holding the cylinder inverted which is unsurprising amid a tussle. Mine makes use of its so-called Bag-in-a-Can technology for one.

    Bundled together with my own gun pepper spray are its pepper gun dispenser 28-gram OC cartridge water test cartridge and also batteries for the trigger-activated LED light suitable for aiming as well as illumination. This contains 7 blasts which can cover twenty five feet.

    At the moment we are putting in a longer period to train for a bicycle motocross event in the offing and somebody had been attacked one night already. Thankfully I have a Mace pepper gun and got enough of a wakeup call to become much more careful this time around.

  • Safeguarding Yourself Whenever You Longer Cant Run Away From A Fight

    Having been raised with bodyguards due to my mothers profession I feel like I missed out on a great deal of adventure and maybe even the enjoyment of being reckless . Later on I evened it up by taking up numerous extreme sports and riding a lightning-fast bike.

    Now being in the company of security folks did not make me become stupid. Quite the opposite they taught me to walk away from a fight whenever I can. When I cant they schooled me on utilizing a non-lethal weapon like a pen stun gun for self-defense.

    According to my bodyguard buddies a stun gun produces a sudden emission of electrical energy into the body on impact. In consequence the person receiving the electric shocks is unable to control his muscles as well as keep his equilibrium. Eventually he could pitch forward.

    The effects are non-lethal however and leave no irreparable injury. They are short term and last no more than 15 to 50 minutes which you must grab as an opportunity to run away and call 9-1-1.

    No brawl is ever worthwhile and most likely the best tool to deter it is a weapon which doesnt look like one. Using a disguised stun gun you can wait for the aggressor to lower his defense just before you strike and put him out to finish the threat.

    One that is also a mini stun gun is much less threatening. Youre no warmonger if it is little enough to slip into and out of nearly any pocket. Nevertheless it can be concealed in your hand to remain out of eyesight of your enemy until put to use.

    I have a Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun gun with flashlight inside a nylon holster with belt loop that I got together with it. This flashlight stun gun loaded with a built-in LED light is extremely helpful at nighttime when more wrongdoers come out.

    Because having buddies from the security force also implies receiving expert opinions on your choice of security devices I know that I have picked a good pen stun gun to protect myself with.

  • Recommendations Regarding How To Keep Criminals Hands Off Your Bling

    Having a long airplane ride or sitting for hours on the bus isnt so much the problem whenever going on a holiday getaway. The leading concern is how to hide your valuables if no one is going to be left home.

    You cannot help but feel uneasy whenever you have all those bits of jewelry lying around and no safe area to put them. Burglars will naturally search for something that blings and pick it up without any second thoughts.

    There are conventional hiding locations that these criminals will also look out for. They will search your place and search behind wall portraits cabinets drawers and also cupboards. Theyll leave no stone unturned.

    However they are racing against time and being caught in the act. That is why you have to make it a bit more hard for them to get hold of the loot. Place your valuable items in diversions safes instead of the typical hiding places in your house.

    Diversions safes are small storage safes which you can use to hold your funds or bling bling. They are less likely to be suspected of having thousands worth of money or jewelry inside because of their sizes and also disguises.

    These could be anything at all from a spray can of carpet cleaning agent to a soda can. Place a tall canister fabric and also upholstery cleaner safe within a living room drawer and put the earrings you got from your granny inside.

    Keep memory cards that have secret files inside a lint roller safe and just put it on your tabletop. Make sure that you use a covert safe that blends in and doesnt seem out of place or that can be a cause for suspicion.

    When you are looking for ways concerning how to hide your possessions and outsmart crooks secret hiding places are your greatest choices. It is a small price to pay for the reassurance that you get whenever leaving your house.

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