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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Rewards Of Utilizing Telescopic Stun Batons

    In case you do not have enough time to study the art of self-defense a stun weapon just like the tactical stun baton could be just the item for you. For one thing you do not need a black belt in kung fu to master this weapons capabilities.

    Mastering martial arts although beneficial can take time. But before you can even study the basic principles chances are you might already find yourself faced by a lawless element. Furthermore close combat means you could be harmed in the process.

    Provide yourself with an extendable stun baton. Using this stun weapon you could shock your opponent at a secure range. When your attacker attempts to seize it the weapon will send volts of electricity to his/her body without compromising your very own safety.

    Though non-lethal retractable stun batons have the advantage of stopping your assailant in his tracks before you can be hurt. This is all you need to be able to get away the scene and stay away of just about any physical struggle.

    Plenty of stun weapon designs and also technology can be found in the market. These have individual positive aspects that owners could certainly take advantage of. But long-range types such as telescopic stun batons take away the need to be physically near your opponent when the occasion arises.

    The Stun Master telescopic stun baton for example lets you deliver 2.5 million volts of electricity onto your attackers body while standing a couple of feet away. Also a single push action can prolong the self-defense gadget and make you a force to be reckoned with. One more push and it retracts back. This puts it apart from regular stun guns which are effective only when in close proximity to another body.

    Collapsible stun batons can be safely covered within bags or under jackets whenever not in use. This stun weapon can make criminals move according to wrong assumptions and give you the advantage.

    Several kinds also provide features such as LED lights and a micro alarm system. But remember to look for one that could stun your enemy to immobility.

  • How To Safeguard Yourself And Other People When Living In The City

    For me using pepper spray products as personal defense devices is a really effective way to defend yourself in such an unpredictable environment as the city. It is why I have purchased a guide to be able to train me exactly how to utilize one appropriately.

    Defense sprays are non deadly weapons for personal defense which dont cause irreversible physical harm on the assailant. They simply leave a very painful feeling of pain onto the skin as well as in the eyes. This disables the assailant momentarily offering the victim enough time to flee.

    I was keen on buying a very effective spray at the time but also had to learn how to use it properly. I think about a defense spray as a valuable investment therefore I want to make best use of it.

    I was attracted enough in The Facts About Defense Sprays And How To Use Them To Bring Criminals To Their Knees by Doug Lamb. This is made up of thirty two pages of valuable reality-based information just like how to choose a self-defense spray as well as how you can carry it.

    This kind of defense spray handbook shows you how to deal with several enemies how to shoot a defense spray correctly as well as how you can safeguard yourself against date rape.

    The pepper spray instructional manual that I obtained helped me see a defense spray as a weapon that could save my life or anothers at the appropriate time. I had proven this one late night after I stepped out of a cafe.

    A young woman was walking a couple of feet ahead of me along the sidewalk. Suddenly she was nabbed in a poorly alley. I saw it and came hurriedly to her aid. With the tactics which I had learned I sprayed the assailant in the face.

    The guy let the female go and we 2 ran as fast as we could. I went with her towards the police station to report what had took place. It is really amazing how using pepper spray can save a life apart from my own.

  • How Females Can Effectively Protect Themselves Versus Rape

    They suggest often that being female implies belonging to the weaker sex. I am a girl and I strongly disagree. It is definitely why I wanted to learn some rape aggression defense techniques in order to safeguard myself.

    I find instructional fighting DVDs very convenient since they train personal protection strategies right in the privacy as well as comfort of your very own house. You could established your own schedule and also pace. It is quite the do-it-yourself means to get the required defense skills while being less expensive than going to a live defense class.

    A coworker of mine suggested Unarmed Combat Course from Frank Cucci. It is a really empowering self-defense DVD in that this offers you the understanding regarding how to protect yourself without any weapon at all. For me this will show to be effective in preventing unexpected situations of attack as well as rape.

    The styles of fighting are viewed as hybrids. That is they are combinations of various established fighting techniques such as jeet kune do (Bruce Lee) kickboxing (Thai) street fighting as well as jungle fighting (Filipino).

    I think that anybody can learn the skills within the Cucci street fighting DVD. Everything is quite easy to absorb and apply. You do not have to be experienced for every single move to be totally successful.

    Now my work is at a bakeshop and I have to go to work at ungodly hours. I make it there by around two in the morning that is just enough time for us to prepare for the early morning customers.

    Going to the bakery on one occasion I encountered a male enemy that confronted me with a knife. He wanted to have his way with me. Immediately I remembered the techniques from the instructional defense and took him down within minutes.

    I was contacting the local police and it just so happened that a patrol car was driving by. Cops arrested the aggressors. Having the rape aggression defense skills that I have acquired I have not dreaded walking to work from that moment on.

  • One Dollar A Day Practice For Dorm-Residing Students

    When my friends grandfather passed away they were surprised to discover over 200000 dollars in cash concealed all over his house. All through his life the grandpa saved using coffee cans and candy tins as stash storage containers for dollar bills.

    Inspired by this story I would like to put away one dollar at a time. Being a sophomore attending college though I had little income but I aimed to save a minimum of one dollar every single day to find out how much I can collect in a year.

    Looking for a place to keep my money was a challenge. Banks were out of the question since they were far and also inconvenient. Coffee cans were too accessible and no respectable college student utilizes a piggy bank.

    I purchased 3 diversion safes instead. These are safes that look like ordinary household objects to fool thieves though they can secure your belongings and money securely.

    So I selected a style that no person on my entire floor would touch or even think about going through. Rather than something great like a stone safe or book safe I purchased ones that looked like cleaning products considering that college guys do not clean.

    I knew that there was simply no chance at all that another person would desire to borrow or touch these types of containers. Nobody would realize that my cans of all-purpose cleaner fabric and upholstery cleaner as well as bathroom cleaner would keep cash within.

    I shoved them in a caddy under my bed and just accessed these diversion safes when I had money to put in and no one was looking. I saved no less than one dollar a day for a year ten dollars in on my best day. Immediately after a whole school year I counted about five hundred dollars.

    This was not a fortune but it was good enough to get me to save more. It felt so great to have savings that I have carried on my dollar-a-day practice. I still use my cleaning product safes as my stash containers and even now no person has ever found my hiding spot and secret savings.

  • Teaching Grownup Sons To Protect Themselves From Danger

    I grew up hating the father that never knew me. The harder I grasped that he was old money the greater I blamed him for my mommys poverty. Rage fueled my aspirations until I was of sufficient age and fully competent to become part of his familys wealthy company.

    Before long I was working for the man. He had no concept who I was so I could not work out the reason why he doted on me. Just why would he have his secretary find me the best gun for personal protection? While I set out to ruin him all that consideration endeared him to me.

    The aide made a shortlist in which the big guy pointed to stun guns. These generate a rapid outflow of electricity in order to distress the bodys equilibrium and muscle motion. Consequently the person receiving the electric current could take a leak.

    Since the effects are short-term and also non deadly they result in no untreatable harm. Your job would be to hightail it and call 9-1-1 while those lessen until twenty to forty minutes.

    I gathered from his assistant that our boss had asked to look at flashlight stun weapons and stun alarms. The first kind are ideal for after-hours protection obviously while I guess that the latter can call for help fast even while you run.

    Anyway my biological dad called me towards his private office and handed me a Stun Master multi-function stun device. It is loaded with 4.5 million volts along with an extra-bright LED flashlight red blinking emergency lights and a 110dB personal alarm. Wow right?

    He stated several things about high voltage stun guns how the types can easily elicit quicker and also graver bodily reactions immediately after giving off electrical current in the millions. Thank you sir I spluttered not knowing exactly what else to say.

    A year into my job I came clean. I asked why he even cared that I have the best gun for personal protection. He admitted to having a powerful desire to protect me. We two are a work in progress although the anger which I had seems barely there now.

  • Advice For Protection Wherever You Decide To Go

    Even though I enjoy living by myself within my apartment I must say that it can get lonely occasionally. Furthermore being on my own makes me an ideal target of wrongdoers around.

    My elderly sibling said to me to check for the best self defense weapons on the internet. He said that the best way I could take care of myself was if I was prepared for anything. His tips encouraged me to search for personal protection.

    I stumbled upon a Pepper Shot 10% tri-pack pepper spray for full protection. It is a package of self defense sprays for home automobile as well as personal use allowing me to possess a protective tool anywhere I am.

    I learned that pepper spray leaves behind an unpleasant burning sensation within the eyes as well as on the skin of the recipient. The assailant is going to be debilitated for a few minutes giving you enough time to flee danger and seek for help.

    The defense spray tri-pack was made up of a two ounce pepper spray with wall mount for use at home a 1/2 ounce defense spray with auto visor clip as well as a 1/2 ounce defense spray with Quick Key Release keychain. The key chain defense spray I can connect to my keys to make certain that I always have self-defense around.

    This 10% pepper spray consists of very fine grain pepper. Besides providing burning pain it enlarges the mucous membranes to be able to make it hard to breathe and also swells the blood vessels inside the eyes to make it challenging to keep the eyes open.

    Despite all those self defense sprays are non deadly weapons. The effects is going to go on for twenty to thirty minutes and not trigger permanent injury to their target.

    I discovered that the best self defense weapons are the ones you can use all around. I can put the car pepper spray easily into the visor of my automobile and make it accessible in case of an emergency. Meanwhile a home pepper spray allows me to protect myself in the event that a thief enters my apartment.

  • Pointers On How To Successfully Conceal Possessions

    From the time of my promotion I have tended to travel considerably and leave my home unattended. Despite the fact that I do not have numerous belongings I have valuables which I often leave at home and dont desire looters to get their hands on.

    I was looking for a simple as well as no-fuss hiding space when I came across diversion safes. One of them which I took a particular liking to was a shaving can safe. I usually have shaving cream in my bathroom kit and thought that it would be a really ingenious hiding spot.

    When I left home for my next assignment I made use of it to hold my watch as well as additional money which I have inside my house. I was pleased that this safe looked like an ordinary mens product. When combined with my various other bathroom essentials it fitted right in with them.

    The retailer guaranteed me that my belongings would be perfectly safe within this disguised hiding safe. It is typically the strategy of burglars to loot a place in a hurry so that they can avoid being captured. Their normal targets are items that they could carry as well as conceal easily.

    As I was satisfied with my very first secret hiding safe I went to procure another. This time I got the Scotch Guard can safe. It looked very unlikely to be a hiding safe and I thought that any sane intruder wouldnt throw away his time searching inside it.

    A peanut butter safe also hooked my attention. I always fill my cupboard with groceries and look at this merchandise to be a staple in nearly every homes pantry which makes its disguise very effective.

    What I like most about concealed hiding safes is the fact that they are unpretentious and also simple and use materials which are similar to their real counterparts. I can even bring them with me in my travels.

    It was really fortunate that I tried utilizing a shaving can safe. Because of this I was spared from worrying always about my belongings being left unattended at home.

  • Means Of Alerting You Of Dangerous Individuals Outside Your House

    Choosing to live alone was a challenging decision for me. I was the breadwinner of the family for several years but wished to live by myself and experience the real world with my decisions. Because safety needed to come first I made a decision to purchase one of those effective intrusion alarms sold in the market.

    I always found home alarms to be really effective in guarding your place. The moment the door or window was moved it would generate a really deafening sound warning every person in your household and also your nearest neighbors. This presented the open chance to call for the authorities.

    An officemate told me regarding his wireless home security sensor which worked as a double sensor. This picks up the minute vibrations which a door makes if it has been breached. Its wireless radio frequency is approximately three hundred feet. The RF signal is going to trigger the alarm.

    My sister chanced upon a window alarm that cost less. Its shock alert may be used on your own doors and windows. You could also make use of it to safeguard your devices or appliances in the house. It possessed a 7-second delay mechanism.

    The UFO alarm caught my interest since it may be utilized in a lot of ways. It is portable as well as light. It could do the job in so many ways: as a window/door alarm burglar alarm or cupboard/drawer flashlight bag and also personal alarm.

    I distributed a number of units throughout the house and in some of my purses. I wanted to be assured that I would know the moment I had unwanted individuals in my midst.

    One night I was seeking to complete several paperwork in the house when my alarm sounded out of the blue. Someone was attempting to get into my home at past two in the morning!

    I contacted 911 and the cops did their best to capture the perpetrator that same night. Thanks to reliable intrusion alarms just like mine the burglar was kept from entering my home. It is the best thing you could have to ward off bad guys of any type.

  • Mastering Brand New Techniques To Safeguard Somebody From Danger

    My occupation being a new bodyguard for a famous concert artist can be very demanding risky and also unpredictable. I needed to learn more skills. It is basically why I included ballbusting self defense techniques to what I knew currently.

    An old colleague of mine told me that DIY-style instructional fighting videos train you about personal defense in the comfort and also privacy of your own space at your own schedule and pace. This is much more cheap as compared to attending real self defense classes.

    He suggested a Nir Maman self defense video titled Israeli Connection. This focuses on hand-to-hand fighting techniques which are delivered through shortcut training methods. The methods get fed into your body in a much quicker means.

    The street fighting video does not require you to even be in great condition and have any kind of previous hard training. You do not need to be a bloodthirsty fighter either. The fighting methods are quite easy to learn and also use.

    I have proven this the moment I purchased the system and committed a few days for studying the skills. It was all new to me however it definitely felt like I was meant to learn all the things in such a short period of time.

    And then I got a telephone call for a press conference which my boss had to go to. It meant huge crowds again but I understood that I was prepared. I had a feeling that something would happen at that time.

    The moment the conference was finished the crowd had a wild streak all of a sudden. They pushed through the gated path toward my boss so my team and I utilized our bodies to shield her. But 2 men came out with knives suddenly.

    With the fighting techniques which I had just learned I brought the two down in seconds allowing my team to move the artist to safety. The local police on standby apprehended the would-be attackers. It is incredible what ballbusting self defense videos could teach you.

  • How You Can Secure Valuable Possessions In The Office

    Working out of the central business district implies having a gigantic source of headache every month. On paydays and also holidays there is a seemingly endless queue of people facing every ATM and bank within a mile radius of every single office building.

    Luckily for me I learned after I bought my first hollow book how to hide cash securely right smack in the center of a two-hundred-strong place of business. I have ever since never had to fall into line once again with the rest of the labor force for money throughout the big days.

    A romance disaster compelled me to keep substantial money handy within my job location always. I had asked my sweetheart out on a date on Valentines Day eve not realizing that it will fall on a salary day at the same time.

    The one ATM in which I decided to fall in line to get date money broke down before my turn came. I was late for meeting this girl and even worse penniless. Though shes now my fiance I learned my lesson that evening.

    Once I stumbled across diversion safes on the net I purchased a couple immediately. These are made to pose as familiar-looking objects. I for instance got one Arizona Iced Tea can safe and a book safe.

    I love exactly how one of these secret safes is built out of an honest-to-goodness genuine book except that it is hollowed out in the center to make room for a hidden chamber. Who would ever think this book to be holding a huge amount of money within?

    Supposedly filchers are perennially pressed for time. The longer they linger in thieving the higher the danger that they will get caught. When faced with an office desk a pilferer will go for the front drawer and most certainly bypass the books.

    You would understand when you own a hollow book how to keep valuable items securely in the workplace. The secret is to not hide your book safe whatsoever. Mine sits next to a copy of Jeffrey Eugenides Middlesex and nobody bothers to give it a second look.

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