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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Effective Manner Of Safeguarding Oneself Successfully From Troublemakers

    Relocating to the city has been pretty overwhelming for me especially since I live in an area that is not exactly safe. One night while going home I was cornered in an alley by several men who then beat me up soon after taking my belongings.

    The incident left me in the emergency room and I surely wouldnt like a repeat of that. Im a man and have to learn how to fight for my life. I figured that I had to study the best self defense martial arts techniques in order to remain unharmed.

    A pal at the office told me that he was able to save himself while using the fighting moves which he learned from the Fast and Furious Street Smarts DVD. On this video Jacov Bresler provides the speed-learning of hand-to-hand techniques which can really be used in real-life conditions.

    Since that instructional fighting DVD was useful for him I made a decision to look for self defense videos for my own training. It is great to know that these types of videos are around to aid ordinary guys just like me learn how to fight for self defense and stop an opponent.

    I thought we would get the Unarmed Combat Course DVD by Frank Cucci. He shows simple hand-to-hand fighting techniques which are easy to use. Even when I did not have any prior fighting experience I didnt have trouble mastering the defensive techniques.

    I learned that these street-fighting videos offer special defense techniques that can be perfected by any person. With these kinds of fighting skills you have a good chance versus any kind of foe.

    It was important for me that my younger brother back home learned how to defend himself as well. So I got him the Small Mans Advantage DVD from Bob Taylor. It teaches unique martial arts techniques that will defeat an opponent of any size.

    The best self defense martial arts videos provide incredible training against any enemy. With the brand new techniques that I learned I feel certain that I will never wind up in the emergency room once again.

  • Things To Bear In Mind Regarding Self-Defense Particularly When You Are A Rookie

    I was the very last individual I knew to ever think about acquiring a personal security tool. I like to view the good in men and women and kept the thought that a mugger can be reasoned with. Obviously I am neither naive nor oblivious to all the crimes taking place left and right.

    When I took an interest eventually in mastering precisely how to protect myself it was chancing on the Z Force stun gun that flipped me onto the use of stun devices. I always wished to discover self-defense that is strong without being vulnerable to the abuse of power.

    It would seem that low voltage stun guns are specifically to my liking. These release just the enough level of electric shock straight into the human body during contact so as to incapacitate a wrongdoer from pursuing an attack.

    Take the Z Force stun gun which offloads 100000 volts of electricity as well as another that launches 300000 volts. They bring about short term incapacitation loss of muscle control and also equilibrium and confusion without inducing needless physical pain.

    Absolutely it does not hurt any that either kind is fairly convenient to take along being a length of 5 inches and also 6.5 inches variously. I reckon that I can handle a small stun gun without much problems when it comes time to take one out.

    Discovering the Z Force stun gun introduced me to thin stun guns actually which have been granted a slender built to fit most hand sizes effortlessly. Given that girls often possess littler hands it was crucial for me to nail down the weapon size to match.

    Furthermore I got to understand while searching for the Z Force stun gun that self-defense gear were never intended for engaging in fight. While the attacker is immobile the victim-to-be is supposed to utilize the time to escape.

    As all stun guns are non fatal weapons they do not cause long term injuries. In a real-life scenario this means that I must seek out rescue before my gadgets effects fizzle out by the end of 15 to 45 minutes.

  • Tips Regarding How To Effectively Protect Love Ones Versus Intruders

    A couple of friends and I have living in the same apartment for 5 years ever since college days. It is a duplex. The landlady that resides in the other apartment with a son aged eight is just like a second mommy to us four. Shes been on our side through thick and thin.

    Following a break-in that put our old ladys life on the line the 4 of us resolved to look for her the most effective home security merchandise. Ever so humble and headstrong as well she declined and started looking into cheap homemade self defense weapons instead.

    Definitely we disapproved. All of us wanted for Ma the kind of home protection which we would want for ourselves and nothing less. It was fortunate that we chanced upon telescopic steel batons. They were dependable as well as cheap and should make everybody happy.

    As the web stated self-defense batons are of sufficient length to make some distance between an assailant and also you. Ma might not defeat a younger crook face to face yet can have one over him in case he cant get to her first.

    Expandable batons are definitely the longest kinds by design given that their size wont be a hindrance to their maneuverability. From the things I have observed these protract to picks of 16 21 or 26 inches with a swift move of the wrist.

    Not merely are they long enough but also short enough. Whenever you have no need yet for yours flick your wrist once again and it folds up to a handy size which will be quite easy to stow away and move around with.

    What we came across were made from durable steel and also had rubber handles for secure holding. Each purchase of telescopic steel baton included a durable nylon carrier for free.

    Ma loved our own gift of an extendable baton and we loved her own idea similarly of homemade self defense weapons though the good sorts and not the below average ones which she had considered in the beginning.

  • Importance Of Having A Personal Protection Device To Help Protect Yourself

    I am a struggling theater performer having emphasis on struggling. Thus I am employed being a part-time barista to make ends meet. I usually assigned at the closing schedule at the cafe that is a 10-minute walk coming from my apartment.

    Yesterday while I was on my way home I spotted two homeless men walking a few meters behind me. I was not frightened at first but when I turned a corner to my street and they did the exact same thing I came to be gripped with fear. The moment I got home I told myself that I ought to probably get a self-defense tool. I had heard a great deal about pepper spray coming from my fellow baristas. However what is Mace truly effective for when it comes to real use?

    Pepper spray as a non-lethal device immobilizes an attacker momentarily if it is sprayed onto the face and into the eyes. The spray causes an excruciating feeling similar to burning rendering the enemy incapable of continuing his attack.

    A friend at work possesses a Mace 10% PepperGard personal pepper spray that has a flip-top security cap to be able to avert accidental discharge. It offers ten one-second bursts that can reach a range of 8 to 12 feet. Designed for outdoor activities it possesses a belt clip for easy access.

    Given that I wasnt yet fully decided on what to buy my pal recommended a Leather Plus pepper spray that could fit in any of my handbags or the pocket of my jeans or coat. This kind of key chain pepper spray has 5 one-second bursts as well as a spraying range of 10 feet.

    She also suggested a pocket model pepper spray. It has a finger-grip dispenser making spraying easy. This little pepper spray contains five one-second bursts that can attain a range of six to 12 feet.

    I decided to purchase the latter however I need to wait for my credit card bill first just before I buy one.

    Well then what is Mace like for felons that have no idea that their target is armed? They would certainly get the surprise of their lives when the spray hits them.

  • How Nighttime Joggers Can Best Provide Protection To Themselves From Possible Danger

    I love jogging because it is the easiest exercise for me. I dont often have time during the morning because of work so I normally jog in the evening. However my hubby worries about me whenever I go out for a run because he thinks I am defenseless although I know a little bit of karate.

    In order to pacify him and to ensure that he doesnt protest each time I head out I decided to buy myself a self-defense device. It was challenging to take a pick considering that there were so many to select from. Ultimately I settled for the X26 Taser which I felt matched my needs.

    I preferred to arm myself using a Taser because of the flexibility it offers. I can make use of it long-range or short-range so there is no escape for my attacker. It features two probes linked to wires which make it possible for me to protect myself within 15 feet. It is apart from the contact stun gun effect of the probes in case of a close quarter attack.

    Despite inflicting pain through electrical shock Tasers are non-lethal. They use electro-muscular disruption or EMD technology that can immobilize assailants having high pain tolerance along with regular stun gun technology which leaves only short-term pain.

    Tasers is going to unleash 50000 volts towards the targeted body. Once the assailant is down there will be enough time to run away from the scene of danger and find some assistance.

    One thing I like concerning the Taser X26C is that it is light in weight which is suitable for night jogging. Via a central information display I see when the battery is going out a countdown timer and also warranty information.

    I could upgrade the software inside. Furthermore this particular Taser stun gun makes use of a digital power magazine that computes that magazines life expectancy and tells me when I have to recharge the unit.

    Now I bring my X26 Taser whenever I go for a jog at night. It fits perfectly inside my small fanny pack!

  • How To Conceal Belongings Where Burglars Wont Take The Time Searching

    A lot of people said that I was too trusting and that this trait would work versus me eventually. I do think that moment arrived when my roommates cousin had several sleepovers and also my things started out disappearing.

    I never imagined that I will feel the need to utilize secret hiding compartments. I never had a problem with my roommate whom I look at as my closest friend. However her cousin was yet another story.

    There was a time I forgot to carry my mobile phone along with me. When I left the room for my early morning class the cousin was around and also becoming prepared to leave. I returned for my mobile phone immediately after my class but it wasnt where I had left it.

    Some other occurrences took place and I could not dismiss them any longer. To prevent creating bad blood between my roommate and also me my option then was to conceal my valuables in diversion safes.

    Even though these goods work as security safes their appearance belies their true nature. I really thought that I hit jackpot with one of these covert hiding safes simply because their normal appearances would never tell a burglar that theyre hiding my belongings.

    Being a typical soda drinker I utilized a 7UP soda can safe to hide important jewelry. The cousin was used to seeing soda cans littering my study table therefore I felt certain that she would not look into another harmless-looking can for loot.

    I discovered a book safe that fuses effectively throughout my book collection. Moreover I utilize one that is like a peanut butter jar to keep my monthly allowance that my parents work very difficult to give me. My Pringles can safe consists of essential bits and pieces that will be of value to an unscrupulous individual.

    These kinds of secret hiding compartments have saved not just my possessions but also my relationship with my closest friend. I never imagined that hiding my things in the open would keep them from being stolen however thats how it is.

  • Effective Way Of Keeping Your Whole Family Protected Whenever Camping Out On The Wilderness

    My family really loves to head out camping. This is a bonding adventure for us. Meanwhile not every camping areas are safe. Thus we have to ensure our own security every time we head out camping.

    Because of the continuous danger and threats of nature all of us always carry tools and also devices to keep us safe. These include Bear Mace that is a kind of defense spray created only for use against bears.

    Defense sprays are non-lethal weapons that immobize an opponent temporarily. These target the eyes and/or skin of the enemy causing a painful burning sensation within these areas. As the attacker works on relieving his pained eyes/skin the victim then has enough time to run away and find help.

    Strong pepper sprays can obstruct respiration or trigger coughing and choking. You will find defense sprays meant for use with people and others with bears. The latter is surely beneficial to my loved ones and all those who go camping regularly.

    Bear spray works similarly to an ordinary pepper spray. Only it is designed specifically for bears. It will not work on humans just as ordinary defense sprays is not going to work with bears.

    We have a Mace bear repellent spray in particular. It is good at repelling bears and providing them with a warning to stay away from people. Its non-lethal so you do not have to worry about killing or injuring bears unintentionally. No person gets hurt and no bear dies due to your effort at self-defense.

    Everybody in the family has a bear spray. It came in handy the moment my cousin found himself face to face with a grizzly bear! He simply sprayed the bear right into the eyes and it fled. After that we no longer heard from the bear and continued quietly with our camping.

    Something like a Bear Mace is really required if you plan to go camping especially on mountaintops where there are lots of bears. With this you keep yourselves safe while helping to conserve bear populations.

  • Effective Manner Of Ensuring Your Own Safety At Night

    Rather than dedicate months to be able to learn how to kick butt you could use a personal alert system instead. These are portable alarms that produce a loud noise to be able to call for rescue very helpful throughout times when you are too scared to scream.

    Personally I make use of an electronic pocket/keychain whistle. At the press of a button it lets out a 120dB whistle. The sound remains so long as you are holding the button. What is more it passes as a regular key chain.

    Whenever coming back home from work late at night I often hold my very own keys nonchalantly. In truth though Im making certain that my own thumb is on the button. Each time I sense another person following me I push the button and never let go right up until Im home. It is great for keeping the crooks away.

    My roommate eventually noticed loud whistling each time I came home. She got interested and asked. And then she bought one for herself even though hers is an aerosol alarm which emits an ear-piercing alert sound for help.

    Her personal security alarm came in handy the moment she got lost and found herself walking down a deserted alley. She saw several guys on either side of her and became nervous. Knowing there was a nearby police station only a 1/4 mile away she used the alarming device. Moments later the cops arrived and she was escorted back to our apartment.

    Apart from these types of pocket alarms we obtained a door stop alarm. We may appear weird however this is for our own safety. We use this home safety alarm on our main entrance together with our heavy-duty lock.

    Now no one will be able to open our door. It will emit 114dB alarm whenever it detects a motion. Indeed it has a built-in sensor! And its sensitivity could be adjusted very easily so that it wont inadvertently set off.

    It is essential to keep safe these days particularly for defenseless-looking women like us. And among the best methods to achieve that is by using a personal alert system for protection.

  • Effective Method Of Knowing Self-Defense At Your Very Own Rate

    Right after a cousin of mine went through date-raped in Flint I swore I would not let that happen to me or towards other people dear to me. However being a member of the university cheering squad made this somewhat tough.

    I mean even though I am aware what the best martial arts style in Earth was I would not have any regular time to practice between cheering rehearsal and also schoolwork. Plus interest in personal protection really is not that great among our team.

    So I looked on the web for self-defense videos to study on my own time with a few other friends. I ordered the Russian Fighting System DVD from Vladimir Vasiliev because it looked like something that any individual could do.

    I am physically fit and all but sometimes get worn out from cheer practice. On other days I might have a hangover. I also have a buddy who was out of shape and we intended to learn alongside one another as much as our schedules would permit.

    This particular instructional fighting DVD looked to fit the bill. The routines were simple but looked effective for just about all fitness levels like even if you were injured.

    The very first technique that I actually utilized was how to strike the face. I caught this big jerk manhandling our cheerleader outside the dressing area. She had separated with him and he was more than a little disappointed.

    I said to him to let her go and he simply informed me to stay out of it. The moment he went after me I struck his face in mid-stride catching him off balance. I did not even break a nail! The secret was in the timing and where to hit. It was not very much regarding strength. Jessica yelled at him to go away and he appeared to get back to his senses and eventually left.

    Striving to learn the best martial arts style would possibly require decades of diligent training. So at the moment Im simply happy to learn a few defensive tricks from a DVD on my own time and in my very own fitness level.

  • Effective And Easy Manner Of Home Protection For Elderly Individuals

    My mommy lives alone so I usually worry about her. It is going to be too much bother for her to possess an actual pet dog and very expensive to invest in a burglar alarm system which connected to a business that would call the police in case another person would try to get in.

    I figured that possibly some barking dog sounds would be enough to deter any kind of possible intruder. So I offered her an Electronic Secure Dog barking dog alarm. It is a type of home alarm that can either bark or chime to warn you that someone is within the spot that you want guarded.

    This sounds just like an actual pet dog and only uses a regular power outlet to work properly. Compare that to feeding cleaning and the vet expenses of a real pet dog and I figured that it was an amazing deal.

    The electronic barking alarm features a motion sensor that is similar to a police radar. You are able to adjust the level of sensitivity up to 20 feet. The barking is going to begin when it detects motion (even through doors or walls) as well as would become louder as well as a lot more frequent as the burglar gets closer.

    My mom was very pleased with the barking and called him Max. I particularly love the remote controls panic button that will alarm for a straight twenty seconds.

    One day her college friend visited from Pennsylvania. They had a miscommunication because of the time zone. My Mother thought that her friend would arrive the next morning but the friend arrived rather late that night while she was getting ready for bed.

    The barking wouldnt stop which was a very important thing. When they ultimately got all the things fixed her pal said she actually considered staying at a hotel instead since she was so scared!

    I am going to get her two more of these kinds of dog alarms for the windows on the first floor. She resides in a good neighborhood having a very low incidence of crime so we feel that barking dog sounds is going to be adequate deterrent for burglars instead of installing an expensive full-blown burglar alarm system.

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