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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • How To Safeguard Yourself Using A Concealable Self-Defense Weapon

    Not a lot of folks know it but stun guns actually are offered in a variety of shapes and forms. From small stun guns to retracting baton stun guns there is not a shortage of alternatives when shopping for one.

    Nowadays there is an awesome need for non-lethal weapons. This is due to the fact that crime incidents are happening everywhere. For security numerous people are selecting stun guns simply because of their ability to incapacitate a predator.

    One type of stun gun which could give utmost security convenience and simplicity of use is the compact stun gun. Its tiny size enables you to catch an opponent by surprise. Thinking that youre helpless your attacker would never expect the electric shock coming.

    If you think about the advantages small stun guns would definitely come out as a smart purchase. They are lightweight as well as convenient which implies that you can hide them conveniently in your palm or in a section of your bag.

    If taking a look at small stun guns consider a Runt stun gun. Do not let the size trick you as this tool could provide an electrical shock of around 4.5 million volts. When you make use of the gadget in opposition to an opponent the current can immobilize him for a few moments giving you enough time to seek out help.

    It ought to be noted that stun guns are not intended to instigate permanent injury on the target. Theyre just designed to repel an enemys violent actions. You could freely make use of this self-defense device without remorse because of the absence of harmful aftereffects.

    Many small stun guns make use of modern technology to discharge the kind of electrical energy that will successfully render a wrongdoer inoperative for some valuable minutes. A number of them are so tiny that they could be mistaken as regular pagers.

    If a small size is a downside for most things in life in this stun gun the strength lies in its small size. Since the gadget is not bulky you dont feel uncomfortable about carrying it around with you regularly.

  • Effective Strategy Of Assuring Your Childs Safety In College

    My child is going to be going off to college in the fall. The moment she declared that she wanted to go to UCLA my wife and I were a little bit surprised. We assumed that shed go to the state university to be closer to home.

    To be able to prepare for our childs imminent leaving and to guarantee her safety now that shed be far away from us I researched the alternatives on the internet for a personal alert safety system that she could bring with her to California.

    Usually a small piece of device a personal alarm can easily bring in the attention of passersby or anybody near you the moment you activate it when you are being assaulted.

    Since it is generally portable you are able to bring it along with you anywhere be it to a football game on a road trip to the shopping mall or wherever you can imagine.

    I ran across a 115dB door stop alarm which my daughter could use within their dorm room. Whenever an intruder opens the door the alarm will be activated. Its motion sensor with sensitivity settings and all will also sound the alarm if someone tampers with it.

    On the net I spotted also an aerosol alarm the sound of which would be heard from a distance of a one fourth of a mile. It possesses thirty short blasts which makes it okay to press the activation button twice or thrice in case you see no one coming to your aid right after the very first screech.

    Then there was a keychain alarm with light. It emits a 130dB alarm as well as a pulsating light if activated. The alarm blares out when you press the button on top of the gadget or whenever the pin connected to the key chain is pulled. It is also great for late-night walks since it doubles as a flashlight without the loud sounds. In the end I purchased this security alarm.

    When we helped our daughter relocate to her dorm I gave her along with pieces of advice my selected personal alert safety system that I feel she can utilize wherever she goes.

  • Defending Yourself From Anyone Bigger And More Powerful

    Generally speaking all stun guns operate the same way. They drop jolts of electric power directly into the human body to result in short-lived incapacitation. However much can be said with regards to items that can prompt disablement regardless of the targets own level of resistance to electric shock.

    If you ask the reason why people who favor a Taser gun buy this self-defense device in particular then you will almost certainly be told about its two points of difference. These are the Tasers range of effectiveness as well as stunning power.

    Only a Taser could launch a defensive assault from long and short ranges alike. It keeps a changeable cartridge loaded with compressed nitrogen from where it hurls a couple of little projectiles which are attached to the unit by wires which are a length of 15 feet.

    In other words 15 feet are the length that you have for combating an aggressor. In fact users of the Taser gun purchase the tool especially since it could be used against any kind of threat even while you keep out of harms way.

    Without the wires the Taser is simply as handy as a contact stun gun to ward off goons who are already in close proximity. In any case upon landing on the recipient those wires will transfer 50000 volts to countermand the bodys central nervous system.

    Next individuals who choose a Taser gun buy one for stopping strength that relies upon current electro-muscular disruption technology. This is outstanding as it can easily incapacitate recipients who can withstand a lot more physical pain whether normally or with training.

    In conjunction Tasers use recognized stun gun technology to remain potent however non fatal. Having results that peter out by the end of 15 to 45 minutes they dont disable any person for all his life.

    Breakthroughs are further the reason that many customers of the Taser gun obtain the Taser X-26C in particular. A digital power magazine that is this software-upgradeable Tasers power source retains energy consumption data as well as tracks its own remaining life.

  • Suggestions Concerning How To Secure Important Belongings In Your RV

    Every summer I enjoy taking my family out to trips inside our RV. I find that it is a great time for us to bond and do numerous outdoor activities that the kids will enjoy. I was decided to take a much better trip this year especially since a thief had busted into the RV to rob us the prior year.

    In preparation for our trip I did some searching and found secret safe books. Having a mini library in the camper I felt confident that these would be the best solutions to the threat of theft on our important belongings.

    I was ready to try completely new things out concerning security. I certainly did not want a repeat of the previous years mishap. Being burgled once is traumatizing enough for all of us.

    I found it quite interesting to learn that diversion safes are hiding safes disguised to appear just like common items seen daily. These can be anything from soda cans to peanut butter jars and household products.

    It is clear that the reason for such disguises would be to deceive a burglar out to rob you given that these are things they would not bother checking. Robbers are known to make a speedy escape. As much as possible they will grab anything overtly valuable that they see initially and is most accessible to them.

    A book diversion safe is great for keeping money and jewelry hidden. It is a real book with a space in between which contains a hidden compartment for storing personal items. It is really unlikely that a thief would think to look in any book whatsoever.

    Today regular safes can easily be broken into so I do not trust those either. Hiding our items in plain sight will keep them away from thieves.

    Coming across secret safe books is a thing that I am really grateful for. For our coming summer trip I reassured my spouse and children that we will not be losing anything valuable this time around.

  • A Simple But Effective Means Of Defending Yourself

    Being a professor was something that I always wanted so I was delighted when I landed my very first job in a decent college. The thing is having a 6 p.m. class I get stuck on campus quite late.

    As soon as one of my co-teachers was assaulted heading home one night I started to be worried for my own safety. Seeing that I required protection I looked the web and chanced on self defense kubotans.

    They are objects in the form of sticks that are typically connected to key chains. Although it looks as if they can not inflict damage kubotans are really created for personal protection. This kind of keychain device is usually made out of hard plastic or aluminum and almost unbreakable.

    I was curious by precisely how a kubotan seems like any regular keychain however can actually save lives. Plus it is affordable which is ideal for me seeing as I just started out working.

    Furthermore I find it handy that a keychain kubotan is small and light so that I am able to carry it along easily. Besides I wouldnt wish to be going to campus daily with a noticeable weapon in my possession.

    It was challenging in the beginning to believe that this kind of innocent-looking gadget could cause physical pain. But I found out that incapacitating injury could be done utilizing it to hit the boney areas of the body like the collarbone kneecap or nose bridge. It can also cause pain whenever employed to poke the tender portions just like the leg solar plexus and arm.

    A kubotan is simple to handle and use. I just have to carry it in the same manner as I would an ice pick or perhaps a knife to strike and poke the attacker in sensitive parts of the body. The fact that its utilized in law enforcement assures me doubly of its effectiveness.

    I am happy to have discovered self defense kubotans on the internet during a search. I feel much better knowing that I can safeguard myself. To ensure that I never leave the house without mine its connected to my home keys.

  • Effective Method Of Protecting Oneself From Danger

    As a single lady living by myself I understand how important it is to own complete protection. I do not have a guy in my life to be able to keep me protected so I need to be smart regarding that. It is no secret that ladies are at risk of attacks and I wished to be ready.

    I sought out self-defense choices on the net which were not just strong but effective also. I was pleased to stumbled upon a selection of pepper sprays which had a high oleoresin capsicum content which was guaranteed to take an assailant to the ground.

    The 18% pepper gel sticky pepper spray which came in a 2 oz. can appeared suitable for my very own handbag since I could conveniently tote it around. It has 6 to 8 half-second bursts and can spray coming from a range of 8 to 10 feet.

    Pepper spray is going to leave an unbearable burning discomfort in the eyes as well as on the skin of the receiver. This pain will incapacitate an opponent temporarily giving you an opportunity to get away from any threat.

    There was also a 4 oz. pepper gel model which I felt would be suitable to keep inside the automobile. It contains 20 one-second bursts which can be sprayed from a range of 15 to 18 feet.

    Whenever sprayed pepper gel sticks like adhesive to the attacker. Any attempts to wipe it off is going to cause much more pain as it permeates the skin. Pepper spray in gel form has many advantages from having a longer range to a stronger pepper spray content that it sticks like glue and that it is non-flammable and less contaminating.

    To be able to keep me protected at home a 9 oz. 18% pepper gel sticky pepper spray appeared best. It was built with a pistol grip for better aim as well as was made up of 38 one-second bursts having a range of 20 feet.

    Possessing pepper sprays which consist of strong oleoresin capsicum makes me feel confident regarding defending myself. It is also a relief to find out that all pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons and will not result in lasting harm to their target.

  • Details To Remember When Purchasing Stealthy Self-Defense Stun Guns

    Todays technology has paved the way for much better as well as advanced devices. Notebook computers tabs pads and also mobile phones are turning out to be smaller and also smarter. Usually the reduction in size is inversely proportional with their effectiveness.

    The very same is to be mentioned in the field of self-defense. Smaller and also stronger stun guns are being made. A Runt stun gun is as efficient as its larger sized cousins.

    With a look a Runt stun gun might not get your interest like the very popular items would. That is exactly the impact that the makers are relying on.

    That is one of several strategic features of small stun guns such as the 4500000-volt Hot Shot stun gun. Its facade resembles that of a hand held device and its camouflaged manner facilitates a surprise counterattack in dangerous conditions. A nylon holster and also a detachable steel belt clip allow additional stealth as well as easy use of this camouflaged stun gun.

    The element of surprise is best in a counterstrike specially where women are involved. This will allow you to stun any thug without being obstructed. Stunning the opponent is going to be a lot easier if hes totally unaware of exactly what is about to occur. A Runt stun gun is tiny enough to be hidden in the palm of the hand until finally use.

    High voltage stun guns could certainly come in small apparently ordinary forms of stun gun. These stun guns are extremely simple but their strong effect isnt. They pack a powerful charge that would deliver attacker crashing to the floor.

    The results of a Runt stun gun are the identical to with any kind of high voltage stun gun. Immediately upon contact and the discharge of electric power the enemys neuromuscular system will get disruptive impulses. This will lead to a loss of control over the muscles leading to immobility and weakness.

    This period of time of brief immobility and also powerlessness will allow you to get away and ask for help. The effects of these small however terrible stun guns are non deadly and momentary.

  • Self-Defense Tips Whenever Dealing With Attackers

    Immediately after we had a night out a number of scary-looking men cornered my girlfriend and me within an alley. Just when they were about to strike it was a great thing that a police car passed by and saved us from what might have been a horrible incident.

    I kept pondering what would have happened to us in case the cops were not there. I would like to be able to protect my girlfriend in the event that a dangerous situation came about. In order to prepare myself I searched the internet to try to find the most effective martial art technique for protecting oneself.

    While browsing I came across many instructional fighting videos on the internet. I figured that the best strategy to safeguard my loved ones as well as myself is going to be by learning how to fight. If I knew how to fight then I can stand a chance against an opponent.

    From the available self-defense videos I was drawn to the Indian Fighting Skills DVD by Randall Brown. The hand-to-hand fighting techniques he was showing seemed very easy to learn promising to make it impossible for the attacker to catch you as well as pin you down.

    I figured that it would take me some time to get used to each of the techniques being taught on this street fighting DVD. But immediately after just watching the moves I was pleased to learn that I got to pick them up right away.

    With the Indian fighting skills being shared I discovered how to snap the neck of an attacker with the use of three very easy moves. Also I got coached on throwing a powerful devastating punch without having to put in a lot of strength.

    Right after the experience I discovered that self-defense videos could be perfect for a normal Joe like me. They offer outstanding fighting techniques that provide someone the abilities required to have the advantage over any enemy.

    I discovered that the most effective martial art skill for defense could be obtained from the appropriate DVD. If anybody tries to harm my girlfriend and me once more theyll be in for a big surprise.

  • Tips Concerning How To Secure Your Own Property Without Spending A Lot

    Despite the fact that my hubby and I acquired a new house lately we still have mortgage to spend on so we make an effort to lower our expenses as much as we can. So when we checked out the available security systems we were stunned by the high costs together with the monitoring fees.

    We understood that we needed to research our choices some more and so explored the internet for cheap house alarm systems. Fortunately we were able to find several wireless home security systems that appeared easy to use and cost much less.

    One that we discovered is a wireless home security sensor that detects vibration when your door or window is opened up. It includes a wireless radio frequency range of 300 feet and whenever it is set off the RF signal activates the alarm.

    Wireless security systems are cheap solutions for protecting your property. At any instant that someone tries to enter you will be notified through an alarm sound or phone call. Moreover the alarm itself is enough to scare off an intruder.

    We also stumbled on a wireless home security system that appeared user friendly. It is going to sound an alarm and contact up to 5 pre-programmed phone numbers to inform you of activity detected within your home. For it to run it needs a land line with tone dialing.

    It has a base unit AC adaptor window/door sensor with a wireless transmission range of a maximum of 250 feet motion detector with an 8-yard range remote control and panic feature to be able to activate as well as deactivate the gadget.

    Furthermore there was a wireless home security motion sensor available. This could detect movement from as much as 8 meters away and is built with a 110-degree motion detection angle. Equally as well its built with wireless radio frequency suitable for 300 feet as well as the RF signal activates whenever triggered.

    Finding affordable house alarm systems provides us a way to protect our house without hurting the budget. In terms of home security there are many affordable but effective options which you can take into consideration.

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