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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Use Of Self-Defense Spray To Help Keep Oneself Safe From Possible Danger

    I have been an advocate of personal protection weapons since my last year attending college immediately after I was robbed and held at gunpoint. The horrifying encounter helped me rethink my own stand on violence. That is personal protection should not be considered as an act of violence.

    In under a week of my being robbed I purchased myself an oleoresin capsicum spray or pepper spray. I have never left my college dorm without my own 1/2 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper spray since that time even if it is just to visit the Laundromat to clean clothes or to the library both of which are a just 3 minute stroll from the dorm.

    Pepper spray is a non-lethal tool which causes a painful burning experience within the eyes and on the face when sprayed. The severe discomfort disables the assailant temporarily providing you with time to escape as well as ask for help.

    My very first personal protection tool an 18% pepper spray has a lot more pepper content compared to regular pepper spray that only has 10% oleoresin capsicum.

    A self-defense spray with an 18% concentration of pepper is recognized as a strong pepper spray. It offers the added effects of getting quickly absorbed by the skin involuntarily closing the eyes and inhibiting the respiratory system.

    The second that my own first self-defense spray ran out I went and got myself a 4 oz. 18% pepper spray fogger. I was already working as a news editor for a radio program as soon as I bought this personal protection tool. Since the radio program where I was working got a late-night schedule having hot pepper spray just like it within my reach helped keep me protected.

    When a good friend at the office was mugged I recommended that she obtained a pepper spray of her own. After much coaxing she eventually obtained a 4 oz. 18% pepper spray stream.

    What is definitely great with regards to having an oleoresin capsicum spray is knowing that you are able to look after yourself and that you wont allow any person to exploit you.

  • Effective Way Of Defending Yourself Whenever Expecting Danger

    Compared with my colleagues many of them professors and researchers I ended up doing work for a team of detectives. It seems no biggie other than I am an entomologist by profession. I might be considered a geek however I am a sleuths geek and even my own lab work is action-packed.

    My fieldwork as you can imagine takes place not in forest reserves but in crime scenes and also suspect trails. I dont jump in unarmed though. My boss has given a great deal of street fighting tips on me as well as the telescopic steel baton to go with the advice.

    He had taught me diligently how self-defense batons are able to keep distance in between the assailant and you. If you are not conventionally strong or not specifically strapping something longish yet still handy like this is the one you need.

    The thing he got me was an extendable baton in particular. A level contraption which protracts and retracts on command is absolutely no doubt the best personal protection weapon for someone just like me.

    I reckon that an extendable baton can afford to be longer given that its maximum size do not need to burden the user with bringing something unwieldy. When you meet danger though maximum elongations of 16 21 and also 26 inches on them are to be thankful for.

    Meanwhile these retractable batons can afford to be shorter without burdening an individual with getting too close to the enemy simply to retaliate. With a short flick of the wrist you have a device which is hassle-free enough to store and also carry.

    Apart from a durable steel construction my telescopic baton is outfitted with a rubber grip that allows for steady maneuvering. I got it with a free heavy-duty nylon holster for stowing it on my person without hassle.

    While I have yet to put this tactical baton to use as much as the street fighting tips I am just very grateful to have it every time I follow a detective to wherever the action is.

  • Recommendations On How To Protect Your Valuable Treasures Affordably

    Anything at all that you hold special to your heart is regarded as important and also valuable. Size does not count. You could generally keep these small yet dear things in cheap diversion safes instead of standard ones which can be too big and also costly.

    Pieces of jewelry or perhaps important family heirlooms could be secured inside a dried soup diversion safe for example. Make sure to position the soup can in which it is going to fit properly with its environment though. Or else it will seize interest and curiosity.

    I once tried to set a floor safe within my room thinking that my money will be considerably safer there compared to placing it in the bank. However a nosy nanny I hired walked on the solid part of the floor and located it. She took all my money and a pair of wristwatches that I had taken home from my vacations out of the country.

    Feel regret was all I can do. Immediately after that incident I just kept my belongings within a book safe and put that along with the other novels on my beds headboard.

    I value everything given to me. I show credit to the kindness as well as thoughtfulness of individuals who shared these gifts with me selflessly no matter how small or big they are. It is the thought that is important.

    This is just what I think regarding whenever I hide my diamond ring as well as earrings within my rooms wall socket safe. I cant possibly bring these things around because theres a bigger danger that they will get lost while inside my bag.

    Plus there is absolutely no need for me to spend money on a safe that is much too pricey than the things that I plan to keep inside. That would be too impractical with regards to cost as well as design.

    I am delighted that there are cheap diversion safes in which I can hold the material things I value. Simple safes with covert appearances tend to be better at concealing small-sized belongings anyway.

  • Inexpensive Yet Effective Security For A Condominium

    When I got a major promotion at the office I put up enough funds to pay for a condominium unit of my own. After several weeks of looking I got one which was very near my office.

    The building where I live in Chicago has excellent security however this is not enough for me to neglect the security inside my own apartment. I searched online shops for security systems for home protection which I could afford and run painlessly.

    I stumbled upon a HomeSafe wireless home security system and considered to try it out. The package contained a base unit with an adaptor a door/window sensor with a range of 300 feet for wireless transmission a motion detector that can sense movement for approximately eight yards as well as a remote contol.

    Typically with motion detector security systems such as this when the motion sensor or even the window/door sensor notices activity inside its area of protection it is going to switch on the alarm. In case the property owners are in the area then the remote may be used to conveniently turn the sound off.

    In the event that the property owners are away and the alarm is activated the base unit will be triggered to contact approximately five pre-encoded telephone numbers. These telephone numbers may be the owners cellular number the neighborhood cops the building manager or anyone that could react quickly to the situation.

    The individual who answers the call is going to hear a prerecorded message that gives him 3 choices of a reaction. These are to listen in on activity in the room broadcast his voice over the base unit or turn off the home security system alarm.

    I installed the sensor on the primary door while I positioned the motion sensor on the wall facing the whole living area. I always make certain to switch on my security alarm system just before going out.

    I now discover that the usage of wireless security systems for home defense may be a simple but effective method to protect ones household from robbers and strangers.

  • When Exhaustion Leaves You Susceptible To Danger

    When his day at work is done my sweetheart still needs to make the trip towards the hospital to take care of his invalid older brother. After all those he makes time to see me either really late at night or early the next morning. His hours worry me as well as his weariness.

    I request that he see me less and spend some time to rest instead but he refuses to let me be the one to get neglected. To ease my nerves he has a stun weapon always. Now how do stun guns work precisely to give self-defense?

    Shane says to me that stun devices set-off a sudden release of electrical power to the body the moment in contact with it. Consequently the people receiving the electric shock becomes unable to move the muscles and remain balanced and may take a leak.

    The effects he assures me are non deadly and bring about absolutely no injury beyond repair. These are briefly lived and fade away soon after 20 to 40 minutes. The user need to use this opportunity to dart away and also dial 9-1-1.

    I recall exactly how Shane was drawn quickly to high voltage stun gun when he discovered them on the web. These discharge about or more than a million volts that translate to meaner results faster.

    He possesses a Stun Master 3.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun and flashlight. This was built conveniently enough to fit even within a little hand and feature an integrated charger. Furthermore the security switch has separate sections for the stun gun flashlight and powering off.

    Personally I like best that its a flashlight stun gun seeing that his moving about in the evening is precisely what troubles me the most. As I am thinking of obtaining a tiny stun gun for myself as well it may as well be this one.

    How do stun guns work effectively though when the wielder is female and bereft of any kind of self-defense abilities? My sweetheart says I would be surprised.

  • Simple Yet Effective Safety Solutions Young Urban Professionals Can Easily Utilize

    After finishing college I got a job within a software company as one of their programmers. Since my workplace was at Silicon Valley I had simply no choice but to move out of our home and rent a nearby condominium instead.

    Weeks before I would leave Washington my father lectured me on personal safety and how crucial it was to be ready. He recommended that I equip my home and myself with apt security alarms to alert me of any troubling situation.

    I followed my fathers recommendation which directed me to search online stores for burglar alarms which could do the task at hand. Upon my search I stumbled onto a UFO personal and home alarm and decided to give it a try.

    The home alarm that I obtained included an alligator clip long and short wrist straps a key chain and also a small screwdriver for quick set up. The alligator clip with the wrist straps function as the alarms trigger. And once its taken off a 120 dB alarm will be broadcast automatically for everyone to hear.

    What caught my attention was how these types of alarms could possibly be used both personally and at home. To add it is a home security tool which seems like an average UFO toy making my possible assailants think that it will not cause them problems.

    It is a versatile alarming product mainly because I could carry it around or put it up around the house. Within my bag it could are a personal alarm and also an emergency flashlight. Whether it is set up in the house it can be an effective home alarm which will alert me whenever somebody tries to force my doors windows and storage spaces open.

    Soon after several weeks of having one around I realized that alarms are simple however effective tools for enhancing the security of my home and other possessions.

    Purchasing a home security alarm for my personal security was among the best pieces of advice my father has given me. Personally I think it is proof that your mother and father truly know what is best for you.

  • The Reason Why Home Protection Is Very Important For All Dwelling Place

    After my own shift in the hospital I arrived home to see my apartment ransacked. My roommate was on the phone talking possibly to the police. Stunned I fired rapid questions of whether or not she was all right what the items taken from our home were and stuff like that.

    It was a great thing that no one was in the house when the flat was broken into. Since we had no form of home defense in any way we could have been raped or hurt by the intruders.

    The police department told us that we had better think about acquiring a home pepper spray to ensure that we could protect ourselves should our flat be broken into once again. Defense spray is a non-lethal device which leaves an agonizing feeling just like burning on the face and in the eyes of whoever it is sprayed at. The discomfort briefly immobilizes the enemy providing you with plenty of time to retreat and call for help.

    Pepper gel having a gelatinous material possesses a longer firing range in particular. Also it adheres like glue. Hence it cant be wiped off very easily by the assailant.

    My roommate obtained a Mace pepper gel Night Defender which has a built-in LED light. When the safety cover is lifted the light is turned on. This is going to offer us more precise aiming every time a burglar enters our apartment again.

    The 45-gram pepper spray gel contains ten to twenty bursts which could reach up to a distance of 18 feet. We placed it in our shared study in which we used the majority of our waking hours.

    Furthermore I purchased a magnum pepper gel for myself and a large model pepper gel for my roommate. The former contains 13 one-second bursts with a spraying range of 18 feet. The second meanwhile contains 7 one-second bursts that can also reach 18 feet. Both gel pepper sprays have flip-top security caps to be able to prevent unintended discharge.

    We can further utilize those other two gadgets for home defense by keeping them inside our bedrooms for convenient access versus burglars.

  • Effective Strategy Of Safeguarding Yourself Against Bullies

    My daddy left my mother and me when I was really young. I did not have a father to look up to and was often referred to as a wimp. I could see my mommy hurting over that but she had other concerns to deal with as well.

    High school was the worst for me. I would go back home with cuts as well as bruises from fights. After landing in the emergency room I understood it could not carry on that way forever. It was time for me to learn the best martial art for self defense.

    A cousin of mine suggested that I look into instructional fighting videos. He explained that he was able to protect himself successfully from an assault using tactics that he grabbed from Street Safe I. Here Paul Vunak shows a simple hand-to-hand fighting technique for personal protection.

    Given that the self-defense video worked great for my own cousin I made a decision to try it out. It appears that these DVDs are an excellent tool which regular guys just like me can utilize for protection.

    I always ended up in fights however did not usually end up winning. So when I stumbled upon Fight to Win by Jim West I realized that it is going to be ideal for me. I discovered numerous fighting strategies like the basics of punching.

    In the beginning I was thinking that street-fighting videos would be tough to grasp however I was wrong. I would say I had the worst fighting abilities then. Right now I truly have a chance to win.

    The moment a good friend of mine in college was assailed I made a decision to share my secret. I bought him Fast and Furious Street Smarts from Jacov Bresler. With this he would be able to protect himself from any person who crosses his path.

    All along all I needed was motivation to learn the best martial art for self defense. I wish I had found these types of training videos sooner. When I recently found myself in a fight once again I am pleased to share that it was the other person who was left inside the ER.

  • Things To Undertake To Be Able To Beef Up Security By Concealing Things In Plain Sight

    As soon as I relocated to Anaheim one of my concerns was securing the valuable possessions which I had. Getting a security vault had been my sole option at first until a good friend suggested secret safes that could be purchased over the internet.

    Hidden wall safes may provide durability and also security but their size alone makes it obvious for burglars to find these when they have broken into someones home. Instead I opted for small inconspicuous safes that can do the same job for a lesser price.

    Diversion safes are extremely different from the ones that many people know about. That is simply because these are disguised as normal household items than could be strategically put into places that they look normal and unnoticeable.

    For instance I purchased 7Up can safes that I placed in the kitchen cupboard together with the real canned sodas which I have in stock. In fact sometimes I grab them mistakenly from their places since they look so real that I forget theyre storage safes.

    I placed book safes in my reading corner that store my passport identification cards and some money. A flowerpot safe inside my rooms terrace on the other hand hides my watches wallets and jewelry in plain sight.

    The bathroom cleaner safe which keeps the key to my security deposit box at the bank looks wonderful under the sink. To make it look more convincingly gross I tossed in a dirty looking rug over it in order that nobody would even care touch it but me.

    Procuring diversion safes has been among the best investments that I have made to date in terms of securing my belongings in the home. Considering the small sum of cash that I spent on them they have served me well for several years now.

    If it were a choice between hidden wall safes and also little disguised safes I would definitely pick the second option as they are cheaper whimsical and also undeniably helpful for their compact sizes.

  • Ensuring Loved Ones Can Defend Themselves From Attackers

    The moment my girlfriend was attacked on her way home from work I held myself responsible for everything that happened. I was supposed to fetch her that evening however was immediately called into a dinner meeting. In order to avert a situation similar to this from occurring once again I decided to obtain her a self-defense device.

    I searched for options on the web and discover a stun gun flashlight. During my search I discovered that a stun gun emits an electrical shock towards the body of the recipient on direct impact. This particular shock will bring the enemy to the floor giving enough time to escape.

    Given its capabilities I was certain that a stun flashlight is going to be strong enough to help keep my girlfriend protected in the event that an assailant struck again. It was important that I found her a security tool with which she could defend herself easily.

    As further reassurance all stun devices are non-lethal weapons. This means that any effects induced are short-term and absolutely no permanent injury is inflicted on the target. Being aware of all that ought to put my girlfriend at ease when carrying a stun gadget.

    When I discovered a Stun Master 3.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun with flashlight I knew that it is going to be perfect. It is extremely slim has a safety switch and also fits comfortably in small hands. Since high voltage stun guns like this discharge approximately a million volts or more defense is speedier.

    This powerful stun gun came with a nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery and a charger. The benefit of rechargeable stun guns is that you will not have to worry consistently about having the battery replaced.

    Moreover flashlight stun guns are doubtless helpful for night use. They help give a better aim at the assailant as well.

    Purchasing a stun gun flashlight for my girlfriend helped put me at ease. Being aware that she has a personal safety tool in her possession makes me feel positive that she can defend herself when up against an attacker.

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