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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Effective Method Of Keeping Your Parents Protected From A Distance

    My company had me relocate to the United Kingdom immediately after I got promoted. I remained there for a few years and was amazed by the extent of home protection UK residents had in their houses.

    After four months in the UK I went back to the US for a quick vacation. I went to my parents and encouraged that they acquire a house security system like what I had seen. I mentioned the significance of home security considering that immediately after my siblings and I moved out my parents were all alone.

    With a wireless house security system an alarm is going to be triggered whenever an intruder activates it. This works by setting up a door/window sensor close to a potential entry way that is a door or window into your home. The moment this detects motion this sends a signal to a base unit.

    The base unit then dials the very first phone number on a list of five programmed beforehand by the owner. The individual at the other end of the line will hear a pre-recorded message.

    He/she can listen for a short while to what is happening inside the room in order to find out whether the person who has activated the alarm is a thief or somebody who has legitimate access to the house.

    Once he/she knows who has entered he/she can either disarm the base device or talk loudly into the mobile phone to scare off the burglar. Should no person pick up the phone call to the first programmed phone number the base unit is going to contact the next number on the list and so on.

    My mother and father appeared content with my explanation as to the reason why they needed a motion detecting security device so I bought them the HomeSafe wireless home security system. This one possesses a door/window sensor that can receive a wireless transmission coming from 250 feet and a motion detector which has a range of ten yards.

    It is due to the degree of home protection UK citizens practice that my parents are protected within the United States.

  • How You Can Stay Protected In A Foreign Place

    I made a decision to sign up for the student exchange program for one term in order to study overseas. I was very fired up especially regarding the experiences which I had to look forward to. But I discovered that a pupil had been attacked during one trip. That got me frightened.

    My father recommended that I get a personal defense device for protection. Aware that I could not just travel along with any kind of weapon I conducted some research online. Luckily I ran across a kubotan that would be perfect for me to bring along.

    I had never encountered kubotans in the past. I read that being small and also light made them easy to bring along. What makes them very suitable for my need is that they are legal and totally unregulated.

    Kubotans are fashioned much like sticks and typically linked to a key ring. These may seem harmless however shouldnt be underestimated. These are built normally from hard plastic or aluminum and so are nearly unbreakable.

    I read up on how to make use of them and found out that damage is brought on towards the target by making use of these to strike boney areas just like the collarbone nose bridge and kneecap. Discomfort is likewise triggered when poking tender areas of the body like the solar plexus leg as well as arm.

    I was happy with my discovery as it would be easy for me to travel with this self-defense key chain and also carry it around within a foreign school campus with its discreet look. All I have to do is attach my personal keys to it to ensure that I always possess one with me.

    Exploring a new city has been quite exciting. I have made a brand new pal who is happy to show me around. One night we were on our way home right after a day of sightseeing as soon as we noticed another person following us. Even though we were able to run into a business establishment I was still happy knowing I had some self-defense.

    Having a kubotan together with me definitely makes me a lot more certain about defending myself. It is so handy that Im delighted it keeps me company.

  • Effective Method Of Protecting Oneself Whenever Targeted For An Attack

    I am not part of any tradition which embraces arranged marriages but my family has long made it their business to marry into other families of prominent standing. My parents were those who selected my siblings brides and grooms as well as did the same to me.

    So I left home and as a result spurned the girl I was fixed to marry. Angered all three of her siblings came after me. At that point I needed to study any difference between Mace and pepper spray from other companies to defend myself ably from several big angry men.

    Pepper spray was my best bet. It would begin a grave burning discomfort on the skin as well as inside the eyes more than enough to incapacitate its target. Above this potent self defense spray would block the air pathways cause persistent coughing as well as retching and close the eyes forcedly.

    The results trigger no permanent hurt and are non-lethal. Being temporary they tail off in 15 to 40 minutes and you had better spend that time running to a safe spot and also contacting 9-1-1.

    After the brothers attempted to beat me up at a poorly lighted parking lot I set my sights on police pepper sprays. What I mean are defense sprays for citizen use having comparable sizes and sometimes makeup as law enforcement defense sprays.

    I happened on a Mace 10% PepperGard police model defense spray which I sensed adequately powerful versus my intimidators. The 17-gram spray container could dump 10 one-second bursts onto enemies 8 to 12 feet away.

    This particular police-grade self defense spray came equipped with a finger-grip dispenser flip-top security cover belt clip as well as key chain. Furthermore its Velcro-type accessory showed that it would make the ideal car pepper spray or possibly even home self defense spray.

    As soon as diligent research revealed to me the actual difference between Mace and pepper spray of various other types I concluded that my instincts were dead-on. That is I selected the one which I wanted from the beginning.

  • Effective Manner Of Apprehending Criminals Immediately And Safely

    I have been in charge of safeguarding the mall in our area for a couple of years now. Recently a wrongdoer got away which got me to realize that my security staff needed effective protective gadgets.

    To be able to figure out the most suitable tools in order to help them arrest crooks more quickly I did some researching. While browsing online I found that personal defense electronics were powerful and also effective at the same time.

    The electric current that stun guns give off when they connect with the receivers body is sufficient to take any target down. While the enemy is immobilized for a while you have the chance to bolt as far as you can from possible harm.

    I came across stun batons that I felt would be perfect for my security men. These not only have power but also provide extended reach. They are a lot longer as compared to traditional stun guns. All you have to do is touch the target with the baton and push the trigger in order to fire away.

    Both the 300000 volts 16 inches stun baton and also the 500000 volts 20 inches stun baton that I came across are gadgets I feel comfortable letting my own men have. These will help them to stop a culprit from a safe distance that can also ensure the safety of the malls customers.

    I had to make certain that the baton stun guns I got for them wouldnt cause irreversible damage to keep the customers safe. So it was a relief to discover that all stun guns are non-lethal weapons and the outcomes caused towards their targets are short-term.

    My security mens new safety devices were put to a test when a store thief was caught trying to run away. One of the guards effortlessly whipped out his stun baton and stunned the robber coming from a 15-inch distance. This helped us to apprehend the offender right away.

    Security defense electronics give power and efficiency which is best in the case of my job of safeguarding men and women and maintaining a safe establishment. Stun batons have assisted my team provide better protection for the malls clients.

  • Means Of Enhancing Your Self-Defense Techniques

    Im constantly open to new things in my life. When the chance to learn self-defense exercises sprung forth I knew I needed to get it.

    It was my brother who got me into instructional fighting DVDs. They are easy as well as convenient because they teach you how to learn self-defense inside your own house at your very own time as well as pace. It is a DIY technique which is less costly than employing an expert to train you within his class.

    My brother revealed to me his then-small assortment of self-defense videos. One was Advanced Combative Tactics by Shannon Stallard. It shows precisely how action words make your entire body spring into action how to do counter attacks and how you can do effective defensive blocks.

    Next was DELTA/SEAL Camp: Protecting You and Your Loved Ones (Firearms) compiled by TRS. It is a top-notch combat training video which guarantees the protection of your family members and yourself from any crook in creation. You do not need to have earlier training or special abilities. The skills are a breeze to master.

    I was interested in the street-fighting DVD by Jacov Bressler called Fast and Furious Street Smarts. Bressler shows exactly what real-life fighting is all about. The Navy SEALS and the SWAT have long used his techniques. These are simple to learn that anyone could basically do the moves.

    A friend and I returned home late after watching a movie one evening. As we walked from the bus stop to our duplex apartment the two of us noticed two men following us. One nabbed my small pal suddenly and the other held my shoulders.

    With the techniques that I learned I was able to put those guys down in just minutes. My good friend called 911 frantically and we called a neighbor and remained at the scene until help came.

    It was a long night. But with the self defense exercises which I had carried out I was able to make this a long enjoyable night knowing that we were safe.

  • Pointers On How To Prevent Burglars From Guessing Your Hiding Area

    It is really sad that some people earn a living by benefiting from other peoples belongings. Burglars spare no person and the things that you have worked so hard to own could be gone in a blink of an eye.

    Diversion safes can provide every regular guy with an ingenious hiding place. Hollow books for instance are real books which could conceal your valuable items to safeguard them from the scrutinizing eyes of even the most experienced thief.

    Not like conventional safes these kinds of secret hiding safes are readily available. Because they look like normal books they arent easy targets when a robber tries to guess where your money and also jewelry might be hidden.

    You can put a book safe on a table or in a shelf like within a book collection and an intruder would probably just pass it by without throwing it a second glance. The fact that it is an actual book with real pages only enhances its effective disguise.

    This hiding safe is cut out at the center and embedded with a container in order that it can enclose your valuable items securely. With no bulge and awkward additions to give its true nature away you can be assured that being a hiding space would be the last thing that a housebreaker would think of it.

    A lot of robbers choose to steal stuff that they could cart away easily. They have limited time so they usually turn over the most obvious hiding places. Putting your concealed safe in plain sight will only make it less suspicious.

    When it is combined with other books it would be nearly impossible to tell that one book truly works as a hidden safe where money small devices and other expensive things are stashed away. A raider normally thinks that owners would never put their cash or jewelry in easily accessible areas.

    You can never be too careful when putting away your valuable items. Hollow books may appear simple enough however it is their simplicity that is their greatest strength.

  • Suggestions On How To Safeguard Yourself From An Angry Pet Dog

    One of my fiances most significant issues when it comes to jogging are dogs-that is the thought of dogs going after him. He told me that he used to really like mans best friend especially since he was raised within a household that constantly had pet cats and dogs. However the moment he took up a summer job being a newspaper boy he was pursued down the street by dogs frequently. Since then he had always been scared of them.

    I was surfing the web one day as soon as I read an article regarding a device known as the Super Dog Chaser electronic dog repeller. Interested I read on believing that it would ultimately be the solution to my mans fear of dogs.

    Apparently there is such a device that can repel dogs using a high frequency sound that can only be heard by dogs. This noise affects their hearing too much so that they are pushed to run away from it.

    I contacted up my fiance and asked him his opinion on acquiring a dog repellant. Given that he wasnt a huge fan of working out at the fitness center he decided to give it a go. Thus I purchased one.

    This kind of electronic canine repellent is equipped with ultrasonic technology which releases a 20000- to 25000-Hz sound that is unpleasant to a dogs keen sense of hearing.

    Furthermore it has a brilliant LED blinking strobe that can blind and confuse a pet dog for a short moment of time.

    Those two methods to stop a dog attack work even when the animal is 40 feet away from you. Thus you will be comforted with the knowledge that you wont have to get close before you can fend off a dog. It even features a training setting to assist you prepare yourself.

    Getting the electronic dog chaser indeed helped my fiance with his dog problem. Certainly hes still afraid of them but at least the canines will be the ones going away from him instead of the other way around.

  • Enabling Your Spouse To Protect Herself In The House

    The moment my closest childhood buddy vanished into the thin air I dropped everything to ensure that I could join the search team to the Far East. Though I had total support from my spouse of still just seven months I was not about to leave her behind without protection.

    She got no qualms about holding the fort right up until my return within 3 months. And if she only had the ultimate home defense weapon in her possession I was certain that my bride would be both willing and able. Therefore searching for it has become my pre-flight quest.

    I refined my hunt down to pepper sprays which I knew would whip up an incapacitating type of burning experience on the skin and in the eyes of the recipient. Potent pepper sprays further bring about involuntary eye shutting hairball coughing and hindered breathing.

    The best part is that they are non fatal weapons. Those effects are short-term and lead to no untreatable disability. While they fade away until 15 to 45 minutes you should fly the coop and search for help.

    As soon as I got to a self defense spray variation suspended in gel I just about cried eureka! The thing known as pepper gel is extra-strong and clings to the pores just like adhesive. It imbues the skin the more that your own enemy tries to wipe it away.

    Since defense spray gel follows the path of your aim the risk of overspray that will reach other individuals is zero. It was the dealmaker. My wife could use one indoors in the house or inside the vehicle. It is not as contaminating and is not combustible.

    Before hieing myself to the Far East I got my wife a 9 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper gel sticky pepper spray with pistol handle to use as home pepper spray.

    Its an 18% pepper spray which means it is much more powerful than normal 10% defense spray. To my mind that definitely comes close to the ultimate home defense weapon and I can go and leave a loved one in its care.

  • Pointers Concerning How To Have Defense Without Provoking Assault

    I took care of my only sibling a brother three years younger than me right after our daddy died when I was 7 years old. Its sad that he matured to be heedless and unreliable. He provoked a group of toughies recently who then retaliated by threatening mommy.

    Seeing precisely how he could possibly put our mom in actual danger brother began to change his ways. Given everyone he ever angered I offered that the best guns for self defense would be non-lethal self-defense weapons which did not incite physical violence.

    I would like my sibling to choose a stun gun as a means of protection because it can shoot a disorienting immobilizing amount of electricity towards the body of his assaulter as soon as contact happened. By putting up a fight the recipient could well pitch forward.

    Now these results are temporary and bring about no permanent disability. Being non-lethal they go away by 15 to 50 minutes to ensure that you have an opening for escape and phoning 9-1-1.

    To be able to persuade him further I proposed that little stun guns could possibly be hidden in a pocket or the hand even to prevent riling anyone up. Similarly you could keep it stealth as well as be able to fire at an assailant when he expects it least.

    As soon as being utilized high voltage stun guns can be counted upon in order to knock the targets down since each electrical charge is going to be stronger compared to that from the regular stun devices. These types administer near to more than a million volts.

    For all those reasons I won over my brother to try out a Runt stun gun. He got to pick from one that unloaded 2.5 million volts or another having 4.5 million volts that just happened to be a rechargeable stun gun too. A lifetime warranty was included with the acquisition.

    A changed guy or getting there baby bro had the radiant idea to arm us all with the best guns for self defense. Doing this mother would have a really reliable defender together with 2 somewhat less reliable ones.

  • Finding The Right Spot To Stack Your Valuables Away

    Before I would often look for a place where to hide a safe in order that it wouldnt be easily discovered. I would arrived at a point where I would redesign my room. Right now I still transfer pieces of furniture here and there but nothing major.

    My brand new flowerpot safe is not only an excellent addition to my place. It also holds my valuable jewelry. It livens up my living room and keeps my valuable items safe as well.

    However I have absolutely no worries regarding bringing attention to this safe. Even though it is in plain sight not even my fiance whom I have been living with for two years has realized its presence. It fits the entire house and is covert enough to become a reliable hiding spot.

    I liked the idea of making use of diversion safes instead of regular ones as soon as I learned about the former. To me it is like playing a trick on anyone looking to steal my precious bling from me.

    An unfortunate experience with an ex-flat mate made me understand that expert thieves can smell loot from afar. The more you conceal them the more your things are sure to be found. Therefore I keep my earrings and also necklaces in safes that could be displayed.

    While traditional wall and floor safes are manufactured from strong materials these cant be carried easily whenever a fire breaks out in the house. My smaller fruit cocktail can safe is a lot more convenient to utilize and much lighter at that.

    I keep it together with my grocery items and there is also a Country Time Lemonade safe in there. The second one is where I put the small sum of cash that I make use of to buy last-minute ingredients to some dishes I cook.

    At the moment I have no worries over having my valuable items in plain view even of burglars. I find it simpler to determine where to hide a safe based on its disguise regardless of whether it is a canister of cleaning agent or a soda can.

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