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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Tips Regarding How To Give Protection To Your Child From Inappropriate Website

    For me the most difficult job on the planet is being a parent. At the end of the day I just wish to raise good kids as well as keep them protected. I hope that they have the opportunity to reach their dreams and can differentiate right from wrong.

    A parents worst fear is discovering that their children is not safe or is up to no good. When one of the mothers at school found her boy looking at inappropriate Sites she told other parents to take into consideration acquiring an adult content blocker software for their kids sake.

    I researched further and discovered that such content blockers are used to stop kids from accessing harmful Web site content. With everything being easily accessible with just a click of a button I felt that blocking content is going to be important to safeguard my kids.

    While looking for options I discovered the KIDS netSAFE Web browser. It features a colorful as well as fun interface which is child-friendly and interactive. It comes with sites already preloaded such as Barbie Nickelodeon and also PBS Kids.

    I decided on this child-safe Web browser due to its easy kid-oriented navigation menu. The sites are shown as thumbnails in order to be viewed and accessed easily. The full-screen application window features a lock mode which prevents anybody from exiting or minimizing or accessing admin settings without having a password.

    Mothers and fathers can include particular sites to the favorite list from the admin menu. With this software program I feel like I can let my kid enjoy experiencing the Web without having to worry about visiting unsafe websites since the Web is safeguarded by the blocker.

    The features provided include full-screen window blocking parent password in order to exit application pop-up blockers administrator menu disabling access to computer applications and the address bar function 7-day history of browsed websites and also the blocking of particular sites.

    Having an online adult content blocker Im able to monitor closely what websites the kids go to. I understand that the Internet is a good place for them to learn however there are certainly several things which are unacceptable for them to see.

  • Knowing How To Safeguard Yourself When Working During The Night

    My buddy Megan purchased pepper spray when she began working the evening shift in a convenience store. But just because you possess one does not mean that you can utilize it efficiently. You do not need to be an expert but it helps to know the fundamentals of pepper spray use for your own security.

    For instance self defense sprays come in all sizes and shapes. They are non fatal weapons for personal defense. They are restricted within several states thus it is advisable to find out more about the laws in your state on buying as well as carrying pepper sprays.

    I like self defense spray since you can safeguard yourself and also your loved ones from some distance. This is an irritant that makes your assailants eyes to close tightly and can likewise hamper his deep breathing incapacitating him for a short time and giving you enough time to retreat.

    The good thing about this is that it can safeguard you from several assailants without you putting much strength. Just press a button and you have got an excellent chance to take off. Just like I said though safeguarding yourself takes more than possessing and carrying a defense spray around.

    So I gave Megan this book which I obtained a while back The Facts About Defense Sprays And How To Use Them To Bring Criminals To Their Knees: A Surviving The Mean Streets Handbook by Doug Lamb.

    While I relocated from my parents house I did not have enough time to go online and look for the pepper spray information which I wanted. Because of this book I was able to know what I needed to. I could read it conveniently in bed or the subway.

    You need to be knowledgeable about your own pepper spray. You do not spray it like an air freshener. You have to keep your other arm prepared to repel your attacker. There are different types of self defense sprays and also different ways to spray them to become more effective and efficient.

    These are all discussed in the self defense spray instructional book which I thought was very informative for anyone seeking information on pepper spray use for personal protection.

  • Effective Way Of Keeping Yourself Protected After Working Hours

    Im a struggling theater performer with focus on struggling. Because of the lack of parts offered to me I work as a bartender within a pub two blocks from my apartment for my daily needs.

    Normally my work entails me to be out late into the night. So my roommate kept on saying to find the best personal defense weapon that I could find just to be secure and safe.

    One evening (well it was actually 2 AM) while I was strolling back to my apartment from work I noticed a poster with regards to an upcoming performance in the local theater. I went near to it to see the audition specifics when I immediately found 2 big men walking toward me. It was too late however. I was mugged.

    The moment I returned home I woke up my own roomie and told her precisely what had occurred. Together we checked online for a good personal protection tool that was allowed in our state of New York. This meant that pepper spray as well as stun guns were out in the selection.

    What I got in mind for an effective weapon was something very little that it could be concealed easily inside my hand. It also not better run on batteries considering that I hardly ever recall to charge my mobile phone let alone a personal protection device.

    The moment we spotted the Heart Attack key chain online we understood right away that it was the one I was searching for. I can place it between my fingers just before punching or striking an opponent.

    Because it is created from hard plastic and shaped just like a heart and thus has a pointed tip my attacker will find himself or herself doubled up in pain. Furthermore the Heart Attack features a small hole that lets me connect it to a key chain ring for fast access.

    Now I can really say that the best personal defense weapon comes in a small package.

  • Innovative Methods For Securing Your Home

    I have always believed that your property and your loved ones are your biggest investments. As a committed family man I want to give them the very best defense and found that a wireless alarm system was one way to get it done.

    Generally wireless security systems have sensors or detectors linked to windows or doors. The moment they are triggered the system is going to contact you and you will be able to listen into the room so that the option of either disarming the system or broadcasting your voice into the room via the base unit can be made.

    I just recently bought the Homesafe wireless home security system. This is an affordable office or home security system. It lets you to program five phone numbers in for the system to call whenever the window/door has been opened up or theres any movement found in your property.

    The sensor installed to the window/door could send a wireless transmission until 250 feet. The motion detector reaches as much as 8 yards. There is also a remote control designed with a panic feature for disarming or arming the system.

    It has an alarm which will be set off the moment movement is sensed or an opening to your property is breached. A requirement for the system is a landline with tone dialing. It is a very economical and also simple method to keep your home or office secure.

    Due to the nature of my work in marketing I needed to leave my family for one weekend. It was a tough decision but I had to do it for my familys future.

    One evening the base unit contacted me. I was scared that my alarm system at home had gone off however I listened into the room. There were a couple of seconds of silence and then I heard my better half say He broke the window but hes gone.

    The moment I came back my better half told me that the police officers were able to identify and apprehend the perpetrator because he panicked and left prints behind. There is certainly nothing like a solid wireless alarm for your household to keep everyone protected.

  • Advice On Safekeeping Valuables Within A Small House

    Leaving my parents household to live alone in a New York apartment was one of the greatest milestones to adulthood which I made just before I became twenty-five. The conveniences of home were absent but the challenges of being able to live independently in the Big Apple were more than enough to keep me going.

    Upon my arrival at my very first studio I recognized promptly that I must be wise in saving space and securing my things. For safekeeping reasons I decided to invest in storage safes to safeguard my important belongings.

    Keeping cash and also jewelry protected is a very important thing to give attention to. Given that purchasing a security vault seemed unwise particularly because of its size and price I ended up using numerous diversion safes spread throughout the house to keep my small fortune safe.

    To safeguard documents like my passport and identification cards I made a decision to place them inside a hollowed book safe that blended flawlessly with my overhead bookshelf.

    I used a flowerpot safe to protect my jewelry and accessories like my wristwatches and a little lockbox for my rings. I planned on keeping the plant alive in order that my hiding safe looked more convincing.

    Aside from those two diversion safes the coolest one that I have at home would be the bathroom cleaner safe that I put alongside the toilet brushes underneath the sink. Yes the idea may seem gross but it is the most secure place for me to hide rolled-up bills that I can make use of for emergency situations.

    The covert safes which I make use of are unconventional but they promise good results given that many burglars would check drawers and closets directly for the important things. When I think of it would burglars even bother checking the bathroom cleaners that I utilize? I dont think so.

    My storage safes are simply some of the quirkiest and most interesting items which I have. It is just that I choose to keep them a secret.

  • Protecting Against Possible Assaulters From Getting Into An Establishment

    Among my aims as a California restaurateur is to ensure that every patron gets to appreciate their meal in peace and good spirits. Having that notion under consideration blocking out unwanted men and women from our premises grew to become a main concern.

    Given that I dont want people to think that our safety measures are intrusive I pondered if I should buy a metal detector for the guards on duty. Perhaps by using security metal detectors we could screen possibly armed guys from going into the restaurant without making it an unpleasant and harassing experience for everyone else.

    I checked the net for handheld security metal detectors that could be used for business establishments just like shops and also diners. My exploring introduced me to Garrett handheld metal detectors that could find possibly harmful metal products.

    Security metal detectors are able to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals stainless steel crafts as well as other kinds of metal objects on near as well as direct contact. Some might have a built-in flashlight to help see through dark areas and compartments.

    A number of pinpointing metal detectors are shaped in ways which make them scan a bag or package very easily. Wand-type metal detectors are best for sifting through bags while the wider varieties are ideal for scanning surfaces as well as sealed packages.

    I wound up with a 9-inch highly sensitive CSI Pro-Pointer having a static detection system built-in LED flashlight and alerts that increase in intensity whenever the detected thing is in proximity. The microprocessor circuitry inside instantly adjusts to ensure optimum sensitivity on detectable items.

    The pinpointing end is great for thorough searches while the 360-degree side scanner is designed for quickly sweeping a specific location. The belt holster that was included with the package makes certain that the metal detector can be quickly reached when needed for use.

    My decision to buy a metal detector proved to be a perfect investment for the moment. Apart from screening out likely armed men as well as robbers we also get to make certain that no person takes home the tableware by accident.

  • Ways To Continue To Be Protected When In Reckless Company

    My flatmate is also the person I think about my closest friend despite the fact that we led totally separate lives just before meeting one another. He says that I would have hated his younger self which I took with a grain of salt right up until an old friend of his visited and lived along with us.

    Oh was this man bad news. He had Henry and even me in danger so many times. I had amassed new enemies by his initial week alone with us that I felt forced to safeguard myself. I dissociated from the 2 while my new pepper gel as well as I started to be inseparable.

    We had a third housemate who stashed pepper spray in the apartment. It incapacitates by stirring up an awful burning pain on the skin and in the eyes. Also potent self defense sprays obstruct respiration and also bring about involuntary eye shutting and hairball coughing.

    The effects being short term lead to no irreversible injury. You can seize the opportunity to take off and also search for the cops. These are non-lethal and decline after fifteen to forty five minutes.

    I was surfing online after a nasty drunken evening with Henry and also his childhood pal the moment I discovered gel pepper sprays. Recalling our past room buddys home pepper sprays I surfed on and discovered that these are defense sprays suspended in gel.

    Defense spray gel as I read is made up of potent solution that stays glued on the skin. In comparison to ordinary pepper spray in a liquid stream it sprays farther isnt combustible and possesses lesser contaminants.

    On the same day I purchased one in a 45-gram can which was equipped with a flip-top safety cap to thwart unintentional spraying. It can empty 7 one-second bursts onto an attacker coming from an impressive 18 feet away.

    So as not to alienate my best friends pal from out of town I would join them now and again. I made sure to take my Mace large model pepper gel along though. It was a big relief to me when he set off for home after one very very long month.

  • Suggestions Regarding How To Prevent Attack Inside A Brand New School

    As soon as my family transferred to a traditionalist area of Middle America we took a lot of heat coming from the neighbors because I was a young lady being brought up by a couple of gay fathers. I wasnt the kind to be bullied yet school was especially tough initially.

    I wasnt 18 years old. Personal security alarms were super because when I reached legal age later on they would go wonderfully along with defense sprays or stun guns. My dads followed this duo of self-defense weapons and it seemed to have kept them unharmed.

    Thus I began to carry a little personal alarm with clip to school. Being small this was very simple to lug around hidden inside a pocket or bag or on a key chain or belt. Anyone who would try to rough me up is going to be met with 100dB-loud opposition.

    In the new school I got to know a lady my year who brought a personal alarm with flashlight because she got picked on regularly. I saw that its on pin was secured to its wrist strap. In case the strap got jerked for any reason so would the pin be and 130dB would ring out.

    Personal alarms are helpful for making it really known that youre in a bind and could sure use being let off it. Moreover wrongdoers operate slyly and also definitely hate being paid attention like that.

    I became eighteen lately and convinced that girl today a great pal to get TASER stun devices together. Furthermore we upgraded to a kick-ass aerosol alarm that can howl for help with a high-pitched emergency-type sound hearable right up until a quarter mile away.

    The 10-gram cylinder having a push-top activator is truly handy to possess and also utilize. This is made up of some 30 quick blasts which can be used right up until help comes.

    I am fortunate never to have been victimized by hate crime as a result of my family situation. Not everybody is as lucky. The use of personal security alarms especially in combination with any kind of stronger non-lethal weapons gives outcasts greater fighting chances.

  • Learning Personal Protection Tactics To Be Able To Protect Yourself From Danger

    A buddy of mine was mugged in a New York campus while she was seeing her younger sister. She fell into a coma for over a month due to the head injuries brought on by the crooks. As soon as she finally made a full recovery she said to me that while the experience frightened her she must get on her with life.

    To handle her fear she enrolled herself in a self-defense class. She persuaded me to do so as well. However the two of us thought that the classes were taking too long. We needed to be in on some street fighting secrets immediately so that we would know what to do if ever we were assaulted.

    In spite of our discontentment with exactly how slow things were moving we continued going to our martial arts classes twice a week. In any case we had to get by with what we had.

    During a late-evening Internet browsing session I ran across Paul Vunak and his instructional fighting video Street Safe I. The DVD appeared good so I purchased one copy.

    Vunak teaches his viewers how to execute eight fundamental moves that are all reliable in terms of defending yourself. His street fighting video assures me that my overall motor skills can help me sweep an assailant off his or her feet.

    I have to admit that Im not a fan of physical activities. I would rather eat small portions of food than visit the gym. That is the key reason why I find it extremely challenging to head to martial arts lessons every Tuesday as well as Thursday.

    Its a good thing that my instructional DVD does not require me to practice my newly learned techniques always. Actually I feel assured that I can carry out the self-defense tactics correctly even if I have only seen Vunak demonstrate them once or twice.

    Needless to say I viewed the video three times to make sure that I really got the moves properly. After I learned Vunaks street fighting secrets I lent my buddy the self-defense DVD.

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