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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Tips For Being Protected Within Different States

    I have always wanted a stun device for protection whenever I embark on business trips or on vacation. However I wonder is a stun gun legal in every single state?

    I have found out that no one not even an authorized manufacturer importer or dealer can have a stun weapon within Hawaii. In the event the police find one on me there its going to be confiscated and discarded by the Chief of Police. That is disheartening because I like going on a vacation inside Hawaii.

    Massachusetts and also Michigan prohibit stun guns as do New Jersey New York and Rhode Island. It is really bad that they are forbidden in the District of Columbia as well because I am there quite a bit on business. Cities and also counties like Chicago Baltimore Baltimore County Howard County Annapolis and Philadelphia also prohibit stun guns.

    If Im captured having a stun weapon within Rhode Island in which my mother resides I will have to pay as much as 500 dollars and become jailed for up to a year or both. And the police officers is going to confiscate my self-defense tool.

    I could bring an electric shock device the moment I go to my brother within Illinois. I will get a Firearms Owners ID (FOID) card first. Stun gun dealers over there check the FOID cards of stun gun buyers and also perform a background check on them.

    Connecticut is exactly where my sibling resides and she possesses a stun gun. They are legal there as long as you keep them in the home or where your business is.

    In case I get a dangerous weapons permit just like what my sibling possesses I can carry my stun weapon inside her state. I just have to bear in mind that these kinds of permits are legal only inside the city in which they were issued not statewide.

    But is a stun gun legal in my state? I reside in California and the only ones that cant possess a stun gun here are felons drug addicts and minors. The last time I checked Im not a felon drug addict or minor so I am getting myself a stun device.

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