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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Ideas On Safeguarding Yourself From An Unexpected Assault

    It is usual for an individual like me a chef based in Calabasas to go out of the restaurant at eleven at night and call it a day. While I know that walking by yourself during this hour is unsafe for a female just like me since it is part of my work I have no choice but to get accustomed to it.

    My boss did not share my lack of care in the matter which led him to give all his workers with telescopic batons for self-defense. He discover a Stun Master telescopic stun baton on the Web and decided to let us try these.

    Stun batons are stun guns which are longer. A stun gun gives off an electric shock whenever the opponent is hit on direct contact. The shock is non-lethal and wont induce any kind of irreversible harm to the attacker.

    The electrical shock forces the muscles to do a lot of work in a short time resulting in the assailant being confused and falling unconsciously on the floor. Since these types of effects are temporary the user need to make use of the opportunity to run and also ask for help.

    Extendable stun batons have the same features as standard stun batons even though they could be extended to a specific span. That is helpful since it gives the user with a bigger distance from the potential assailant.

    The retractable stun baton which our boss gave us is 13 inches only whenever not expanded. As soon as fully extended it possesses a length of twenty-one inches which should provide me a secure distance in between me and my assailant.

    With one press of the trigger it will expand and release the electrical shock. The shock wont go through the handle making sure that you wont be accidentally electrocuted while utilizing it.

    After a week of carrying mine beside me I found that having it around made me feel confident to walk the streets during the night. Besides telescopic batons our boss urged us to study self-defense so that we could protect ourselves in more ways than one.

  • Effective Technique Of Deterring Burglars From Coming Into Your Household

    I like huge canines but cant manage to spare the time to truly care for one. I do need a pet dog for my protection and I know that a dog barking sound can do amazing things for security.

    It is a fact that home alarm systems are great in securing your house. Once one is triggered it sets off an extremely deafening alarm quickly to be able to inform you the neighbors or perhaps the authorities that theres a thief inside your house. These kinds of devices keep intruders away effectively.

    I acquired the Electronic Secure Dog barking dog alarm since it is just like the actual thing. It is the perfect watchdog that you do not have to take out for a walk feed or pet. The moment a thief goes in your premises it starts to bark just like a really aggressive dog from within your property.

    The electronic watch dog has adjustable electronic radar eyes which can sense intruders through solid glass walls as well as doors from ten to twenty feet. It could even tell you if there are visitors at your doorstep by setting off either an alarm or a chime.

    This particular electronic barking dog is about 7 inches high and is maintenance-free. You could utilize a remote control to arm as well as disarm it. It is likewise furnished with a panic alarm. Plus you could connect one more sensor or motion detector into it. This one is certainly worth the cost since you have all these features in the 24-hour protection that you get.

    A few days after I set up the electronic barking alarm I made a decision to go out of the house to use an afternoon at the shopping mall along with my pals. At about five the cops called my cellular phone and told me that my alarm had been triggered.

    I drove home quickly. The neighbors had heard my alarm and spotted a young guy run frantically across the yard. They had contacted the police in that instant.

    The police officers tried to search for the young guy but did not get him. The loud dog barking sound truly scared him away. I bet he wont come near my place once again.

  • Usage Of Effective Tools In Order To Keep An Outdoor Venue Risk-free

    Our community holds an annual flea market to generate funds for the animal shelter which has been under our care for more than a decade. This year I was assigned to equip our security volunteers. Security metal detectors came initially on my list. Realizing that I would need more than a few I went on the web searching for wholesale metal detectors.

    Hand-held metal detectors are utilized commonly in building entrance doors. They identify the existence of ferrous as well as non-ferrous steel weapons contraband and other metallic objects inside the baggage or within the individual.

    Metal detector pin-pointers are a common view within shopping malls airports as well as offices. But when I was attempting to make a bulk acquisition of these online I ran across a really certain sort which attracted me.

    The CSI Pro-Pointer as the name signifies is used in the investigation of a crime scene. It aids in and hastens the search and recovery work of proof of crime.

    Featured are choices for audible as well as silent vibrating alarms on the discovery of weapons shell casings projectiles and the like. Its constructed with a pin-pointing tip and also a 360-degree side-scanning body. The highly sensitive microprocessor adjusts automatically as well as needs no tuning.

    The flexible design of this Garrett metal detector enables it to look into walls and tight areas for hidden things just like metal pipes or studs. It could possibly even check out wood for nails and also sift through soil with a built-in scraping blade. It is water-resistant and also may be washed in flowing water or utilized in the rain.

    In addition to all of that an LED flashlight built into the body of a metal detector is extra helpful. This is useful in low-light conditions. Im completely impressed by what these types of gadgets can do. I didnt know that they were utilized for crime scene investigations as well.

    My search for wholesale metal detectors soon came to the conclusion. Thanks to that not only was I able to outfit the event security I also realized something new regarding security detectors.

  • Ideas Concerning How To Maintain Peace Within Your Own Business

    Im a third-generation operator of a family-owned Irish pub within a locale having a lively Irish-American neighborhood. Its a casual dive where town officials new old as well as would-be come and also drop the politicking to be able to mingle and hang loose for the night.

    By town officials I mean important individuals who must be kept safe otherwise there be extreme consequences. Conscious that the club will be his someday my very own eldest has taken an interest in self-defense tools and got me a pepper spray pistol recently for peacekeeping.

    Pepper spray causes a burning discomfort on the skin as well as in the eyes to incapacitate the recipient. I would know since I got all my children their first ones. Strong pepper sprays suppress breathing also start uncontrollable gagging and also coughing as well as force the eyes to shut.

    The results are non-lethal and leave no irreparable injury. Theyre short-term as well as last no longer than 15 to 45 minutes. You ought to grab this chance to run away and also get help.

    Admittedly I hadnt known of pepper guns. I currently know that these make use of a modern deployment method like Bag-in-a-Can technology in the Mace pepper gun that I received which makes more capabilities achievable.

    For one the pistol-type defense sprays shoot out their own contents non-stop in the same way that aerosols do. For another these can spray from unwieldy positions say upside down as is wont to happen in the midst of an assault.

    My childs purchase can discharge seven blasts useful within 25 feet. It came sold with a pepper gun dispenser 28-gram OC cartridge water test cartridge and batteries for the trigger-activated LED light which assists to enhance your aim and also disorient your own attacker.

    The new pepper spray pistol is proving to be a useful addition to my stash of security tools behind the bar counter. I know so because I have utilize it a few times and on rowdies from different sides of the fence too.

  • Picking A Defense Weapon That Delivers Surprises

    From disguised stun guns to expanding stun batons you can go with a self-defense weapon that operates best in your benefit.

    In case you are looking for a cell phone Taser dont be shocked to see cell phone stun guns instead. They appear exactly like normal cellular phones however are actually stunning devices which could overpower bad guys.

    Almost all attackers utilize the similar technique of surprising the possible victims to render them defenseless. By using a disguised stun gun though youre armed and also all set for whatever happens. When yours is activated it will too late for an attacker to fully grasp that your cellphone is a stun gun in disguise.

    In case you have been looking for a cell phone Taser then your hunt has possibly took you to all sorts of cell phone stun guns. Employed as you would a standard stun gun each emits an electrical force which targets the muscle tissues so that any person becomes incapable of moving.

    Although a stun gun could potentially cause paralysis this is only momentary. You can then utilize this gap to get away from your assailant. You must also note that a stun gun is a non deadly weapon and must only be used to guard yourself against an offender.

    Many men and women prefer to make use of high voltage stun guns because of their stunning potential. In the event you feel far more at ease owning one of these then you may want to look at the 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun gun. Just ignore a cell phone Taser simply because there are actual products on the market that could safeguard you effectively versus any danger.

    One of the best things regarding stun guns is that they are secure to utilize. The electrical current which would be brought to the attacker would never pass on to you even when you are in direct contact with him.

    To deliver the most strong impact hold the concealable stun gun against an assaulter for a few moments. The next time that you muse regarding a cell phone Taser be happy that you can already find disguised stun guns on the market.

  • Strategies To Protect Your Business From Employee Theft

    I have learned that you cant simply trust anyone. I would leave petty cash in my office drawer in my store and then discover it to be missing. Although it often is merely short change adding these up would amount to a lot.

    My older sister encouraged me to take into consideration getting a secret money safe for my workplace. By doing this I have a place in which to keep some cash when I do not have time to get to the bank. I agreed immediately that this would be a smart option.

    As I searched through the selection on the net I came across a wall electrical socket diversion safe I sensed would blend well into a store environment. I can keep cash hidden privately within it without anybody ever knowing.

    Basically diversion safes are meant to look as ordinary day-to-day objects. The objective of this is to ensure that any person attempting to steal from you is not going to even think of looking within such things.

    I also found a book diversion safe that is going to be great on the bookshelf within my office along with numerous other books. Since it is an actual book with a hiding compartment in the middle no person would ever reckon that it is a money safe.

    What I like about these kinds of covert safes is that they are available in a selection of disguises which make it an easy task to hide money and also jewelry. I discovered the hard way that keeping belongings in plain sight is more effective than hiding them in locations where thieves are sure to look first.

    I like to surround my workspace with foliage. So when I saw a flowerpot diversion safe I thought that it would make a great hiding place. My personnel surely wont bother to search for money amongst the plants.

    I am pleased to report that considering the fact that I added a secret money safe inside the shop I have not lost any money. I have yet to nab the thief among my workers but it matters just as much that my earnings are securely hidden.

  • Exactly What To Take Into Account Whenever Picking A Stun Gun For Yourself Nowadays

    Deciding on stun gun brands that satisfy your choices for a self-defense weapon is a little bit tricky. You could wind up purchasing products that you would regret at a later date. A great way to prevent this is by carrying out a comprehensive canvassing of goods which are for sale on the internet.

    Understanding of how a stun gun functions is important. Being non-lethal weapons stun guns guarantee your safety without inducing permanent damage to other people. This makes using them without reluctance as easy as pie.

    As modern society changes self-defense weapons adjust to the modern days. Disguised stun guns designed after the newest mobile and lifestyle gadgets are being advertised under numerous stun gun brands. They are doppelgangers of the actual items so they wont be recognized very easily as weapons.

    Criminal acts become bigger and also a lot more ruthless while stun guns get smaller and more undetectable. Small stun guns offer the element of surprise in a hostile encounter. An assailant cannot hinder what he cannot see. The only thing he will be seeing after being stunned would be the floor.

    Most stun gun brands have a bestseller a self-defense weapon which has regularly earned high marks from actual users. This is generally the biggest and meanest in the lot. Having an enormous level of potential voltage these stun guns wont leave an assailant standing.

    More features like LED lights personal alarms and also handling add-ons could be built into a particular stun gun. These implements are invaluable to making a stun gun more helpful.

    Established stun gun brands give lifetime warranties for their merchandise. This guarantee along with other added perks such as bundles as well as packages are extremely practical. You could ask your household or your buddies if they need to tag along with your acquisition so you could all get items at a discount.

    Stun guns are very sturdy self-defense weapons. They can undergo tough handling and also repetitive use. It means that the only thing you must concern yourself with after procuring a stun gun is how you are going to get away in your stilettos as your enemy twitches on the ground.

  • Using Your Favorite Self-Defense Devices To Protect You From Danger

    Ninjas have consistently fascinated many people what with their fighting skills and secret operations. I have a very clear memory of my sister as well as myself playing a ninja video game when were young about nine and also six years old. Our player ninjas had the ability to fight numerous foes with their katanas as well as ninja stars.

    While I might not be able to know the ways of the ninja I realized as I became older that I could definitely pick up a number of self-defense moves from them which I could make use of should I be in a risky scenario.

    I started taking self-defense lessons three times a week. It was challenging work at first seeing that I am no athlete however I pushed through. I further began jogging around the community early in the morning before going to work.

    Furthermore I began to think about regardless of whether I ought to get a self-defense weapon like a stun gun or perhaps pepper spray. As I was looking online for an ideal device I saw a link to ninja gear. Feeling excited I clicked on the link fast which directed me to a web page filled with various ninja weapons.

    I couldnt choose what things to purchase! Should I get the throwing knives or perhaps the throwing stars? The former looked a little more dangerous as opposed to latter. Since I already had a number of moves under my belt the self-defense throwing stars were the ideal choice.

    These kinds of ninja throwing stars are created from stainless steel and could be purchased in two sizes 4.5 inches or 2 inches and in sets of four or twelve. There are no-edge as well as edged options.

    Of course a word of caution is always in place. Before using throwing stars on an enemy practice with them first in order to improve your aim and also accuracy. It would not do you well to hit a parked luxury automobile or an innocent passerby.

    Ultimately though these ninja stars are not only a great self-defense tool but also a dream come true for ninja fans like me.

  • How To Endure The Harsh Realities Of Assaults

    After the death of my boyfriend of four years I sensed a general disinterest. I would state what is on my mind without tact even to strangers as if I had a death wish. Normally I would venture out drinking alone until late as well with nary a care for my own safety.

    In this particular evening of being inebriated and giving tongue I spoke roughly to a guy riding on a train and he returned the favor by hitting me some. This was a wakeup call. I obtained some CS spray and started to build my life again as not everyone would indulge my antipathy.

    My desire was defense spray because it would leave the recipient with a severe as well as disarming enough burning experience towards the skin and the eyes. Moreover strong self defense sprays swell the eyes into shutting begin aggravated coughing and also impede breathing.

    The effects are momentary though and lessen soon after 15 to 45 minutes. They bring about no permanent injury and are non-lethal. You ought to get the opportunity then to abandon peril as well as look for rescue.

    Combination pepper and sprays tear gas attracted me the most. These include CS or CN tear gas that makes you feel the burning tear up intemperately and be confused. But wait there is more.

    Definitely the active ingredient of pepper sprays oleoresin capsicum or OC is present. Plus these kinds of police pepper sprays contain UV marking dye a quasi-invisible marker utilized for identifying felons as soon as apprehended.

    I obtained one of the Mace triple action self defense sprays equipped with a flip-top safety cover as well as finger-grip dispenser. This kind of 11-gram tube of small self defense spray which I picked out was good for 5 one-second bursts effective within 6 to 12 feet.

    Of course as well as my CS spray could fend off an attack it wouldnt cure me of my unhappiness miraculously. That portion I needed working on myself. On both accounts I could not just sit and do nothing after all.

  • Why Safeguarding Your Kids Online Implies Protecting Yourself

    I will never forget the moment my 5-year-old logged into my Facebook account and added a lot of strangers as friends. She just said Why not? They all seem really nice.

    That was the minute I began considering Internet safety for kids until finally I decided to acquire one of those child-safe Web browsers.

    Not like well-known Web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox safe Web browsers for kids are generally much simpler to navigate. They come packed with links to Web sites which have been confirmed safe for kids.

    All of these kid-friendly browsers possess the common pop-up and also adult content blockers however what sets certain ones apart is in precisely how flexible the parental controls are. A few can let your child navigate only sites that have been verified as safe for children while others purely allow just the websites which the parents indicate.

    I considered the KIDS netSAFE Web browser ideal as it is mix of both. The application possesses its preset list of internet sites that you can also add to. And you can turn off the address bar in order that your toddler can just access the preloaded links including websites that you have added. I thought that I would utilize the no-address-bar setting until Sam reaches 7 or 8 years old.

    The interface is colorful and fun also. The full screen window makes sure that my toddler will not gain access to any of the computers programs as well as any of my own files.

    Two months ago my cousins property was burglarized. It could have been accidentally or it may have been that their children had posted on the net that their whole family was going away for the weekend. The moment that took place I blocked all the well-known social networking sites. Perhaps when Sam is 9 or 10 I will unblock a number of them.

    From what occurred to my cousin I understand now that Internet safety for kids also signifies protection for adults. Children are the most susceptible members of the family and have to be carefully guided and safeguarded.

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