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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Acquiring The Needed Skills To Be Able To Give Protection To Yourself From Danger

    While heading to a get together one evening I was attacked and the mugger nabbed all my belongings. This was a horrible way to start the night getting bruised up and also traumatized. I returned home terrified and feeling sad for myself.

    A buddy informed me to get a protective unit for my personal safety. However I did not know how to use weapons of any type. First off I would like to learn the self defense basics and feel confident about making use of this kind of safety unit.

    From my choices I found pepper sprays to be the least intimidating. These cause a throbbing discomfort within the attackers face which will debilitate him for a few moments. While the target is on the ground you will have time to break away from danger.

    Before getting a pepper spray I first learned how to use one appropriately. I discovered water-based inert practice defensive sprays that were pressurized by using nitrogen. These were designed for practice in order that you would not waste an actual can of self defense spray.

    I got one for myself as these practice sprays were great for making the user good at utilizing a defense spray. It was just what I desired. There was a 1/2 ounce stream practice spray in a convenient size.

    While browsing through what were available I encountered a 2 ounce stream practice spray and also a 2 ounce fogger practice spray. To learn the skills I felt that I needed to get one of these bigger canisters to give me added time to practice.

    Even though these types of practice sprays are water-based I read that they must not be sprayed on just anyone. The nitrogen may cause skin irritations or even burning if sprayed to the eyes.

    I have to admit that a practice spray has helped me obtain expertise on several self defense basics. Fortunately I have not found myself in yet another dangerous situation. If I do I feel positive that my newfound skills will save me along with my actual pepper spray.

  • The Way To Avert A Disaster And Keep Valued Possessions Safe

    Considering that both my husband and I work fulltime we decided to employ a nanny to look after our child while we were at work. For the first couple of weeks everything was okay but I began to notice that some things were missing from my jewelry box.

    That was precisely why I got a Cherry 7up can safe. My soda can stash would contain some of my earrings. I didnt want to suspect any person of stealing without solid evidence but there was no one else inside our home but the nanny and also our daughter. Still I can not fire her without strong evidence.

    So while we were collecting proof I made a decision to place my valued possessions in diversion safes. My cousin recommended that I also get a Barbasol Household covert safe in which to conceal my valuables.

    These types of safe look just like any other household item. Therefore any would-be thief would ignore them and proceed to what seems like a regular safe.

    I wanted to test them out thus I left both safes inside the cupboard. To my surprise I returned home and discovered that everything was still there.

    Although my experiment was a complete success I was still reluctant to fill up my can safe with cash and jewelry. It is not advisable to conceal everything in one place so I also purchased a wall socket safe to keep a few of our cash in too.

    Another month went by and I observed that we stopped losing things. I credited this to the ingenious can safes and other disguised safes that we had.

    We finally captured the culprit of the missing jewels. I located several of my necklaces inside our daughters room. Everything I did not have as part of my soda can stash ended up being there. It was an excellent thing that we did not fire our nanny without evidence. As it turned out it was all a misunderstanding.

  • What To Look Into Whenever Obtaining A High-Powered Weapon For A Good Self-Defense

    While I was looking around on the web for the most useful self-defense weapon I discovered various kinds of non-lethal devices that can cease assailants briefly on their tracks but would not bring about just about any permanent harm.

    One of these devices called the Double Trouble stun gun turned me onto a whole new idea of powerful stun guns. It functions like having a couple of stun guns in one by using 5 inches between contacts for improved effect compared to 1.5 inches in all other stun items. Moreover it is not weighty at only 6 inches long.

    I got the impression simply from reading with regards to the Double Trouble stun gun that stronger electric shock is required to disable larger people for a few moments in order that I can try to escape and call for assistance. I could be completely wrong on that issue but having a more potent weapon is apparently far more attractive to me.

    Certainly with a miniature stun gun I can have a self-defense unit that could be undiscovered by predators. Make it a convenient high voltage stun gun though and I have the power to halt even burly bad guys.

    Considering that looking up the Double Trouble stun gun I have understood that much more stopping power is certainly necessary on many people not simply because they are muscled but rather have high pain tolerance. This means that low voltage stun guns will not work on them.

    Additionally I recalled one of my officemates stating that her low-powered stun gun almost did not work as it held the assailant down for just a few seconds! It was most likely because the unit while just as hassle-free to carry as something like the Double Trouble stun gun had very little stunning energy in comparison.

    I realized then that it is going to be better to use a stun gun that could emit millions of volts of electricity. This makes certain that even enemies who can stand up to far more physical pain could be stopped from hurting other people.

  • Things To Think About Before Utilizing Self-Defense If You Feel Unsafe

    Probably as this is one of the poorest cities inside the United States about two people in every 100 will become a sufferer of crime inside Detroit. Now I am employed as a barista downtown and I leave work late into the evening.

    The situation brings up a number of questions for us here such as how do we defend ourselves effectively? Can we use a Taser? Is pepper spray legal to carry along?

    Our neighbor Canada has enforced a very simple rule with regards to civilians acquiring carrying or owning Tasers and self defense sprays. They cant. My high school buddy once brought a small 2 oz. container across the border and got arrested and slapped with a $1500 fine.

    The United States on the other hand has more liberties with regards to safeguarding your life. Except within Wisconsin Michigan Massachusetts as well as New York it is completely legal to have and bring self-defense sprays so long as you are at least 18 years of age and without any criminal record.

    You can still have pepper sprays in those 4 states. However they all have some restrictions on either purchasing these or the type of defense spray that people can carry.

    Within the states of New York as well as Massachusetts for example you can only acquire defense spray from certified firearms merchants or pharmacies within the state. So forget about internet shopping and mail order catalogs. These kinds of dealers need to do a background check on you initially.

    Defense sprays in Wisconsin must have a safety feature in order to prevent unintentional discharge. They ought to also look like defense sprays. No camouflage. And they should be labeled with the manufacturers name and number.

    Finally is pepper spray legal inside Detroit the place I work? Ever since 2010 Michigan residents have been allowed to have full strength defense spray with 10% oleoresin capsicum the active ingredient. But it should still not be over 35 grams including the other materials. Well this is welcome news.

  • Ideas Regarding How To Secure Your Ideal Household From Intruders

    Being a real estate agent I understand how hard it is to look for the perfect home. Take me for example: I had to spend almost four months to search for the perfect two-bedroom apartment. With many ocular inspections that you take to check out a prospective house it is only sensible that you do everything you can in defending your home from burglars and stuff like that.

    The need to burglarproof your property is consistently a leading priority especially in these periods of recession where every person appears to be in dire need of work cash and food. I read on the web about a home security system that could secure my apartment. This would warn me and if I were unavailable several people close to me that someone had broken into my place.

    This kind of wireless security system works by installing a door or window sensor or a motion detector at any entry point where a burglar might enter. When this sensor picks up movement it will send a signal to a base unit.

    The base unit will then call the initial phone number on a pre-programmed list of five phone numbers that the owner should have provided beforehand.

    The individual on the other line as soon as he answers the phone call will hear a prerecorded message. He can then listen to what is taking place inside the room to determine whether the person who has entered the apartment is an intruder or a friend.

    He has two steps to select from as soon as he has identified who is within the room. These are disarming the home alarm system or speaking out loud through the base unit to be able to scare off the burglar.

    In the event that the safety alarm system is not disarmed it will contact the second person on the pre-programmed list and the procedure repeats anew.

    Positive that this type of device could work I bought the HomeSafe wireless home security system which offered all the abovementioned features. Indeed protecting your home has never been simpler than with this type of alarming gadget.

  • Finding The Suitable Spot To Stack Your Possessions Away

    In the past I would often look for a place where to hide a safe in order that it would not be easily discovered. I would come to a point in which I would redesign my room. Right now I still transfer pieces of furniture here and there however nothing major.

    My brand new flowerpot safe isnt just an excellent addition to my place. It also holds my valuable jewelry. It livens up my living room and also keeps my valuable items safe as well.

    However I have absolutely no worries regarding bringing attention to this safe. Even though it is in plain sight not even my fiance whom Ive been living with for 2 years has realized its presence. It fits the entire house and is covert enough to become a reliable hiding place.

    I loved the idea of utilizing diversion safes instead of traditional ones from the moment I learned about the former. To me it is like playing a trick on any individual looking to steal my precious bling from me.

    A sad experience with an ex-flat mate made me be aware that expert thieves can smell loot from afar. The more you hide them the more your items are bound to be discovered. So I keep my earrings and necklaces in safes that could be displayed.

    While typical wall and floor safes are made of durable materials these cant be carried easily whenever a fire breaks out within the house. My smaller fruit cocktail can safe is more convenient to utilize and much lighter at that.

    I keep it together with my grocery items and there is also a Country Time Lemonade safe in there. The next one is where I put the small amount of cash that I utilize to purchase last-minute ingredients to some dishes I cook.

    At present I have no worries over having my valuable items in plain view even of burglars. I find it simpler to determine where to hide a safe based on its disguise regardless of whether it is a can of cleaning agent or a soda can.

  • Ideas On Protecting Yourself Against Work Rivals

    I was twelve when my daddy died far from being of legal age to take on his position as company Ceo. So the board of directors stepped in. From the things I obtained a number of them would be delighted if I never got an interest in the company leaving them to manage it on their own.

    My only guy inside dads best friend and also original business partner has been ill lately thus he wants me to take back the company finally. Initially he had me study self-defense skills as well as weapons beginning with the stun pen which he got me when I became 21 years old.

    A stun gun he said brings about an abrupt discharge of electricity towards the body upon coming in contact with it. The outcome is a loss of muscle control and also balance. The greater that your own foe makes an effort to move immediately after being struck the greater that he could possibly keel over.

    Now these types of results are non-lethal and also momentary dealing no permanent harm. These fade away by 20 to 45 minutes and thats your best time to go away and ask for rescue.

    In order to never alarm the execs that a thing is brewing uncle suggests a disguised stun gun. Since it looks nothing like a weapon it hints no one on your being prepared to help yourself.

    Additionally size adds to stealth. Many feel that a mini stun gun is just perfect for locating easily in and out of pockets. Really though you could hide it in your hand to hit at the aggressor whenever he very least expects it.

    A Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun gun with flashlight was exactly what uncle provided me. This high voltage stun gun is equipped with a shiny built-in LED flashlight and a breeze to keep running being also a rechargeable stun gun.

    The directors think that I am being my typical juvenile self crashing into board meetings to cause a stir and have a laugh. Little do they understand that Im making mental notes and also armed with a stun pen to fend off any danger they might send my way.

  • Effectively Defending Yourself As Well As People You Cherish

    Our dad passed away when we were still kids so my mother was required to raise us on her own. Being the only guy I felt like it was my job to protect my mom and sisters.

    I made a decision to know how to fight to be able to stand up towards an assailant. While exploring the web I discovered about Russian self defense steps being shown via instructional fighting videos and thought to try that out.

    I felt positive that a self defense DVD would help me considerably in studying how to fight to defend my family members as well as myself. With fighting techniques on my side the attacker are going to find it hard to hurt me or anyone else along with me.

    The Russian System DVD by Vladimir Vasiliev provides Russian fighting techniques that are easy to understand and look effective versus any kind of assailant regardless of size and build. It doesnt matter if you were surprised or are outnumbered or fighting with your bare hands against a weapon you can still have the upper hand.

    At first I understood that it would take time for me to gain fighting skills simply by making use of a street-fighting DVD. I was amazed when I was able to learn fast and acquire the skills to knock an opponent out.

    This particular Russian system teaches your body to think. It is like learning how to write in that your brain gets accustomed to it over time so that it becomes automatic. I discovered how to deliver a punch control an attacker as well as make use of Russian dirty tricks.

    Self defense videos are great for people who want to acquire the ability to fight. Possessing fighting skills will provide you with a tactical advantage over your opponent. The good news is even people who have not had any kind of previous fighting experience can quickly learn.

    With the aid of Russian self defense techniques I feel safe about defending myself and also people close to me during times of need. In no way am I going to allow anybody get the best of me especially if Im able to fight back.

  • Techniques Regarding How To Effectively Secure Your Belongings At Work

    Despite the fact that I have just began my business I realized quickly enough the many things that I need to keep a close eye on. In addition I realized immediately that I needed a safe to keep money and necessary documents secure.

    I went ahead and bought a regular safe which I then concealed at the bottom of my desk drawer. I thought it pretty wise of me to use a hidden drawer safe however I was really wrong. In just a few months a robber broke into my office and was able to empty out all the safes contents.

    It occurred to me that the safe turned an easy target simply because its place is so predictable. My better half advised that I look for an alternative maybe consider a disguised safe that would go undetected in any setting. A Coca-Cola can safe is one sample.

    I found out that diversion safes are money safes masked to appear like normal products seen on a regular basis. This is obviously to mislead thieves attempting to rob you since they will not bother checking the inside of such things.

    Every now and then I leave auto maintenance items on one of my office shelves. So I felt positive that a JB oil treatment can safe would go well on the very same shelf.

    According to my experience it is quite clear that conventional safes are not reliable. It does seem a lot more logical to have a covert safe which is hidden in plain sight seeing as it will unlikely be targeted by burglars.

    I cant live without coffee. Amongst numerous coffee jars which I have by the coffee maker a Maxwell House coffee can safe has had no trouble fitting in.

    I still cant determine if the intruder which broke into my office is an employee or not. However I have said goodbye to utilizing a hidden drawer safe. I would rather take my chances with keeping valuable items hidden in secret safes.

  • Tips On How To Keep Yourself Secure In Campus

    One evening following a college party I found that some man was following me on my way back to the dormitory. I quickly started to think of ways to get to safer grounds. Fortunately I bumped into a college campus patroller whose presence frightened the possible enemy away.

    Even though nothing happened the incident made me realize that I required protection. I checked online for something which would be well suited for me to carry around on campus. When I came across a pepper spray baton I knew that it was just what I needed.

    Pepper spray brings about an excruciating burning discomfort in the face of the receiver. This particular discomfort is going to immobilize the attacker for a brief moment offering you a chance to run away and also ask for help.

    I discovered that pepper batons are actually kubotans with pepper spray within. Kubotans are effective self-defense tools which can be used towards bony areas soft tissues and also nerve points. These work effectively since they bring about short-term paralysis and pain to the target.

    I made a decision to go with a Pepper Mace Baton which had the look of any ordinary key chain. I loved that it was very discreet so it would be easy for me to bring around school. In spite of its subtle looks I understood that it would keep me protected.

    A baton pepper spray is basically a 2-in-1 weapon. You have the option to defend yourself with the pepper spray or make use of the kubotan to either strike the attacker on bony parts of the body or poke him on the soft areas.

    I was relieved the moment I found out that defense sprays are non-lethal weapons. This means that the effects are temporary and do not bring about long term harm. Furthermore kubotans are legal as well as completely unregulated.

    Having a pepper spray baton in my possession at all times makes me feel more confident whenever I am walking around campus. Now if anybody attempts to follow me once again I am aware just what to do this time around.

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