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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Help With Guarding Your Home From Anywhere

    A couple of men almost entered our house last year the moment we were out but they realized that several neighbors had noticed them and they went away. I was pleased they never got in. I am a big tough man but I got frightened for my loved ones and said to myself that this would never happen once again.

    That was when I decided to take a look at home security products. I inquired around and one of my workmates suggested a wireless security system such as the one he had installed in his household.

    He informed me that these kinds of home security systems typically work through different sensors placed into the doors and windows and through motion detectors. Those sensors activate an alarm and send out signals to the base unit.

    I decided on a HomeSafe wireless home security system. It appeared to be the best fit for my home.

    In the event the motion sensor or a door or window sensor on our wireless security alarm system picks up movement it activates an alarm and its base unit calls approximately five preset phone numbers to inform me and my family. It will contact the first telephone number on its list which is my cellular phone. When I answer I will hear an alert message and then I can hear what is taking place inside the room or speak via the base unit. I can also deactivate the system from my mobile phone.

    However if I do not answer or deactivate it the system is going to contact the next number on the list. This is my wifes mobile phone.

    A year right after I set up my wireless home protection system a number of men broke into our home again. On this occasion the system called me and I answered. I could hear them going around. I yelled via the base unit for them to go away and they got startled and beat it.

    That second incident made me feel even better about having home security products inside my house. If I could scare burglars off like that when I am out it will be just like I was right there.

  • Utilizing A Small Sun Gun To Steer Clear Of Harm

    Whenever you are out on the streets during the night or passing through a dark alley by yourself you should be certain of your security. You can never be certain that you wont be robbed or assaulted.

    Chances are you arent prepared to risk placing yourself in harms way. I was previously quite certain of myself until finally I had reason to procure a self-defense weapon. I may have acquired the Runt stun gun late in that way but I realize that I will never have to risk my basic safety once again.

    Little stun guns are perfect for women such as me due to their size as well as shape. They can quickly fit into the minute bags that we tote around or in the pockets of tight jeans. Its little form makes sure that any girl have a solid grip on the Runt stun gun.

    Other favorable stun guns for the females are camouflaged stun guns. These are enveloped in regular products such as pens lipsticks and mobile phones. Many can be found in the form of lighters car key holders as well as rings.

    As is evident with the Runt stun gun a number of stun devices might be very small in size however able to give off huge amounts of electric power. These high voltage stun guns pack more than enough strength to make a single contact feel like a hard punch.

    Stun guns work by unloading powerful electric pulses into an assailants body. This successfully setbacks communication between the brain and the groups of muscles. Controlled action will be hard right after a single strike.

    Powerful stun guns do occasionally appear as smaller guns. In the case of the Runt stun gun it is able to transfer up to 4.5 million volts per single contact. This will guarantee that your opponent wont get to stand up to grab you once again.

    All stun guns are non deadly and their utilization is deemed safe and also humane. But a stun gun must not be used as a weapon for offense. It must be utilized to prevent damage unto yourself and your family members by allowing escape from a risky circumstance.

  • Using Self-Defense Tools Properly During Danger

    i am working as a waitress in order to enroll in graduate school. Given that I am a student the boss had set up my work time to be constantly during the morning and afternoon except for 4 closing shifts monthly. The deal was better than nearly all of my past work therefore I took it.

    Accounts of muggings are all around within the area and I needed to take the needed steps in order to stay protected. I thought of getting a self-defense spray. However I initially needed to search for the best weapon to train defense techniques with before acquiring the real thing.

    Defense spray is my first choice since it is non-lethal and can easily take an attacker to his knees when its contents are sprayed at him. It results in an agonizing feeling akin to burning within the eyes and face making the attacker helpless and providing you with time to get away and ask for help.

    Considering that I hadnt utilized defense spray before I figured that I should focus on practice sprays initially. Unlike pepper sprays these types contain water rather than pepper. The sprays are nitrogen-pressured so it is as if you are still spraying actual defense spray.

    The water-based inert practice defensive sprays are used so that you will know what to do the moment the time comes for you to actually use a self defense spray.

    Even if they only contain water I was warned that they should not be used on a friend or other people since nitrogen might still trigger allergic reactions.

    I saw a 2-ounce stream practice spray and also a 2-ounce fogger practice spray on the web. Nevertheless considering that I would just be using one to be able to practice handling a self defense spray I made a decision to acquire a smaller model the .5 ounce stream practice spray.

    Obtaining the best weapon to train defense techniques is practical since it allows you to utilize your self-defense device to its fullest potential. In addition you have less chances of fumbling should you find yourself in a serious situation.

  • Pointers On How Busy Working Parents Can Effectively Offer Protection To Themselves

    My third grader was asked to attend summer class in preparation for accelerating towards the fifth grade in the coming school year. The missus and I were undeniably delighted even as this unexpected development would impact my work.

    Work is most hectic for me during summertime which had worked out nicely given that the other members of the family is going to be least busy. In anticipation of my fatherly tasks doubling and making me vulnerable to crime on this occasion I acquired an electric stun gun for personal protection.

    A stun device creates a sudden release of electricity into the body while in touching it. In consequence the recipient of the electrical current loses his equilibrium and also conscious muscle movement. In trying to utilize physical force he could eventually keel over.

    The results are non deadly and also do not cause permanent harm. These are momentary and stay for no more than 20 to 50 minutes. This would be the perfect time for a victim-to-be to run away and go look for assistance.

    One of the school parents put forth high voltage stun devices. Since these release volts by the millions the odds are greater that an aggressor can be hampered more instantly and possibly even within less hits.

    However a girl friend of my wifes was more sold on small stun guns since they are easier to transport carry and also slide into your bag. Besides you can conceal one in your hand to be able to stay out of sight and get a predator unawares.

    Fortunately for me I found a Hot Shot stun weapon on the web. While a height of just three inches it can release 4.5 million volts to push away any assault on you. Moreover its resemblance to a Blackberry-style hand-held device puts me at an advantage.

    Disguised stun weapons as I read on online provide you with the upper hand as they appear anything but weapons. For all those reasons I feel secure enough for having my electric stun gun along as I go about trying to be a very good family man.

  • Effective Strategies To Keep Oneself Protected

    My dad which is ex-military has continuously taught me the importance of safety. However I am not inclined to carrying self-defense devices everywhere I go. And I am not an important person to employ a personal security guard.

    That eventually left me with the choice of learning how to fight in order to safeguard myself. The only issue was I didnt have sufficient funds to enroll in weekend self-defense lessons. My father suggested that I try instructional fighting videos instead.

    He mentioned that these were like participating in a self-defense training only you studied the fighting methods anywhere and anytime you wanted. Furthermore these were less costly and more hassle-free compared to registering in a self-defense class.

    Father lent me one street-fighting video Advanced Combat Tactics by Shannon Stallard. Having viewed it frequently he assures me that I wont have problems comprehending and also studying basic fighting skills.

    He said it took him less time to learn from this particular video compared to a real trainer as the strategies were already hardwired into our natural instincts. He primarily enjoyed how it taught him to think just like a predator and not a prey during periods of crises.

    The moment I showed it to my flatmate I found that he got something similar: Fast and Furious Street Smarts from Jacov Bresler whos known for training cops and also members of the military. My roommie bragged about precisely how he learned hand-to-hand fighting skills very fast after only 3 weeks of seeing the instructional DVD.

    After viewing both I got a lot more confident that I needed to get one for myself. Thus I went and obtained the Paul Vunak DVD Hand-to-Hand Fighting System. After watching it for the first time I did not just grow my know-how in basic hand-to-hand fighting but also my confidence considerably.

    One really crucial thing which I have realized from seeing self-defense videos is the significance of knowing how to fight using your bare hands. That is all you might ever be left with during a dangerous situation.

  • Keeping Wrongdoers From Taking Advantage Of You

    My epileptic seizures made me into the laughing stock of grade school and then middle school as well as high school. The humiliation was intolerable not in the least because I would drool throughout an episode and at times wet myself afterward.

    I am presently a well-paid chemist who can manage to pay for better medical doctors and also drugs. I am old enough to be concerned a lot more about being taken advantage of as compared to embarrassed whenever epilepsy strikes if infrequently. I have a combination pepper and tear gas spray for all-time self-defense.

    Defense spray engenders an incapacitating burning discomfort on the skin and also in the eyes. Not just that: potent pepper sprays inhibit the air passages generate constant coughing and also gagging and swell the eyes until they shut.

    They are non fatal effects which lead to no irrepressible condition. These are momentary and in fifteen to forty five minutes when they fade away you can take to your heels as well as contact 9-1-1.

    Right after class once I started convulsing in the hallway. I could usually expect a large group to gather as well as a couple of kind people to ask for assistance and this time wasnt any different. One man went to cop a feel of me conscious that I would be helpless for some time.

    As soon as the fit began to ease up I snatched my Mace triple action defense spray from my jacket pocket and aimed at him. Its finger-grip dispenser and comfy fit in my small hand definitely helped. The 11-gram can held five one-second bursts good for 6 to 12 feet.

    I sampled a lot of defense sprays while studying chemistry in college. Finally I chosen triple action self defense sprays. They possess the regular component OC pepper to induce the coughing retching and also eye folding but that is not all.

    CN tear gas is in there as well bringing up the burning feeling together with copious tears and confusion. Moreover these have UV dye to mark an assailant for the benefit of the cops. Being an epileptic I can tell when stronger means better.

  • Effective Way Of Keeping Yourself Secure In Your New Place

    Transferring to Pine Bluff from Illinois was a big risk the moment dad got laid off. He found a good job here only since his predecessor got attacked and after a couple of months packed up and left. Since we are here I informed my dad that we needed to obtain the best guns for home protection against assailants.

    Obviously he said no. Were on this place to live not kill. But we still had to protect ourselves from crackheads and so we started checking out stun guns. They are restricted back in Illinois however not here.

    Stun guns are non-lethal electric shock gadgets for self-defense. You can immobilize your attacker temporarily providing you with enough time to flee. There are plenty of different types.

    The Knuckle Blaster stun gun got my interest since I had taken a few boxing lessons back in Illinois and I know how to throw a good punch. This stun gun goes into one hand similar to brass knuckles but it is layered with soft rubber skin thus it fits both fathers hand and mine.

    The thing I like about this is that you could flip the safety off and switch it on with just one hand. So you could possibly push your assailant away as you reach into your pocket with the other hand turn on the high voltage stun gun and punch your attacker with 950000 volts of electricity.

    Im 18 with one more year left in high school. I dont bring my own knuckle stun gun around since I would like to give this place a chance to show its pleasant part. But sometimes its not so easy.

    Just last Saturday I believe I pissed somebody off over a simple basketball game. I dont know if the guy was on crack or if he belonged to a gang or both but I got my initial warning.

    Dad still does not feel that we need the best guns for home protection however I am carrying my knuckle stun gun whenever I head out by myself at least right up until my beef with that guy has ended.

  • Pointers Regarding How To Safeguard Your Property From Unwelcome Guests

    All this time I truly believed that my husband and I selected a secure community to live in for our kids. However things change and I have to recognize that. Only the other day a home invasion situation was reported within our neighborhood making me afraid.

    I suppose what frightened me the most was that it could have been our house which was targeted. Without any type of home security system in place I dreaded that the worst could have happened.

    A neighbor was telling us about this wireless home security detector that she had just bought. It was a double sensor that sensed vibration every time a door or window was opened. It got a wireless radio frequency range of 300 feet. The moment set off the RF alarm would be activated.

    We wanted something very similar for our house thus I checked the internet. The moment I came across home security alarms I discovered that these are budget friendly house protection solutions. Installing one of these in your home is going to warn you of a robbers presence.

    I considered one motion alert alarm for our property. This had a passive infrared system that detected motion inside the selected location. It may be installed conveniently close to an entry point as well as ran on batteries therefore doing away with wires.

    The PIR alarm may be coded using a personal security code that I liked. Also it may be programmed to use a 2-tone entry chime instead of an alarming sound. Having it set up at an entry point to our home would warn us of a trespassers attempts.

    Furthermore I wished to keep our windows secure by using a glass window alarm. I eyed an affordable vibration alarm which was suitable for protecting windows as well as patio doors.

    I understand that the worst part of a home invasion isnt being prepared for it. Using the home security alarm systems that I acquired I am confident to say to any burglar who makes an attempt to enter our sanctuary Bring it on.

  • A Useful Extension For Your Own Defense

    I have been a gymnast since I was young. And from the time I entered high school I have chosen to go to practices alone. For security reasons I have asked my police officer cousin about the best self defense weapons that I could utilize easily.

    He mentioned that you can find self-defense batons that are safe and easy to carry. Due to their long reach they could give some significant space between the enemy and me.

    Specifically there are telescopic batons. These are expandable if required as well as collapsible when not. Theyre much longer than the non-telescopic batons primarily because of the retractable characteristic. They are much shorter (if you are not using yours) than the non-telescopic types as well so these are easier to bring around or hide.

    I explored the internet and discovered a telescopic steel baton. It possessed a rubberized handle to ensure that I could grip it firmly and easily. The tactical baton were available in 16-inch 21-inch and 26-inch sizes.

    It is truly handy because of the LED light attachment which can be screwed on. The LED features a high-density aluminum body and also a high-impact-resistance lens too. It offers 6000 hours of lighting. The moment I purchased mine I got a free nylon holster to carry it around in.

    At about seven thirty one evening I contacted my mom and informed her not to fetch me any longer given that I could not wait for her for another half an hour. I still had assignments to do.

    As soon as I approached a dimly lit street corner a man that had been stalking me for weeks then appeared in front of me and got my arm. I quickly flicked my extendable steel baton with one wrist so that it elongated and struck the stalkers pressure point in the throat.

    As I ran I held onto my very own retractable steel baton and cried for help. The best self defense weapons are certainly those that are light in weight and can fit easily within your purse.

  • Effective Way Of Keeping You And Your Family Secure Whenever Camping

    Outdoor camping has long been our main type of recreation and also family activity. But as you know camping is not at all times safe. We must depend on our hands alone for safety and so we constantly brought our wasp spray for self defense. We had no idea how completely wrong we were until a ranger set us straight.

    We had been using wasp spray not only to fend off bugs but also to keep safe from wildlife as well as snatchers and robbers we would encounter while traveling. The ranger was surprised to hear this and relieved that we didnt harm ourselves.

    He mentioned that wasp spray has an element yet to be tested on humans. While it proves to be toxic to insects by going through their central nervous system and killing them its dangerous effects on humans and wildlife can probably be much more damaging or a lot less effective than predicted.

    The ranger reminded us that wasp sprays are not developed to be utilized directly on humans or bears and should not be relied upon as a type of non-lethal self-defense. We realized then how close we were to harming ourselves as well as the wild animals.

    He recommended that we make use of bear sprays and pepper sprays instead. They are defense sprays specifically developed to fend off bears as well as offending people respectively.

    Bear sprays are to be used only in fending off bears and not on humans either. These are extremely recommended than other personal defense devices because they lower the chances of permanent damage and loss of life among people as well as bears as well.

    For our subsequent camping getaway we bought a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent that works on all bear species. It does not contain combustible elements or even dangerous substances that may harm the ozone layer. We specifically got the 260-gram can that has a range of 15 to 20 feet.

    We are so delighted we encountered that ranger. Although we still carry it we no longer use our wasp spray for self defense. Today its just for the purpose of fending off insects.

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