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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Exactly How To Cease An Attack Making Use Of A Stun Gun

    As a single mommy living in Ingle California I realized early on that it is essential to have self-defense gadgets inside the house and on your person. I have previously experienced a scenario wherein I needed stun gun protection certainly.

    I kept myself calm accomplished exactly what I needed to do and was lucky enough to escape with only some bruises. Utilizing non-lethal stun gun protection truly provided me more courage to deal with my opponent. I knew I wasnt gonna hurt him forever so I had no issues with regards to electrically shocking him.

    It felt comforting that I was capable to defend myself. I am sure that I had made the appropriate choice with the stun gun which I obtained.

    Stun guns function by unloading a powerful electrical charge on an attacker. Contact with the assailant is necessary in transmitting the electrical current. This will lead to the immediate disruption of electric signals normally flowing in our body from the brain to muscular tissues.

    That is the technology driving prevailing stun gun protection. The disturbance made by the electric shock provided by the stun gun will result in fast involuntary muscle spasms. The failure to control muscular tissues will come about simultaneously. All these will finally lead the lawbreaker to lie weak on the floor.

    The opponent will experience the stun even though the point of contact is made through a clothed area. It does not matter which area of the body the stun gun gets in contact with. The opponent wont have the a chance to make an attack on you again.

    Products that provide comprehensive stun gun protection such as the Stun Master 4.5 million volt multi-function stun gun have got more than the stunning effect. A stun gun could have a built-in personal alarm that provides your plight to the attention of other people and bring about intimidation.

    A bright LED flashlight can be utilized to light the way at night or may be aimed at the assailants eyes to confuse him. Red emergency lighting help aid in signaling to other people who you are in need of assistance.

  • Easy As Well As Effective Means Of Offering Protection To The Entire Family

    It was not unexpected when I as a protective daddy offered my family and home with numerous tools for defense. In the beginning I was planning on buying these separately but wondered if getting them as a pack would be easier to me.

    In order to solve my concern I searched the web for various kinds of self defense family members could use separately. The moment I ran across a SafeFamilyLife Being Safe at Home Survival Kit Advanced System I ultimately decided to give it a try.

    The kit contained one auto dialer the multipurpose UFO alarm 4 glass breakage security alarms two magnetic door alarms a motion detector hidden camera a diversion safe two 2 oz. pepper sprays with wall brackets and one 4 oz. pepper spray. To add the pack included an instructional manual and all the battery packs for the tools.

    I set up the auto dialer as well as window and door alarms on the first level of our own home. If the doors and windows are opened from the outside the security alarms will send out a signal to the auto dialer that will call as much as five pre-programmed numbers ranging from the local police to my neighbors and also my very own cell phone.

    The motion detector hidden camera was placed in a corner in which it has a full look at the living room. This way I could monitor the caretakers activities discreetly each time we are away.

    I provided the pepper sprays to my wife and daughters. They could use each sprays non-lethal mist to cause a painful burning sensation on their assailants eyes that could provide them with a small window of opportunity to flee and also call for assistance.

    As for the UFO alarm as well as diversion safe I offered these to my other child who is at UCLA. She could use the alarm to quickly call for attention when someone is harassing her and the diversion safe to hide her valuable belongings from plain sight.

    Finding this simple solution for self defense family safety issues could all be resolved which was enough for me to be assured of my households overall security.

  • Things To Think About Just Before Bringing Pepper Spray To A Different Place

    I was robbed close to my place of work one evening roughly one month ago. It is a good thing that some people came out around the corner and therefore the mugger took off. I told myself that I had better begin carrying a self-defense spray everywhere I went.

    However I was not even certain if this was legal. In which states was pepper spray illegal? I must know first.

    I discovered that Michigan where I reside and work allows pepper spray containing only 10 percent oleoresin capsicum its active ingredient. And as long as I utilize one whenever physical force is warranted I am all right.

    In the event that I visit my home state of New York it is a somewhat different story. Over there people can get self-defense spray only from locally licensed firearms retailers or accredited pharmacists. I would need to leave my pepper spray spray back in Ann Arbor and buy another one the moment I reach Manhattan.

    Much like in New York the people of Massachusetts can buy self-defense sprays only locally from licensed gun sellers. So I cant bring mine over there on business trips either.

    On the other hand just like Michigan Wisconsin where my sister stays allows pepper spray with only 10 percent oleoresin capsicum. Moreover its contents have to weigh from 15 to 60 grams only. Also it cant be disguised and it needs to have a security switch. The spray range cant be more than twenty feet or less than 6 feet. The content label needs to have the makers contact number and state that the product is not for sale to minors.

    I always consider the regular safety precautions anywhere I go - avoid dark areas watch my back stuff like that. I now also carry around my pepper spray everywhere.

    Even though there was no state where I discovered pepper spray illegal in America some have restrictions. I just need to know the regulations on its use within each city or state that I visit which is good given that I feel considerably safer having one wherever I go.

  • How To Utilize An EMD Weapon To Provide Protection To Yourself From Possible Danger

    A wide selection of stun guns can be found in the market that purchasing one for your own personal use can be overwhelming. With a great number of styles and features available around it is hard to select which is the most effective.

    There is the Advanced Taser M18L together with other stun gadgets having distinct sets of capabilities to make them stick out. Stun guns are personal protection tools that emit volts of electrical energy. The moment it touches a targets body this kind of device administers electrical shock which disrupts movement briefly.

    However the stun gun effects last just for several moments forty minutes at most so you should flee as far away from the scene of danger as you can. Furthermore you can call the attention of other people nearby or search for a law enforcement officer near the place.

    An effective stun gadget should be able to perform excellent stunning action without dealing long term damage. The Advanced Taser M18L for example was developed with the use of electro-muscular disruption or EMD technology. This sets off a mechanism which overrides physical movement.

    The technology initiates muscle contraction and is able to penetrate any kind of pain threshold. It means that no one not even those with high tolerance for pain can get away from the Taser effects. Even the most hardcore attacker will fall once in contact with this kind of weapon.

    The Advanced Taser M18L has underwent changes and is presently offered as the Taser M-26C. This particular EMD weapons design is fashioned after the one used by the police.

    The Taser M-26C is a long-range stun weapon. Wires that have darts at the end are connected to the device which deals out the EMD tech. It can reach a target which is fifteen feet away.

    Plus together with the laser sight feature you can constantly hit a bulls eye making use of the Advanced Taser M18L. This enables you to inflict harm directly on your target without a miss.

  • Suggestions On Storing Money Safely Aside From A Bank

    A lot of banks have been closing down so that people are becoming cautious about holding their money in bank accounts. Many have been choosing to store their money inside the home. That is where diversion safes come in handy.

    These types of safes look like either household items or novelty items but actually serve a real purpose. They are extremely powerful at storing your valuables and keeping thieves from scoring those if ever one robs your home. This is because they look like regular items found inside or outside the home.

    A rock diversion safe or thermometer safe for example is usually used for keeping keys outdoors in the event you lock yourself out. Yet there are other styles to fit your taste and they could stash more than just keys.

    I am particularly fond of the disguised safes that look like food items. A beer can safe and a soup can safe are two which I have inside my kitchen.

    I thought that thieves wouldnt take the trouble searching my kitchen for expensive loot. And if they did are aware of diversion safes they will still have a difficult time going through all the food within my pantry just to find my cash as well as jewelry.

    They would never guess either that I have 4 months worth of my salary held in a flowerpot safe. This hidden safe literally looks just like a flowerpot!

    I have a real flower in soil that I water daily sitting on my life savings. Not even my loved ones realizes what is saved inside this pot and that it does double duty: making my house more inviting while keeping my money well-protected.

    Diversion safes as simple and cost-effective as they are really are brilliant if you ask me. They look so natural that no person would suspect them of holding valuable things. For many who want to take extra measures to keep their cash liquid as well as out of banks these are precisely the things in which to invest.

  • Ways To Keep Pet Dogs At A Distance

    After working as a deliveryman for 5 years now and having been attacked by pet dogs many times I have eventually discovered the best solution to dog hostility - dog repellent spray. Its a specific kind of pepper spray to be used only for dogs.

    Pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons that bring about momentary incapacitation by leaving behind a burning feeling within the assailants eyes or on the skin. Besides ordinary pepper sprays there are those intended for use on bears and others still on dogs.

    Dog pepper spray functions similarly to a common pepper spray however it should be used just on dogs and not on humans. Similarly regular pepper spray must not be utilized on dogs as it might have different effects. The former was fashioned purely to defend against dogs.

    Its a non-lethal defense spray that effectively decreases the possibility of long term injury in both people as well as dogs throughout a canine attack. Much like regular defense sprays however its effects let a canine to recuperate.

    I particularly utilize a Mace canine repellent. It has 17 grams of pepper spray for dogs that can last for up to 10 one-second sprays. It can reach dogs which are 8 to 10 feet away so I dont need to wait for the canine to be close just before I spray. Furthermore it features a flip-top safety cover so I wont dispense it accidentally.

    I constantly place my very own dog spray on my person whenever I am making a delivery. So when I went to deliver to someone who had a scary pet dog on the loose within his backyard I pulled it out right away and sprayed the incoming very angry canine.

    The dog got distracted giving me time to go to my van. The pepper spray did not really hurt the canine. It simply kept him busy while I fled to safety.

    After that I never removed my dog repellent spray in my pocket again. It saved me as well as the dog both from injuries.

  • Simple Yet Effective Way Of Warding Off Attackers

    Lately a workmate of mine was robbed while going to work. Ever since I saw her at the hospital I thought of purchasing one of the personal alarms for women which I read about a few weeks ago while surfing around the web. These types of alarming gadgets save your life by scaring away individuals who would want to hurt you. They are non-lethal weapons for personal defense which you can bring around together with you.

    On one occasion my closest friend told me about precisely how effective her personal alarm with flashlight was in protecting her life a few times. Its a truly unique personal security alarm to own.

    It is very small and could fit conveniently in tiny hands. The portable alarm produces a 130 dB sound. Its flashlight feature could help you see you way in dark areas during the night. Even children can use this one.

    It took me a very long time to find what would suit me best but eventually I picked out THE ONE. I opted to purchase an electric pocket/keychain whistle.

    I push the button and it will cry out a 120 dB whistle. Unless I discontinue pushing the whistle is going to continue. Its battery-operated and could be used in military training emergencies dog-handling and managing traffic.

    The moment my younger sibling came home out of breath one day and said that she was being chased by a guy who wanted her bag I knew that she had to have a personal safety alarm as well. I got her a keychain alarm with light the very next day.

    It possesses a flashing light and also a 130 dB sound. You simply pull out the pin linked to the key chain or press the button. The light could also be utilized as a normal flashlight.

    Without a doubt personal alarms for women ought to be mandatory gadgets besides the cell phone. Women should be able to defend themselves at all times since you never know when attackers will strike.

  • Keeping Oneself Fit And Protected At The Same Time

    There are occasions when I find myself worried to head to work each time I am assigned the night shift in the hospital. During my free time I surf the Internet for combat training lessons that suit my budget and also busy way of living.

    Self-defense DVDs are definitely within my budgets reach. And also Im able to fixed a convenient schedule in the privacy of my own home. I could even ask my closest friend to accompany me in the lessons. We could sure make use of them especially when we travel to and from work.

    I was truly decided to study self-defense hence I bought an instructional fighting DVD which I thought could help me attain effectively the things I wanted - become strong defend myself as well as eliminate fear.

    I ultimately chose Unarmed Combat Course by Frank Cucci. It seemed like an extremely realistic type of training that could be utilized by anyone. Imagine being able to learn Thai kickboxing Filipino-style street-fighting and Jeet Kune Do by yourself.

    Street-fighting DVDs typically have complicated moves as well as special physical requirements however this one simply needs minimal athletic skills. It is extremely simple to study as well as use and appears to have been proven extremely successful. I am not a tall female but it says that I could take down somebody bigger than I am.

    I had the opportunity to apply what I have learned when I went home at four in the morning once. I took my normal route by the row of alleys. Out of the blue a guy appeared in front of me and pointed a knife at me.

    Right then I saw an abandoned walking cane by the trash bin and made use of it to hit the man at various pressure points on his body including his throat.

    The assailant gasped for air. Some men took him by the arms as we waited for the cops. The combat training which I undergone at home definitely worked. I have not felt so fearless in my entire life!

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