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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • How You Can Safeguard Yourself From Danger

    At one time I got robbed on a deserted street after dark. I didnt put up a fight and gave my stuff up instantly. You would think that would save you and you would be wrong. He had stepped away but then turned around out of the blue and clubbed me using an iron bar.

    The experience as well as the hospital ordeal that came after was traumatic. It would also set me back a lot more cash after I lost plenty already. Today Im invoking self-defense. And learning through Web sites that carry all sorts of stun gun how it works is my starting point.

    The thing I know until now is the fact that a stun gadget can release electric shock straight into the body with which it is in contact. As a result the person receiving electricity can lose muscle movement as well as balance and fall over. The Internet shops all seem to suggest the same.

    More usual understanding is that the effects are short term and wane in around twenty to forty five minutes. They are non deadly and bring about no life-compromising injuries. You ought to use this moment to escape and contact 9-1-1.

    Recently I stumbled on a self-defense forum in which low voltage stun guns were being recommended to novice users. These deploy some 500000 volts or lesser while high voltage stun gadgets release a million volts or maybe more.

    It would appear that the weaker voltage cuts down on the risk of there being anything serious caused on the target if the shooter is inexperienced. And also somebody unskilled might shoot himself by mistake yet not get hurt hugely.

    A paperless trail led me to Stun Master stun guns which come in several voltages. The lower range consists of 100000 volts in heights of 4.5 and also 6 inches 200000 volts and 6.5 inches tall and 300000 volts with lengths of 6 and also 6.5 in inches.

    Gaining knowledge from a more proficient user of a stun gun how it works to give personal protection is a benefit which I enjoy in the online forums. Thanks to those I am quite convinced to make a 200000-volt stun gadget my very first purchase.

  • Being Aware Of How And When To Utilize Self-Defense

    I was mugged one night. Family and friends wanted me to begin using self defense spray but I thought that I should study more about it initially.

    I already knew that pepper spray offers an opponent a burning pain within his eyes and on the skin that leaves him temporarily disabled. His victim avoids needing to fight back which is quite risky and has enough time to go away and also find assistance. Defense spray is non-lethal and leaves absolutely no long term harm.

    A policeman friend validated what I was thinking. Although self defense spray is generally simple to use it is very important to know how to utilize it in different conditions.

    He showed me a defense spray instructional manual called The Facts About Defense Sprays And How To Use Them To Bring Criminals To Their Knees. It is by Doug Lamb a nationally known self-defense specialist.

    This pepper spray manual trained me in how to choose a defense spray as well as how to carry and make use of it. It shows about how to make use of defense sprays towards firearms knives and also numerous assailants and also towards intruders within your home. It even teaches ladies about date rape protection. There is a lot more things in the book that makes it really helpful to people like me.

    My cop pal said that another thing I should find out before I ran out and purchased defense spray was the regulation on its use in different states. I learned that self defense spray is authorized in my state which is great since I do not desire to wind up disobeying the law when I was just protecting myself.

    Sometime after I was walking back home coming from work the moment I saw a mugging. I ran up to the mugger and blasted him with my self-defense spray. He hit the ground and I helped the mugging victim contact the cops.

    I was pleased that I was now able to help someone else when I could not even help myself previously against an assailant. If I hadnt learned more about using defense spray this would not have been possible.

  • The Best Way To Hide Your Precious Items Inside Your Home In An Inexpensive Way

    I inherited a house from my father that was pretty much old. There were several upgrades made over the years and you can find wall safes in some rooms. While these were useful before they can now be detected easily.

    One the wall portraits were absolute giveaways. Two burglars do not need to exert very much hard work to figure out where these kinds of safes are. While I did not have them taken away I went for money safes for home use that were smaller and much more covert.

    I hide our family heirlooms inside a book safe that I have put between the Bible and the Koran. No one will ever believe that among those books on the shelf is a diversion safe. It easily fits its environment and does not draw in attention.

    Burglars will commit less than 10 minutes if searching through their target place and will go towards the first things that seem priceless. They can also determine easily exactly where the loot is situated particularly in an old house just like ours.

    I am not one to give them the satisfaction of getting hold of my valuable items in so short a time. If they think they must do what they have to do then I will make certain that things are going to be a lot less easy for them.

    Even when I display my flowerpot safe with all my jewelry within it in the living room I am most certain that burglars will never even give that flowerpot a thought.

    My Maxwell House Coffee safe and Coffee Mate Creamer safe are carefully positioned inside the kitchen pantry. They are even displayed in plain sight. Given that I am the only coffee drinker in the family no person bothers to open these disguised hiding places.

    I use money safes for home placement simply because they not only provide me security but also have aesthetic value. Furthermore I get peace of mind for a portion of the cost of traditional safes that are not easy to maintain and prone to burglary.

  • Effective Way Of Protection For Ladies Against Possible Danger

    Gone are the days when females were just designated to stay inside the house or become quiet helpless creatures. Now there are girls that rule the boardroom. Eccentric country leaders even have female bodyguards as their security personnel. It is just right then that girls should be able to safeguard themselves constantly.

    Being an engineer I work in a predominantly male environment. Nearly all of my colleagues are males. And while a few of the old traditional ones might think that I am bad in my work the engineers and contractors with whom I work directly have high respect for me.

    My job entails me to work long and also unusual hours. Therefore I must learn how to safeguard myself during times of need.

    I thought of enrolling myself in a martial arts class however I became too much of a couch potato after work to have self-defense classes. So I searched for other alternatives for personal protection training.

    A colleague from work recommended that I get my dose of self-defense moves from an instructional fighting DVD. He told me to try out Be the Bodyguard by Gregg Woolridge.

    For you to safeguard yourself effectively Woolridge believes that you have to condition your head that you are in continuous danger from outside elements. Being aware of your own surroundings lets you produce an aura that youre not someone to be trifled with so that you will be at less risk of being assaulted.

    Some of the lessons that can be learned in the self-defense DVD are easy takedowns how you can knock somebody out immediately and gun disarming. I was pretty convinced with what my office friend said to me that I placed an order for one quickly.

    Female bodyguards probably have the exact same kind of training which Woolridge has in order to safeguard their boss effectively. It is a comfort to learn that I can have the exact same kind of protection.

  • Searching For Dependable Self-Defense Stun Guns Starts Off Here

    If truth be told it currently took a leap of faith on my part to believe that virtually any self-defense tool at all could preserve my life. Being a realist I was obviously hesitant from the beginning about the value of those devices in fending off assaults.

    However I try to keep a balanced view. My only notion of personal protection previously was these teensy pepper spray canisters that a big sister toted around. I expected to probably get going with a Mace stun gun or some such familiar name.

    Sis swore by her label and that was as good as it got an uninvited recommendation for me. Only I took much more fascination with trying out a stun gun because I could sure buy into the power of electric shock to incapacitate people temporarily.

    Boy was I unaware! As hard as I tried to look for any Mace stun gun on the web I kept happening upon some other stun guns instead. The amusing thing was that a number of these items while unfamiliar to me as yet were snatching my attention.

    I was particularly won over by learning about low voltage stun guns as well as high voltage stun guns that have been just as useful depending on how sympathetic I wished to be toward a predator.

    Moreover I just about ditched my hunt for any Mace stun gun when I found the best stun weapons to catch goons unaware. These are disguised stun guns as they are covert units and small stun guns that are concealable gadgets.

    I havent halted searching the World wide web for self-defense stun guns since. To mention one Stun Master is doing well persistently in my book up to now. Every merchandise by these long-time stun gun manufacturers are supplied with a lifetime warranty.

    Even though I never did run into a Mace stun gun what I found much more than made up for that. Whats more stun guns are all non-lethal devices. Having results that peter out soon after 15 to 50 minutes they do not leave the target any injury for life.

  • Things To Do Whenever You Cant Find The Money For Regular Home Security Gadgets

    I cant help but worry about my daughters security since her moving out of home to live on by herself. The moment I visited her new place I noticed the neighborhood somewhat rough for my taste and obviously voiced my concern.

    To pacify my mind I bought her cheap safes which I came across while surfing the net for security products. These types of diversion safes assume the appearance of regular products to throw burglars off the scent of loot.

    Just by taking a look at it one would never doubt that a soda can or possibly a cleaning product is more than what it looks. The moment I received the safes I was even amazed to learn that they weigh the same as their genuine counterparts to make them more realistic.

    I figured that a hair brush as a secret hiding safe would be ideal for a single young female. On top of her dresser among other stuff I feel certain that a robber would not even take the trouble to inspect it.

    I have also obtained her a Country Time Lemonade can safe. Nicely arranged with her other groceries it is going to be a great addition to her cupboard and can keep her credit cards keys and mobile phone. I doubt that a burglar would even have enough time to search her kitchen let alone every single item which he suspects being a hiding space.

    Considering that she always has a stock of soda within their fridge a 7UP can safe would not look so unnatural anywhere inside her apartment. She likes to have money readily available and a soda can will be the perfect covert safe for it.

    Although it is possible that stealers already know that hidden safes are employed all around the house it would take a lot of time discovering all of them. For that reason items that looters commonly search for would be hidden safely inside disguised containers.

    Regular safes are typically extremely expensive and would need industry experts to install them. Luckily there are cheap safes that are easily available and ready to use.

  • How You Can Face Society Once More Soon After A Frightening Experience

    I lost my fiance recently to a stickup gone bad. He was only in the wrong place in the wrong time. My most overpowering emotions then were grief along with vulnerability. Until I was informed of his demise it never ever dawned on me exactly how life may be taken away only like that.

    After a long time I felt ready to face society once more but not without guarantee this time around. My very own personal defense weapon deploys a few million more of pepper spray Scoville heat units as opposed to typical type and it helps me become brave when I come out each day.

    Having seen what a deadly tool can do in the wrong hands I choose non-lethal. The effects of pepper sprays are briefly lived and cause no permanent harm. Youve got a chance to escape and call 9-1-1 just before these diminish by fifteen to forty minutes.

    Pepper spray rouses an extreme burning feeling on the skin and in the eyes to enfeeble your own assailant. Moreover strong pepper sprays disable the air passages start stubborn coughing and also gagging and make the eyes to fold.

    One such high-strength edition is hot pepper spray. Since it inflicts a hotter a lot more serious burning it works faster and dependably in doing the target in. Usually the heat is owing to an 18% dosage of pepper as opposed to the regular 10% self defense spray.

    As soon as I rediscovered the will to live and love life I began taking a 4 oz. WildFire 18% pepper spray fogger beside me. It has a lot more blasts compared to the really handy 1/2 or 2 oz. of small pepper sprays and still portable enough.

    At least once I was able to subdue a wrongdoer utilizing my defense spray. He pushed me on the subway train to be able to make room for himself and assaulted me verbally.

    However with some 3 million pepper spray Scoville heat units leaching through his skin instead of the regular one to two million he wasnt so cocksure anymore. When he went down to his knees and cried soon after being sprayed I just took it as an apology.

  • Essential Points To Keep In Mind In Order To Utilize A Stun Gun Safely And Securely

    Stun guns have been in existence for quite a while today. Many men and women utilize them as devices for personal defense. Although they are non deadly weapons that will not jeopardize lives understanding how to make use of one properly is nevertheless and always needed.

    Instructional stun gun videos certainly describe the proper usage of this device. You will see that direct contact among the weapon and the person is important to gain desired results.

    Electric shock administered by a stun gun to the body of the target is exactly what will help you escape from real danger. The electricity moved will incapacitate the attacker for several minutes and give you a chance to make a run for it.

    When you are still uncertain of precisely how to use this weapon properly then perhaps educational stun gun videos will help. This way you will find out how you can use a stun gun effectively by understanding what parts of the body to strike.

    You will find different types of stun guns obtainable thus it is just as critical to understand how to use the one that you have to its whole potential. The Stun Master 4.5 million volt tiny stun baton for instance provides several features which render it one of the best devices around.

    Simply firing this high voltage stun gun will discourage an assailant away mainly because of the lightning storm that the prongs create which isnt just loud however also very scary. Additionally with its distinctive conductive screws any person who attempts to grab this stun baton from you is going to be stunned.

    Youll learn just precisely how intimidating those weapons can be by viewing stun gun videos. Remember though that a stun gun isnt meant to be used to pick a battle with the opponent. This self-defense device is meant to help you go out of harms way.

    To make sure that you are operating your stun gun safely ensure that you go through informative stun gun videos. Furthermore go for one that has a safety switch and a safety wrist strap for additional security.

  • Methods To Ward Off A Group Of Warmongers

    When I was sixteen years old a neighbor 8 years my senior befriended me and recruited me to his own gang. Three years after I found that I had truly been brainwashed and recruited into an extreme right-wing group. I certainly not would have joined one intentionally thus I quit.

    You never really escape something like that though do you? My previous peers hustle me or they appear and use my house as a hiding place as though we are all fine. So then what is the best self defense weapon that I can rely on to be able to fend off these kinds of warmongers?

    I would not desire of quashing a whole gang nor have I got a death wish. The thing that I would truly like would be to be left on my own. I am praying that they do just that the moment they notice that I am set to stand up to them and equally that an extendable steel baton sends this message.

    They are folks which will lay a hand on you hard. A personal protection baton is going to curb that and rather force a distance in between them and you enough that you get to attack first. This will offer you the upper hand.

    Extendable batons are much more helpful. These can be made lengthier and not at the cost of their being portable. In the same vein they could be made shorter without losing out on potential power.

    How does this work? You flick a wrist and your collapsible baton expands ready to be of use. You jerk that same wrist and this retracts perfect for storing as well as toting.

    I discovered telescopic batons with a sturdy steel make online. They could pop out to choices of 16 21 or 26 inches and featured rubber handles for a lot more secure grips. Better yet your acquisition would include a free heavy-duty nylon holster.

    Moreover what is the best self defense weapon allowing ex-pals know that they are simply not welcome within your home anymore? I am betting on 26-inch protection at this juncture.

  • The Way To Successfully Trick A Dorm Thief

    When I used to stay in a dorm while attending college there were a lot of theft incidences on our floor. The information about money going missing spread quite quick since we all knew one another. Some suspected their roommates while some believed that it may be the maintenance workers.

    I heard that a few dormers had cash safes however came back to their dorms and found those empty. Because of this I needed to find our how to make a diversion safe part of my personal security.

    I learned about diversion safes from the internet. These are safes that seem to be like regular household things such as jars and soda cans. Looking around I saw that each covert safe would not look out of place.

    I quickly ordered some on the web. As a test run I stored a few bills inside and left my disguised safe outside our dorm room. I made certain that it was not on a day that trash was collected. When I returned from class I was happy to find that my A&W Rootbeer can safe was still there.

    There also was a book safe which I obtained for myself which I planned to test out. I left several bills again and left the book out in the open. As I suspected it was still there as soon as I checked.

    After that I would store whatever loose money I had on me in both diversion safes. I divided up my money in case one became stolen or broken into.

    From that point until I left the dorm to search for other housing options Im pleased to mention that I hadnt turn into a victim of theft whatsoever. Later on I revealed my experience with my sibling who was going to start going to college in a year.

    I purchased her a hair brush hidden safe that she can use as soon as she started school. She need not worry about how to make a diversion safe protected mainly because its disguise wouldnt encourage any person to look there for money.

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