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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Ideas On How To Always Keep Your Things Safe From Burglars

    I received an unexpected telephone call from my sister one early morning. Her house had been broken into while she was spending a trip out of town with her fiance. Her jewelry hidden within her drawer had been wiped out.

    Learning from her experience I thought of buttressing our home with sophisticated home safety products despite the fact that I could hardly afford it. Fortunately I came across a range of decoy safes or diversion safes while browsing online.

    Unlike the normal safe that is generally made of steel as well as costs a fortune these decoy safes are concealed as normal merchandise. The disguises are products normally seen inside the home so that whenever a burglar sees them he would feel that they are ordinary house products.

    While sorting through various diversion safes I was struck immediately with an idea. I obtained an Ajax household cleaner safe to conceal my precious jewelry. Along with other cleaning products it is unnoticeable and strategically placed.

    Considering that I tend to get locked out of the house a lot I obtained a stone safe in order that I could utilize it to hide the front door key. It may be an old trick to hide a key under a rug or rock however this one hides it inside. When an intruder suspects that a key is hidden beneath it he will be disappointed to find out nothing there.

    A wall socket safe is one more favorite of mine. Who would think to examine an innocent-looking electrical outlet and risk getting electrocuted? That is the reason why I feel confident regarding hiding our weekly allowance and an emergency credit card within it.

    Home robbers will devote only a couple of minutes ransacking a home. They have their target spots where to look for valuable items. When those valuables are hidden within covert hiding safes instead their time is going to be up before they can find anything at all.

    I find decoy safes or diversion safes the best hiding places for the small but expensive items that I hold dear. Housebreakers can be ruthlessly thorough so I am happy to be well prepared for that.

  • Exactly How Understanding Stun Gun Laws Can Avert Legal Complications

    The dark attracts many troublemakers. Being helpless whenever an assaulter all of the sudden jumps on you isnt a nice situation. When you are always carrying a self-defense weapon like a stun gun no one can hurt you so easily.

    If you like heading to music fests like the Sunfest in Florida then you know that you need to be prepared. With many people gathering for the party virtually any mishap may occur including crime incidents. But before considering having a stun gun know about Florida stun gun laws stating its legalities and also restrictions.

    Like Florida numerous states inside the U.S. carry out strict policies towards having stunning tools. Stun gun laws in many parts of the country limit the use of the device within the owners home.

    There have been a growing number of instances of stun weapons being utilized inappropriately. This is the key reason why existing Florida stun gun laws claim that citizens should first apply for a special permit just before they can own one. The applicant should be of legal age and demonstrate competency in having the weapon.

    In the states of Hawaii Massachusetts Michigan Rhode Island Wisconsin as well as New Jersey the possession of a stun gun is regarded illegal. Their state laws consider this device dangerous. New York City Annapolis and Baltimore also forbid the owning of stun guns.

    In case you are planning a visit to Florida or are among the locals who plan to purchase a stun gun it generally pays to be smart. Check out what are authorized or limited by Florida stun gun laws.

    Stun guns have became popular as self-defense gadgets mainly because of their potent nature. Even though they are non-lethal weapons and give no long lasting harm they can give an incapacitating impact that is just as effective as that of virtually any lethal weapon.

    It is extremely critical to protect yourself when attending a raucous event such as Floridas Sunfest music festival. However be sure that you stick to Florida stun gun laws to avoid troubles with the authorities.

  • How College Students Can Ward Off Danger

    Living away from my parents has been very hard for me and for my mom and father too. I am a sophomore college student living in a dorm and 2 years of being separated from my loved ones has been nothing but a challenge. I have needed to look after my own and learn how to become independent.

    On my parents part they have always been concerned for my very own safety just like me getting back home from school in the evening or accomplishing assignments until way late at friends houses. So as a safety precaution mom and dad recommended I obtain a personal alarm system to ensure that I remain secure even without any help.

    Personal alarms are useful as well as practical for scaring criminal offenders away because they attract attention towards you and place you in the spotlight so that other folks know what is going on. Besides a personal alarm is a non-lethal form of self-defense getting you the help you require without causing injury to others.

    A great example is the mini personal alarm with key chain and belt clip that I wound up buying. It is sleek as well as small that makes it easy to carry around.

    Even though small in size this particular personal safety alarm can give off 101 dB of sound which will call the interest of people within a 100-meter radius.

    My mini alarm isnt any trouble to activate and deactivate with only one click of a button. Portable alarms like these are convenient for students like me to carry around since they can fit conveniently in a pocket or purse.

    Moreover personal security alarms are inexpensive which makes them smart purchases for young adults such as myself. They are cheaper as well as a lot more practical when compared with many other safe self-defense weapons.

    With a personal alarm system tucked someplace in my bag or pocket I dont have to worry about a wrongdoer attacking me. More importantly this gives my parents peace of mind and also assurance that Im protected despite the fact that Im not with them.

  • Utilization Of Simple Things To Safeguard Yourself From Threat

    Defending your life is not something which you can place a schedule on. You have to be prepared to do it continuously. In those occasions when it is awkward to bring a bag and your own cell phone and keys are the only items that you can bring you will need to use either of those things for self-defense if necessary.

    Or that is exactly what my very own self-defense trainer tells me. I surely wouldnt want to strike my own enemy using my android phone but a set of keys is a different matter simply because that is a lot cheaper.

    Being a librarian I often keep late hours and every other Friday I go out for a few drinks together with my pals. On those days I just bring my wallet phone and house keys with me because I do not expect to drive home.

    The concept of using keys for self-defense is not new however the trick is in figuring out the proper way to hold them. I was thinking that the most secure way with the head of the key flush in between my own fingers was fine but it turned out to be the weakest grip.

    In training we were trained to hold a key with the head flat on the mounds of the palm at the base of the fingers or to hold it as if youre turning a vehicle key. Seemingly that was much more stable.

    Soon after that session along with my coach I purchased this Heart Attack keychain which Im able to grip perfectly. It is black and shaped a lot more like the spade on a deck of cards. The Heart Attack is similar to though much better than keys.

    One time we almost got into a fight outside the bar but after seeing that we got something sharp coming out of our knuckles the other guys decided to just walk away.

    You cant be very picky about the tools you use for defending your life. You need to be flexible enough to get by with whatever is handy. In my case I made certain I have exactly that.

  • Pointers On Precisely How Not To End Up Being Sufferers Of Campus Crimes

    I was the rich kid during high school and drove visibly expensive vehicles. I may have been picked on for that were it not that my father was a lawyer. A schoolmate who dared rough me up received a temporary restraining order as absurd as that sounds.

    Not one of this mattered during college. Robbers more than punks ogled my own Porsche the type that would not heckle but perhaps kill for it. I wised up and got me some Mace pepper gel for personal protection as being rich did not make me protected from being mugged.

    My last pre-college partner possessed defense spray. She revealed that this produces an unpleasant burning sensation to the skin as well as the eyes to disable the recipient. Potent self defense sprays further restrict respiration force the eyes to fold as well as trigger stubborn coughing as well as retching.

    The effects are short-term as well as bring about absolutely no lasting impairment. You have enough time to flee and speed-dial for assistance while these weaken in fifteen to forty five minutes. These are non-lethal.

    Garden-variety defense sprays in liquid did not cut it for me though ones settled into gel did. These gel defense sprays cling just like adhesive to the skin and soak through much more with any kind of effort by whoever was hit to rub them off.

    Furthermore I read that self defense spray gel includes a stronger solution which can get to greater distances. Being less contaminating and not combustible too they are practical to utilize indoors. Given that gel sticks there is no possibility of overspray.

    The Mace Magnum Model pepper gel that I have is 79 grams chock-full of scorching-hot personal protection in 13 one-second bursts effective through eighteen feet. Moreover this is outfitted with a flip-top safety cover against accidental discharge.

    I believe that any individual whether or not wealthy or poor can be a target of crime. With my Mace pepper gel for self defense I dont have to be a willing prey. I mean I was born wealthy but this doesnt mean that Im lazy.

  • Keeping Your House Secure Using An Inexpensive Home Security System

    Early this year I was uneasy about leaving the house to visit Cape Cod for a vacation but my spouse assured me that he was looking into getting an alarm system for our new property. We had already invested a lot of money in the house to leave it unattended for long.

    Instead of being reassured I became even more concerned about the price. Regular security companies generally need you to obtain a subscription which could cost a lot of money a year plus of course they must install wires everywhere.

    I handle the payments that our office here in Missouri provides the security company each month so I know. Thankfully my husband found a cheaper alternative. It works nearly the same manner as a conventional security system however without the subscription and also the cables.

    The HomeSafe wireless home security system is just like other such security systems in that the base unit signals an alarm and dials a telephone number to inform that movement has been discovered or that a door or window has been opened.

    You can program approximately five telephone numbers which the machine will call in succession when the previous number does not respond. The individual answering can choose to listen in broadcast their voice from a speaker inside the base unit or turn off the alarm.

    Thus in our situation we put our telephone numbers first 2 of our most trusted neighbors phone numbers and lastly the cops.

    I also love that this kind of home defense system was really easy to set up. Seriously. No drilling no wiring. I totally intend to give one to my sister that resides within an apartment within Hampshire in case she doesnt already have one set up.

    Going on a vacation shouldnt make you a nervous wreck over the precious house you are leaving behind for a moment. With this wireless alarm system installed at our house I am surely going to enjoy our much needed trip at Cape Cod.

  • Learning Self-Defense Moves To Safeguard Yourself

    I was mugged a month ago. The memory of being held at gunpoint the feel of the cold metal of firearm at my head continuously provide me nightmares. However I am aware that life goes on. So as to defend myself should I ever be attacked again I began seeking a self-defense training close to my residence.

    As soon as I told my room buddy with regards to my plan she suggested that I look up Vladimir Vasiliev on the internet. Apparently just before she transferred to the Big Apple to get a job she and also her siblings had all watched a self-defense DVD of Vasiliev.

    I searched the name on the net. I have always had a fascination with Russian spies and wondered if Vasiliev was once one.

    Russian agents were trained in espionage as well as fighting. Their depiction in U.S. media as expert fighters is undeniable considering that their capabilities truly are exceptional.

    Without hesitation I bought Vasilievs Russian System. This instructional fighting video exhibits how to hit your attacker without even forming a fist. It furthermore teaches how to utilize your knees to disarm an opponent.

    The self-defense video also offers several Russian moves. One technique I like particularly is the Trinity Shot that uses swift hand and foot moves in order to defeat an assailant. In the beginning it appeared a little hard to perform thus I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was really simple to do and that it was adaptable to no matter what fitness level you got.

    Soon after only a 7 days of watching the street-fighting video I changed my mind about signing up for a martial arts class. I was already quite confident about my personal protection tactics and also how to carry out them properly.

    Vladimir Vasiliev definitely knows his stuff and shown to me once again the reason why Russians know how to take on their fights. If I am ever be assaulted once more I now know that I have a fighting chance.

  • Greatest Things About Utilizing Small Stun Guns

    Several of the smallest stun guns that you can see in the market these days are personal stun guns. They bear the aim of virtually any usual stun gun which is to protect a person from any bad guy by the initiation of shock and paralysis into that persons body.

    Obviously small stun guns are more compact than the normal ones even though the level of their result is at par with standard stun guns.

    Since personal stun guns ought to be handy and also lightweight they are a lot more likely set inside the bag or pocket. Whenever hiding a mini stun gun what some individuals do is to keep it inside their hand. Just how it completely fits in there without getting seen is not a secret but it will still be a fascinating magic trick to see.

    Placing little stun guns in uncommon areas of your body could really be a good option. In the event you come into an unexpected attack from an opponent you can always get your stun gun fast without making him realize that you already acquired the weapon which will make him freeze for some minutes.

    In case you are thinking of personal stun guns which are tiny but nevertheless effective a Runt stun gun might be the ideal weapon of choice. In reality it could fit in your hands completely and no person will fully realize precisely what is in there until they finally feel its effects.

    Taking into consideration the size of a small stun gun nobody will really expect that it is capable of exerting a power output which could range between 2.5 up to 4.5 million volts. Now that would really result in some damage.

    Also you do not have to get worried about the batteries because most tiny stun guns from sellers include at least a couple of free batteries.

    Now personal stun guns needs to be really meant for your personal use in a sense that you would be able to take one anywhere you go for one thing: protection. To that end all stun guns are non deadly tools and would not result in lasting damage.

  • Effective Manner Of Keeping The Net Safe For Kids

    Being a mom of a ten-year-old and a seven-year-old I am pretty concerned with how they access the family PC. I was encouraged to purchase Internet safety software that could help me on that matter.

    I came across child-safe Web browsers that were designed specifically for kids. The common fun as well as vibrant user interface is designed to be interactive as well as kid-friendly. They normally work on any of Mac and also Windows personal computers. These types of Web browsers for youngsters have a simple and easy navigation menu which lets the children to navigate with little guidance from their mother and father.

    The KIDS netSafe Web browser that I picked has a pop-up as well as adult content blocker that keeps the children from being able to access detrimental Internet sites. It has pre-loaded Barbie Nickelodeon and PBS Kids websites too. With this kind of browser the mother and father can obtain a seven-day history of the visited Web sites at any given time. The parents could even remove the address bar in order that the children cannot take a look at more sites.

    Before I purchased my safe Web browser for kids I was shocked to find many Web sites that were not fit for kids in the family computers browser history. The finding alarmed me so I went on buying the child-safe Web browser that I found recently.

    I told my children that they were not permitted to access websites that were not ideal for their age. I also told them that if they desired to conduct some additional research on the web they should ask for my assistance.

    Peer pressure is usually the reason that children try to browse through restricted websites these days. And I believe my children are going through that stage.

    One day I needed to make a grocery run. I left my hubby in the garage and the children in front of the PC. I replaced the parent password before they could access the internet.

    As soon as I came home somehow I felt more secure. It feels better to know that Internet safety software can help you turn into a more responsible and caring parent.

  • How High-Profile Executives Can Also Protect Themselves From Possible Danger

    I got my big break as soon as I was hired as second in command in a neighborhood hotels security detail. The problem was that the owners little girl operated the place. She as well as I have intense history while in high school that ended with me being the one leaving.

    Now then I cant have the lady boss sustain so much as a scratch and not have it weigh on me some more. So despite being armed myself I made her check into cell phone stun guns for one which she wouldnt mind going around with always.

    She was accustomed to stun weapons. These engender a sudden discharge of electricity into the body while in contact. As a result the receiver becomes unable to move his muscles as well as continue to be balanced and could tumble over soon enough.

    The results are momentary lingering simply right up until twenty to forty minutes. These are non fatal as well as trigger no untreatable harm. Her task is to escape and find help before time is up.

    I persuaded her to focus on disguised stun guns specifically. Her foes are conscious that she has security guards all over although not that she keeps a self defense tool too. They could hit the wrong way and that gives us a chance to fight back.

    Because it masquerades as some hapless camera mobile phone her 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun device remains under the radar. It is equipped with a very bright 12 LED light for nighttime effectiveness. Only she and also I are aware of this.

    Certainly I stress that it is a high voltage stun weapon and she is not to go around stunning people with millions of debilitating electrical current. As soon as that is needed though she can make it count and make it hurt.

    Somewhere between checking cell phone stun guns out on the internet my employer-slash-ex-fling and I did likewise try to make peace with our past. With the personal defense weapon that I got her I would not wish to be one of her opponents.

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