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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • What Self-Defense To Have In What Situation

    I was planning on taking my girlfriend on a camping adventure outdoors. As an outdoorsy individual I used to only guard myself using anything I could grab however I realized this was not going to cut it for my girl.

    I conducted some research and discovered that using wasp spray for personal protection was not encouraged. Using sprays meant for insects could do far more injury than good whenever utilized on human beings or animals.

    My problem was to keep my girlfriend and me safe during our trip. I understood that bear attacks should not be taken lightly so I was thinking about buying bear spray for personal defense. I was thinking that I could make use of it as an all-around spray but I was wrong.

    Bear sprays are manufactured specifically for bears. These cannot be utilized on people and vice versa. But these work just like ordinary self defense sprays in that they also leave an agonizing burning discomfort in the face of the target. They could deter bears giving you a chance to flee.

    One of my pals said to me that he was able to save himself from a bear using his Mace bear repellant spray. It was a powerful magnum fogger that sprayed at a distance of thirty feet via a 260-gram can.

    While I read more about bear self defense spray I learned that they are non-lethal. Using these will minimize the death among bears that attack. Bears can recuperate from the self defense spray effects and return to their population. Utilizing bear repellent also lowers fatality in people being assaulted as it is an effective deterrent.

    I acquired a Guard Alaska bear repellant. This particular hot self defense spray for bears is eco-friendly and registered with EPA as a suitable repellent for all species of bears.

    I am glad for my research as it taught me to avoid using wasp spray for personal protection. Right now I know that it is important to utilize a suitable defense spray depending on the protection that you require.

  • Making Use Of An Effective Self Defense Unit In Order To Protect Yourself Against Threat

    My detective boyfriend provided me a stun gun as a birthday present. He has taught me how to use a stun gun before thus owning one was nowhere near a hard thing to accept.

    Previous readings about stun guns told me that theyre non-lethal personal defense devices that administer an electric shock to the targets body on immediate contact. These dont cause long term physical injury at all. They just immobilize the opponent for a few moments to be able to allow the victim to call for help.

    My sweetheart said to me that high voltage stun devices are much better since they emit millions of volts. For this reason this only takes a couple of shots for the target to hit the floor. I assume that they work much more swiftly as compared to low voltage stun devices.

    He offered me the Double Trouble stun weapon and said that this is far more potent because of the 5 inches of gap between the contact tips. What I often see in other stun guns is a 1.5-inch space. The 5-inch separation between the tips enables you to cause a significant amount of pain in several areas of the receivers body.

    This one has a soft-contour rubber grip which enables you to hold or hang on to it conveniently. It is built with a red LED indicator which enables you to know if this is ready to stun. It likewise has a basic safety switch on top.

    It has a length of just 6 inches as well as a weight of only 6.9 ounces thus it could fit into your purse and it is not a bother to bring around.

    One evening I had the chance to make use of my very own double contact stun gun to defend myself towards an attacker when I was going home coming from school. The five inches of contact space definitely did the job.

    He went down quickly and I ran for help. The cops nearby arrested the man right away. It was good that I was able to know how to use a stun gun to save my own skin even though I was alone.

  • A Simple Personal Protection Tool Used For Safeguarding A Loved One

    From the time I was young I have enjoyed to play cowboys and also Indians. And I loved to be the Indian. I was intrigued by precisely how they could make self-defense weapons such as blowguns and darts completely from nature.

    Right now that I am all grown up I do not wear the colorful headgear any longer however my fascination with these weapons stays. I have a variety of different blowguns and I actually made some of them myself. My favorite is this whopping 6-foot blowgun that I ordered on the net.

    This is a .40 caliber beauty made of seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing which can strike a target at over two hundred and fifty feet. I tested it on one occasion that close friends and I went to paintball practice. I didnt utilize any particular one for paintball though but instead my 36-inch blowgun which was much easier to carry.

    You see Ive got an accessory that can transform any .40 caliber blowgun into a semi-automatic paintball gun. You simply take off the mouthpiece and replace it with the Splatmatic accessory and you are ready to go.

    There is one thing that I can say about playing with these types of devices. It heightens your awareness of the surroundings and trains you to react immediately.

    For example currently I dont simply walk to my car in a poorly lit parking area. I am so conscious of every noise I hear going to the car that I dont think anybody can take me by surprise any longer.

    On one occasion I thought I heard a muffled scream and went to check. About fifteen yards away a female was pinned towards one of the pillars by a guy with one hand on her mouth and another holding a knife.

    Of course I didnt have any blowguns and darts with me then however if I did I would have used them quickly. I think that these are useful devices if you wish to protect a loved one from a distance. I yelled at the guy he looked at me and we were both fortunate that he decided to run.

  • Effective Means Of Defending Your Loved Ones At Home

    Sad to say no place is totally safe right now. There are criminals roaming the streets and there are bad guys getting into homes. Knowing this I knew that it would be wise for me to find a means to keep my household secure inside the house.

    I searched the internet for pepper spray guns for home protection. With youngsters around I did not need a dangerous weapon but rather a non-lethal one which would be equally effective. I likewise wanted a thing that my partner could utilize conveniently in case I was not around.

    A pepper gun appeared ideal since it utilizes an advanced delivery system in order that it sprays much like an aerosol in a constant fashion and from totally any position no matter if the defense spray is held upside down.

    With only several bursts defense spray leaves a terrible burning pain inside the eyes as well as on the skin of the assailant. The burning is going to disable the target for a few moments allowing you to avoid danger and call for assistance.

    Additionally I like that all pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons. Any effects brought on are only short term and would not inflict any irreversible damage on their receiver. This makes me feel safe regarding leaving such a device in the home.

    The Mace pepper gun that I picked is furnished with an LED light that provides a better aim and can disorient an intruder briefly. It has a range of twenty five feet. I found it in 4 picks of color from blue/black to sky blue silver and pink.

    Several nights previously a robber made an effort to enter our abode while I was out. Fortunately my spouse had the gun pepper spray on hand. Even from a distance of some 20 feet she was able to get the intruder on the face immobilizing him right away.

    My spouse contacted the police while the intruder was down and he was arrested before he could get away. I am delighted that I considered to check out pepper guns for home protection rather than any lethal gun.

  • What To Utilize When Regular Safes Fail You

    The minute I moved into my own home I knew it was important to buy a conventional safe to keep all my belongings and other documents protected. Sadly when robbers are persistent they seem to manage opening these kinds of safes too.

    After being robbed my best friend informed me that having a conventional safe isnt sensible any longer. The best security measure may well be to conceal your valuable items in plain sight rather than in obvious hiding locations where thieves tend to look first.

    I was not certain that I understood what she was telling me until she showed me a Coca-Cola can safe that she stored in her pantry. The disguise of the safe was pretty remarkable and undoubtedly discreet.

    I found that diversion safes are money safes which are made to look like conventional household merchandise. The aim of this is so that burglars breaking into your house wont consider looking in these safes when making an attempt to steal your belongings.

    As I browsed through options one that I truly thought was ingenious was a wall electric socket diversion safe. It is a terrific secret safe to have on the wall in which no person would ever think of it to be a real safe.

    Authorities have stated that robbers usually commit roughly 8 minutes in the home they are robbing. This is precisely why hiding things in clear view is a smart option seeing as the initial place these criminals head to are evident hiding locations.

    After stumbling upon a lint roller diversion safe I felt confident that it would match the other things within my room. These covert safes are such excellent creations and I am pleased that my closest friend told me about them.

    One thing I learned from this entire ordeal is that if you would like to keep your personal items safe then you have to hide your possessions in clear view. Opting for hiding safes is definitely a better choice than my earlier conventional safe which failed me.

  • Strategies To Prevent Trespassers From Entering Your House

    As soon as my spouse left me I needed to step up for the sake of my kids. I am concerned with a lot of things and when robberies occurred in our neighborhood I even fretted with regards to our safety at home. Without a guy at home I felt like we were vulnerable.

    A pal of mine recommended that I acquire a home security alarm. I looked and discovered voice alarm systems on the internet. It is interesting how these alert you to activities happening in various parts of your house. From the choices I considered the Voice Alert System-6.

    This kind of annunciator system features wireless PIR sensor transmitters and a remote receiver base unit. Users have the ability to record their personalized alert messages that will tell them of activity found in a monitored place.

    Six recorded alert messages for six different locations are permitted within the home safety alarm. This can keep an eye on three different places at one time and an additional 3 if needed. The messages may be changed at any time and the wireless detectors can be positioned wherever.

    Right after making a purchase I set up my recorded messages and made the first area the front door with a message saying Intruder on front door! I assigned the back door as the second area with the notification Intruder on back door!

    The moment the PIR sensor detects activity it activates a floodlight with the use of one of the four relays that come with the base unit. Having a system similar to this set up at home makes me feel far more comfortable with regards to our safety.

    The other night time while I was doing the dishes I spotted a man in our backyard. My home alarm system informed us to his presence right away. The floodlight switched on scaring the trespasser away.

    I feel that the Voice Alert system is perfect for all homes for keeping burglars and also other criminals out of your property. Before any individual can actually get into your home you will be notified already.

  • The Most Effective Means To Fight An Opponent Positioned Next To You

    As close-contact weapons stun guns are perfect for providing self-defense towards just about any attacker who is within reach of the assailed. In contrast ranged tools just like Taser stun guns and pepper spray guns are ideal for hindering threats from far.

    It happens that regular people are less able to detect wrongdoers from afar. By and large you dont become knowledgeable that you might be under attack until the attacker is in your face by your side or pops up to you from the rear.

    For this reason it is recommended that users of stun guns keep those sorts of tools that are handiest during short-distance encounters. Out of many high voltage stun guns take potent and also fast action just before the recipient can retaliate.

    Generally speaking stun guns keep electrical power that each can emit straight into the human body on physical contact. For that reason the target would feel confusion a loss of balance and also momentary immobilization.

    The aim of self-defense isnt to enter into a skirmish but rather to get away. Once the assailant has keeled over you should take the opportunity to stage a getaway and then search for rescue as soon as you are out of harms way.

    It is even more advised that owners of stun guns store the sorts that can take the crooks by surprise. By using a disguised stun gun or an undetectably small stun gun even goons that have closed in on you would not guess what is about to strike them until it does.

    Take for instance the Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun. As it appears as a handheld mobile device a la Blackberry absolutely no lawbreaker would be prepared for electric shock worth 4.5 million volts that is coming to disable him temporarily.

    Although stun guns store enough electrical charges to take any person down these are all non-lethal weapons which do not induce permanent debilitation. Their impacts remain simply for as long as 20 to 45 minutes.

  • Ideas Regarding How To Protect Yourself Upon Reaching Legal Age

    A terrible crash directed our vehicle with all of us in it brushing through the bridge railing and down to the river. I was eight and the only survivor of the accident. My own folks and siblings werent as fortunate. At the time of the funeral I was entrusted legally to my dads only sibling.

    My guardians brought me up well and their kids treated me nicely even though I grew up to be excessively cautious. One positive thing regarding it is that I havent made me easy for bad guys. Ive got extra-strong OC or oleoresin capsicum defense spray on me 24/7 for instance.

    Greg my biological aunts spouse made me hip to defense sprays with OC a.k.a. pepper as the active ingredient. These engender an intense burning experience to the skin as well as the eyes to immobilize the receiver yet these are non deadly.

    Strong pepper sprays shut the eyes forcibly start stubborn coughing and retching and retard respiration as well. The effects bring about no permanent damage though and also decline in fifteen to forty five minutes whereupon you ought to split and look for rescue.

    As soon as I reached legal age Greg took me defense spray shopping online. I really got into defense sprays in gel form. They get stuck on the skin and simply soak through the more that when they are rubbed off. Pepper gel is much more powerful also.

    Gel defense spray adheres to your target without overspray which may hit other individuals close to a target. This makes it handy for closed-door uses just like in houses and automobiles. It works at longer distances isnt inflammable and possesses less contaminants.

    I take a very portable 2 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper gel sticky defense spray along. Being an 18% defense spray makes it much more potent compared to your garden-variety 10% defense spray. In the house we use a 9 oz. with a pistol handle.

    One cousin my legal guardians twenty-year-old child and I go to the same school having the exact same oleoresin capsicum pepper spray gel. We have each others back just like brothers which I imagine we are.

  • Ways Of Learning To Walk By Yourself Without Fright

    You would certainly not imagine precisely what got me serious about actual combat training. Video games. Yup the violent ones. However what finally pushed me to learn self defense 101 was when I was being harassed by a bigger kid in high school. So then I studied karate.

    I was still little for a 14-year-old although I made a lot of pals there. Later I assume the bullies got bored with someone that had brothers which were larger and really knew how to fight.

    Im in college right now and I do not have much time to continue training. So I turned to the media that I was most used to: videos.

    Instructional fighting DVDs are excellent since I could learn during my own time with any person I like and anywhere I wish to. From the hundreds of such DVDs out there I bought Delta Seal Camp by Tom Carter and Frank Cucci on impulse and this blew my mind.

    I believe that I had lost considerable time on drills when the meat was right here. It got an interesting part on firearms which I believed I didnt need at this time but I loved Cuccis teaching style and that led me to buy one of his own self defense DVDs Unarmed Combat Course.

    I learned the reason why the karate techniques I had studied were so ineffective and would get me wound up quickly. I was performing mostly tournament-style fighting which might get me killed on the streets.

    A street-fighting DVD by Nir Maman that I borrowed from a buddy Israeli Connection was also amazing. I studied how to make my foe believe he was going to win in order that I could take him down quickly.

    These self defense 101 DVDs cost significantly less than my video game collection not to mention the club fees when I was learning karate. They are also simple to study. I can review the lessons anytime and best of all I do not have to be fit or anything. So I am not afraid to walk alone any longer.

  • Suggestions On How To Effectively Keep Burglars Hands Off Your Small Possessions

    Several robberies had been disturbing our relatively peaceful neighborhood. We were very worried that our house is going to be targeted next and we can do nothing regarding it. We definitely could not pay for an advanced home security system.

    One of my neighbors spoke of diversion safes in one of our gatherings. He explained that if we wanted to protect small things we should make a stash can their hiding area.

    As I acquired much more information about covert hiding safes I discovered that they are familiar-looking things that are made to hide important things wisely. One could imagine that they are simply part of my groceries when actually theyre trying to hide my money and also jewelry.

    Seeing how effective they are I thrown away no time in getting a number of diversion safes. I wished to provide each member of the family their personal secret hiding safe so that when an intruder breaks into our house he would not be able to locate exactly what hes searching for.

    At present an Arizona Ice Tea can safe holding our monthly budget rests wonderfully on the kitchen counter while a Kibble & Bits can safe conceals my range of pearl jewelry. My daughter has a 7UP soda can safe positioned on her bedside table as well as concealing pairs of earrings.

    It is a well-known idea that when thieves are performing their dirty crime they usually time their action to avoid being captured. With valuables securely tucked in secret hiding containers there is a good chance that robbers will overlook them.

    Putting the safes in open spots just grows their discreetness. Criminals would not think that any homeowner is going to be dumb enough to store their belongings in open places so they will try looking in every nook and cranny instead.

    Clearly its ingenious cover will make a stash can the best hiding spot. Be assured that the common hiding place will be the very first place that a burglar turns upside down leaving these discreet safes untouched.

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