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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • How To Improve Apartment Security Inexpensively Nowadays

    My best friend and I rented our own apartment a couple of years ago straight from college. Unfortunately her mother became really ill and she needed to transfer back home and care for her mother. That left me having an apartment that I couldnt afford by myself.

    We put an advertisement and interviewed potential roommates. There was one lady that appeared to be trustworthy and kind enough. I didnt desire to be way too trusting nevertheless. Thus in the initial few months of her stay I opted to keep my cash as well as valuables in a dictionary book safe.

    A diversion safe is a form of safe designed to appear like a regular household object just like a soda can or even a hairbrush. That will make it more difficult for a would-be burglar to find your belongings since they would not think to look within a hairbrush for cash.

    I got a book safe posing as a dictionary inside my room. I stored my expensive jewelry as well as some hundred-dollar bills in there for emergency needs. Every evening I would check to see if my things were still safe. And each and every night for months they were.

    Though my brand new roommate was little by little gaining my trust I still desired an extra layer of protection for my money. Thus I acquired a wall socket safe to conceal much more money and also jewelry.

    It took me a year to lastly warm up to this roommate and we eventually became truly good friends. I confided that I had a dictionary book safe and even encouraged that she obtain one of her own just in case a thief were to enter our apartment.

    Eventually she got an A&W Rootbeer can safe that she placed in the cupboard. Hopefully we would never have to find out if our safes work by testing it against an actual burglar.

    My best friend occasionally visits us and we shared with her our covert safe secret. She mentioned that she wanted to get a dictionary book safe also for her brother who was attending college. I assume that diversion safes may be ideal for any individual anyplace.

  • Effective Method Of Safeguarding Oneself Towards A Larger Enemy

    I was a little shocked when my brother asked if I knew any ideas on how to win a street fight. He then told me that he signed up himself in a self-defense course in order to know how to safeguard himself and others in case he or somebody he was with were attacked.

    However right after 2 months he quit his class since the rates were way too much for him. But his giving up didnt prevent him from studying self-defense. In under a week he had taken home an instructional fighting video.

    Each and every night right after school he would view the video and imitate the moves. He even purchased two more self-defense videos right after he was done with the first.

    As a surprise for him I purchased Bob Taylors Small Mans Advantage on the web. My brother is only 57 which is why I thought that it was perfect for him. Taylor guarantees his audiences that their tiny statures do not make them weak. Rather it offers them an edge in a fight. Not a tall guy himself Taylor truly understands what hes talking about.

    Based on the street-fighting DVD a big opponent could be defeated simply because his body possesses vulnerable targets. Furthermore theres an element of surprise in a fight between a smaller man and also somebody bigger. The surprise nonetheless is on the latter since he will be thinking that he can easily beat a smaller opponent.

    I told my brother that Small Mans Advantage would be a fantastic instructional fighting video for him to see and study from.

    Soon enough my brother was a lot more confident of himself. He told me and also our parents that the video helped him accept his 5-foot-7-inch frame and also that muscles and height can only take you so much. Your own fighting skill is the one that is important.

    My sibling carries on to train himself through instructional fighting videos. He keeps on telling us that if he did not abandon his self-defense training he would not have been able to learn how to win a street fight for real.

  • Utilizing A Stun Master Stun Gun In Order To Safeguard Yourself From Real Danger

    Right up until I started out to arm myself with a Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun with flashlight I never felt so much confidence. I did previously feel paranoid and terrified. I always felt that there was somebody behind my back ready to pounce on me just when I least expected it.

    With its 950000 million volts of electrical energy absolutely no target of mine can rise up the moment my high voltage stun gun strikes the body. Looking like a real lipstick this one includes a built-in rechargeable battery as well as flashlight.

    My fear stemmed from an event that I had a few years ago. It was nothing severe however enough to traumatize me right up until I decided to seek self-defense. Right after I was mugged I made a decision that it was time to react.

    I took my own time as well as healed my emotions. By then I was already considering on purchasing a non-lethal weapon that I could make use of for my own defense. Im but human for wanting to hurt back individuals who brought on me pain. Nevertheless I cant live with the thought that I might cause permanent injuries on my attacker.

    All stun guns offer only non permanent pain. My search directed me to disguised stun guns in particular which offer the element of surprise. By showing up as ordinary items they become much less obvious tools for self-defense.

    Neither did I ever imagine putting my life in the hands of mini stun guns. Although they are light in weight and portable they can still provide sufficient electrical shock to a target and also bring about short-term immobility.

    Furthermore flashlight stun guns are the best companions in the most risky circumstances. When I find myself in a poorly lit street or dark alleyway I instantly search my bag pocket purse or wherever I put mine to light my way.

    There are many things I cannot live without. From hereon my Stun Master stun gun continues to be beside me anywhere I head out since it is among those stuff.

  • Ideas Concerning How To Protect Oneself From Individuals Who Does Not Follow The Law

    For a lawyer I sometimes find myself in an assault situation where words hold no power and it is no use reasoning along with the assaulter. I specialize in family law and you could imagine how family quarrels become so heated that brothers and sisters cut one another down.

    Outside the courtroom safeguarding your life takes more than wit as well as verbiage. I know it despite my profession. You need the will to live as well as the means in order to follow that will. After the second time I had a gun aimed to my head I scored me one of those means.

    I bring pepper spray for personal protection. This produces a serious burning discomfort wherever it hits the skin as well as the eyes. Potent defense sprays hamper the airways also shut the eyes forcedly and induce persistent coughing and retching.

    The results are temporary and bring about no life-compromising damage. They are non deadly and die out by 20 to 45 minutes. On your end make a break for it and call 9-1-1.

    We litigators love to explore the possibilities so I became really curious about pepper gel. This particular self defense spray suspended in gel adheres stubbornly to the skin and is super-potent. Attempt to take it away and this just penetrates the pores deeper.

    Gel pepper spray reaches far. There is zero danger of overspray to innocent bystanders as gel does not spread in the air. Due to this and that it is less contaminating and is not inflammable pepper spray gel is alright to use indoors such as within rooms and vehicles.

    My secret weapon is a 2 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper gel sticky pepper spray attached to the hip. 18% pepper spray just like it is stronger compared to regular 10% pepper spray and I appreciate that exercise of power.

    Legal professionals know a few things regarding unjustness in the world. For one safeguarding your life is nothing which you leave to chance. When you make your choices and fight your battles not quitting is constantly a choice.

  • Safeguarding Your Apartment While You Are Working

    After finishing college from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences I decided to stay in Hot Springs which is about one hour from Little Rock. The springs are wonderful but I hadnt anticipated the increase of property crime within the place.

    A couple weeks back a colleague of mine was burglarized. Much like me he lived by himself within an apartment and so I thought of setting up a house alarm inside my own unit.

    The usual security systems do the job the same way. In the event that these detect movement or a door being opened an alarm goes off and the system calls a phone number to notify someone. Most home alarm setups need a huge subscription though. It is a thing that I cant pay for just yet.

    Those subscription service providers likewise install plenty of wires within your home. Given that I am just leasing I would like to set up something which would be just as easy to remove the moment I make a decision to acquire my very own house. I ran across a HomeSafe wireless home security system that fit the bill.

    Aside from the base unit which you needed to connect to a power source as well as landline there were virtually no wires to install. The package included a door/window sensor a motion detector the main unit and a remote control for arming and disarming the system.

    For the size of my very own apartment this is just right. You can program approximately 5 telephone numbers which the base unit will dial in succession if the first number does not answer or in case the individual doesnt turn off the system.

    While I was at the office one day I received a call with the pre-recorded message telling me that my front door had been opened. I chose to listen in and then I asked Whos there? There is a feature which enables your voice to be broadcast in the room.

    Imagine my shock when I heard Hey bro. Its me Dennis. I laughed and recalled that I had provided my brother a key and told him that he could crash for several days. Well the house alarm performed well!

  • Suggestions Concerning How To Keep Track Of Your Child In The Mall

    With a very active 4 year old kid I find myself often at stress whenever the two of us visit the mall. It seems like my child likes to play hide-and-seek at the shopping mall without informing me. Thus 90% of our own shopping time is used searching for him.

    There was a period when I was really scared I lost him that I started out shouting his name. And he went out of his hiding place laughing at me. It was extremely shameful. I discussed my problem with a friend and she told me there were child monitoring devices which I could use. I was dismayed that I hadnt learned about those sooner.

    Child security alarms assist us parents to monitor the location of our children. Such units include child guards that contain a transmitter as well as a receiver. The transmitter is put on by the child while the receiver is held by the mother or father.

    Basically parents will set a particular distance range in the receiver. When the kid wanders past that distance the transmitter will transmit a signal towards the receiver that will beep and notify the parent.

    A pal of mine specifically employs the Child Guard Panda. Her daughter wears the panda-shaped transmitter around her arm each time they leave the house. My buddy keeps hold of the transmitter by tucking it along with her vehicle keys.

    She stated that she could easily change the distance between 6 to 30 feet through the receivers rotating switch. She boasted about being able to shop peacefully from the time she started out utilizing this electronic child leash. She no longer worries about losing track of her child inside the shopping mall or in a busy street.

    What she loves best about her child safety alarm is that it has a specific channel in which the transmitter and receiver communicate. So whenever a nearby parent is making use of the exact same unit the channels adjust automatically to send the signal towards the right receiver.

    After talking to my pal I settled to get one of these child monitoring devices quickly.

  • Things You Should Know Regarding Exactly How Stun Guns Function

    Basically stun guns work to make a target incapacitated for a short period of time that allows you to escape from your assailant. However are stun guns effective given that they are non-lethal weapons?

    To address the usefulness of stun guns you firstly have to have a bit of knowledge of their inner workings. Stun guns are normally capable of producing a low-amperage but high-voltage electrical charge.

    It implies that the electric shock stun guns let go doesnt have that much power to cause long term harm however uses high pressure for the lone intent of incapacitating a wrongdoer. In this context stun guns are definitely useful plus they are more secure weapon alternatives simply because they usually do not instill long-term injury.

    However since they utilize just low-intensity shocks are stun guns effective in penetrating thick clothing? Indeed simply because stun guns use about 100000 up to 4.5 million volts of electricity that is more than sufficient to pass through clothes half an inch thick or even more.

    Meanwhile much more factors determine the effectiveness of stun guns. These also include the voltage utilized and how long the stun gun is directed on the assailant.

    In this light are stun guns effective even if they are used for just half a second long? They certainly are given that a half a second discharge will stun the troublemaker effectively enough to bring pain and also make the targets muscles to contract.

    The above holds especially true for high voltage stun guns. Each ones half a second shot can totally bring an opponent down as opposed to low voltage stun guns which may call for a lot more strikes.

    In addition are stun guns effective even though you do not know exactly how to aim well? This is a normal issue for ordinary people that believe that they should go for a certain area for the stun gun to deliver the results. But targeting the weapon at any part of the body is going to do since it targets the nerves and muscles of the body which is fortunately found everywhere.

  • Things To Remember Whenever Choosing Well-Hidden Hiding Spots In Plain Sight

    Hidden safes are getting to be so widespread that you cant really consider them hidden any more. Expert thieves know where hidden compartments in households may lie the most frequent spots being the master bedroom the home office as well as inside walk-in cabinets.

    Expert criminals come ready to break into very expensive high-tech safes. The truth is this gives robbers determination simply because the more complicated hiding spots as well as safes appear it lends to the idea that the things within are of greater price.

    Safes that look like typical items inside the home are classified as diversion safes. They take the form of everything from Pringles cans to 7-Up soda cans. Mainly because they are found in plain sight burglars are tricked into thinking that there is nothing valuable within.

    One particular diversion safe that suits in perfectly with any decor is a flowerpot safe. It looks exactly like a flowerpot and also works like one also but can store thousands worth of jewelry or cash inside. The important thing to utilizing diversion safes is their placement inside the home.

    If you procure a Maxwell House Coffee can safe you would not place it on the top shelf of your own bookcase next to real hardbound books. That would stand out like a sore thumb and everybody (not just robbers) would wonder precisely why its there and what is within.

    The trick is to surround a diversion safe with real objects of this type. Putting it exactly where that actual object belongs takes hardly any thought yet it is an inexpensive although useful solution.

    Placing a book safe in your shelves would be a better idea. The coffee can safe in your pantry alongside a pack of coffee filters or sugar will also be good plan and thieves would not even pay attention to it.

    Thieves arent wired to expect valuable items hidden in bare sight. Its not likely that burglars raid cupboards or bookshelves in the first place but if they did your valuable items would still be well-hidden. That is the irony of diversion safes and the key reason why they are the best among numerous types of hidden compartments in homes.

  • Being Aware Of How To Utilize Your Personal Defense Gadgets

    Not too long ago my daddy gave me a pepper spray the moment I moved to Florida. I asked him What in the world am I going to do with this Dad? He knew that I was against firearms.

    This is non-lethal Christine. All it will do is make your assailants eyes tear a whole lot that he will have to close them. And maybe he will choke a little bit and give you enough time to escape and obtain assistance. The more self defense facts you know the more secure you will be.

    Plus he stated with a sigh it will provide your mommy and me some peace of mind.

    I thanked them but I mean just because I have one does not mean that I instantly understand exactly how to use it properly. Therefore I bought this book by Doug Lamb The Facts About Defense Sprays And How To Use Them To Bring Criminals To Their Knees: A Surviving The Mean Streets Handbook.

    Basically it is a pepper spray instruction manual published by the American Security Institute. So this is really authoritative.

    This book brought me beyond the basic remove the safety point and spray instructions which you find on most Internet sites. I learned for instance that its unsafe to extend your shooting arm first since your enemy could try and avoid your aim or also seize your canister from you.

    Apparently it is advisable to extend your other arm initially and shout STOP. This arm can distract your attacker from the hand holding the pepper spray or deflect anything that he sends your way. Obviously you need to extend your shooting arm the moment you finally have to use the pepper spray. However by then your assailant will have been caught by surprise.

    Its funny since after reading such a comprehensive book I currently feel like some expert. Learning a number of self defense facts never hurt anyone. Well apart from several crooks perhaps. Right now I feel more confident about safeguarding myself. I am certain that my parents would be too.

  • Ways To Give Protection To Yourself From Harassers Effectively

    Working in a pub isnt something I enjoy however it helps cover college expenses. The job consists of having to work with drunken guys that often try to convince me to go home with them.

    One evening one of the guys in the bar was taking it too far and starting grabbing me and harming me. Fortunately my boss kicked him out and banned him forever. However I knew there were other individuals just like him so I became interested to learn more about kubaton techniques for personal protection.

    I didnt know a lot with regards to kubotans however they were the very first things that came to mind. A buddy was telling me recently about how effective these were for protection. These were inexpensive too which was a big plus.

    Kubotans are fashioned like sticks and attached usually to a key ring. In spite of the harmless appearance these can save your own life. The key chain objects are usually made making use of hard plastic or aluminum making them almost unbreakable.

    As I figured out precisely how to utilize a kubotan I discovered that damage may be achieved to the target simply by using this to strike boney sections like the nose bridge kneecap or collarbone. This could likewise cause pain if poking soft areas such as the arm leg and solar plexus.

    The best part regarding this personal protection key chain is that is it tiny light and easy to lug around. Regardless if I am on campus for class or in the pub for work I have a discreet weapon for protection handy.

    During one of my work shifts another rowdy drunken person began pestering me. On this occasion the moment he nabbed my arm I poked him using my kubotan on sensitive parts of his body. That certainly made him run away putting an end to his act of harassment.

    Knowing kubaton techniques has helped me feel much more confident regarding defending myself. I love everything about my brand new weapon from its usefulness to its discreet appearance as well as affordability.

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