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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Keeping Your Loved Ones Protected While Inside The House

    The security of my family is essential to me. However the area we live in is pretty secure so my husband and I never felt the need to have security inside our property. We were wrong.

    I was extremely terrified right after seeing a strange man within our backyard. I called the cops right away and closed all the entrance doors to our house to keep my family safe. Right after that incident the police recommended that we look into home security systems for defense.

    My sibling said to me that her own wireless home security motion sensor scared off a burglar seeking to go into her home. It can detect movement 8 meters away and has a 110-degree motion detection angle. It is also built with a wireless radio frequency range of three hundred feet and when that is set off the RF signal triggers the alarm.

    Through our hunt we found out that wireless security systems are affordable options for keeping houses safe. If any individual tries to break in youll be alerted with an alarm or a phone call. Alarms are an excellent way to discourage a robber.

    We decided to buy a wireless home security system that would be simple to use. Whenever activity is detected the alarm is going to sound and the device will call up to five pre-programmed phone numbers to notify you of activity within your residence.

    The alarm system contained a base device AC adaptor window/door sensor with a wireless transmission range with a maximum of two hundred and fifty feet motion sensor with an 8-yard range remote control and also panic feature to be able to arm and disarm the unit.

    As a present I got a wireless home security sensor for my mom. It is a double sensor that detects vibration when your door or window is opened. It has a wireless radio frequency range of 300 feet. When triggered the RF signal sounds the alarm.

    Home security systems are a perfect means to keep burglars out of your home. What I learned from the incident is that you should not take chances with regards to your familys safety.

  • Effective Means Of Keeping Internet-Browsing Activities Child-Friendly

    As a mommy to 2 wonderful children Im constantly looking after their best interests. With the coming of the global era I know how much the internet plays a major role in everybodys lives with it being a means of storage of information. However it also features some negative elements.

    With more and more kids being glued not to the television but to their own computers today high concern ought to be given to Internet safety. It is very easy to stumble across Web porn sites and photographs acts of violence and the like.

    It is good to find out that you can find ways to keep an eye on your childrens Internet activities. Thanks to child-safe Web browsers parents can regulate which Internet sites their children can visit or access. These types of browsers may also block pop-ups and sites containing any adult content.

    Child-appropriate Web browsers work by allowing the parents determine which sites may be accessed. Several kid-friendly websites are Nickelodeon PBS as well as Barbie. You can include educational websites to the list in order to make learning much more fun for your kids.

    Another feature of these types of browsers is the fact that the address bar may be kept hidden in order to prevent kids from going to the websites which are unlisted from your child-friendly Web pages.

    Right after much deliberation on which child-targeted Web browser to utilize I bought access to KIDS netSAFE Web browser. It features a default list of Sites which are targeted for children. It has a parental password before anybody can quit the application. Thus I am certain that my children cannot gain access to other sites.

    This particular child-safe Web browser lets me review the Web sites my kids have visited within the last 7 days. Moreover it operates on a full screen window to be able to prevent the children from accessing other menus as well as programs in our personal computer.

    Internet safety has never been more of an issue than today particularly with child pornography and chatting services with cyber perverts. Parents should always make sure that their kids stay as innocent as they are while in their pre-pubescent years.

  • Just What You Should Learn Regarding The Strengths Of High Voltage Stun Guns

    Regular stun guns are built to disable criminals efficiently in case of emergencies. But high voltage stun guns or the ones that utilize stun gun voltage of a million or maybe more could be more beneficial whenever bringing down a target.

    A low voltage stun gun may need to be discharged many times before reaching optimum self-defense results. In comparison more powerful stun gun voltage would mean that the stun device is capable of incapacitating an assailant for a few seconds with just a fewer strikes.

    Furthermore a stun gun releasing higher voltage could normally create a more terrifying noise as well once fired. This will work to discourage the aggressors further. It might also be ideal for bigger attackers mainly because of the stronger electric shock that it could dump on the targets body.

    It is important to note though that strong stun guns just like typical stun guns that discharge lesser voltages are all non deadly weapons for self-defense. They will only result in temporary injury and not offer life-threatening effects.

    A high voltage stun gun can take a dangerous troublemaker down by discharging stun gun voltage in the range of millions or thereabouts. A half a second strike of electric shock will lead to pain accompanied by muscle contractions.

    Meanwhile a one to two second-long blast may cause the assailant to drop become confused and get muscle spasms. On the other hand a full three or even more seconds of shots from a strong stun gun will take any attacker down instantly and leave him dazed as well as disabled for a few minutes.

    Stun gun voltage can vary from 50000 up to 4 million volts or more with the stronger stun guns being at the higher end of the range. Usually though stun guns provide more than power in numbers.

    The 4.5 million volt Stun Master multi-function stun gun for example comes outfitted also with additional functions such as a 110 dB alarm a LED flashlight red strobe lights and a disable pin.

  • How You Can Effectively Give Protection To Oneself In A Fight

    Working in a bar has been exciting but at the same time being close to drunken males is not often a great thing. Drunken guys seem to think that the answer to everything is to pick a fight and I somehow often get caught up in one.

    Being a slim guy I did not know any fighting techniques. But to defend myself I understood I had to get my act together. I browsed through the internet for options and was delighted as soon as I found instructional fighting DVDs particularly one by Paul Vunak on rapid assault tactics.

    I discovered that these types of street-fighting videos provide different self-defense techniques which are helpful for stopping attackers. So in the event that another person attempts to start a fight within the bar I can safeguard myself.

    After checking out the DVD I was shocked with how easy it was to learn. Every single move he taught displays how to cause unbearable blinding pain in your enemy. He teaches three basic rules which will help anybody become a master in fighting.

    I am not just as powerful as huge guys out there however that didnt make any difference since I did not need to be fast or strong in order to master the techniques from the self-defense video. With an interactive DVD like it I truly felt like I was training opposite Vunak which helped me learn quicker.

    What I noticed with these kinds of instructional fighting videos was that they provide unconventional fighting moves. With these kinds of techniques you will have the upper hand versus your attacker. Furthermore you can perfect these skills without the need of any past fighting experience.

    I dont have a lot of time to dedicate to this given that I have work as well as other things to deal with. But surprisingly by committing myself to learning the moves in the self-defense DVD I was able to get everything in a few hours.

    With my chosen video on rapid assault tactics I feel positive that I can defend myself if a fight pops up. More importantly I can help others who need defending against attackers.

  • How I Protect Myself From Being Robbed

    Robbery can happen anytime anywhere. Whether you are in the house or riding the bus or strolling down the street youre not safe. And it scares me to death! It is a good thing that I have a soup can safe for deterring thieves.

    Its a type of diversion safes which are small hiding places which resemble regular things at home. They blend in flawlessly. The exterior appears like a genuine household item but it has massive room within where you can place all your own valuable items. They work perfectly to trick burglars and also robbers.

    I got myself several of the can safes to put around my house. I also bought a fruit cocktail can safe where I put my food money and place it safely and securely on my kitchen counter. Now I have quick access to cash for instant dinner and nobody knows about it but me.

    I likewise got a wall socket safe and placed it near the door of my bedroom. This is where I put my jewelries and keys so I wouldnt forget them every time I go out. These covert safes conceal my valuable items so that I could leave my house with peace of mind.

    Despite that however I was still fearful about being robbed while outside. Yeah thats exactly how hysterical I am! So I also bought a book safe where I put all my money and cards. The book together with everything I keep within it is safely hidden within my bag.

    Honestly I am very amazed with these types of diversion safes. They automatically wiped out my worries. I can now leave my house peacefully whenever and walk around town even late at night without concerns of being mugged.

    These types of secret safes have brought back my peace of mind. The fact that they blend in naturally around my home and within my handbag is really an excellent way to conceal my things.

    Secret can safes are so great as well as affordable as well. I may buy more of the soup can safe to offer as presents to my pals!

  • Qualities Of An Effective Personal Safety Gadget I Can Use In Order To Defend Myself Whenever Walking Home Alone At Night

    I have been on a continuous search for self-defense weapons soon after a close friend was robbed and left for dead just a block from her apartment. As I informed my boyfriend I had a difficult time going out in the evening after the incident even the moment I was walking my pet dog.

    Right after a week of fearful nights I decided to browse the net for an effective personal safety tool and I stumbled upon a review of a number of the strongest pepper spray products available on the market.

    Pepper spray is a non-lethal tool that can disable an opponent temporarily as it brings about a burning sensation on the eyes as well as on the parts of the body which the spray has come in contact with. This provides the victim enough time to get away from his or her enemy.

    In addition a strong pepper spray could block breathing cause choking and also coughing and make the eyes to tear up.

    Ordinary pepper spray has a 10% concentration of pepper while hot pepper spray has an 18% dose of pepper. This makes it much more strong as it carries a bigger content of pepper that can make the skin react more quickly to the spray.

    Fully satisfied with the information which I read I purchased Wildfire 18% pepper spray on the internet. It is currently regarded as one of the most quick-performing defense sprays because of its content which is 18% oleoresin capsicum. This kind of substance results in an immediate reaction on the skin and in the eyes and on the respiratory system as well.

    I chose among various sizes from 1/2 ounce to 1.5 ounces 4 ounces 9 ounces and a pound. I wound up purchasing a 4-ounce pepper spray stream.

    It has been 30 days since I obtained my hot pepper spray and my buddies and I have been talking about which of our recently bought defense sprays is better. Although we havent used them yet we all agreed that the strongest pepper spray should be able to perform its primary purpose effectively and thats to keep one protected from attackers.

  • Tips Concerning How To Effectively Safeguard Your Room And Things Inside A College Dorm

    The summer just before I left for college both my parents were ecstatic and terrified at the same time. They were thrilled considering that I got into Brown University and was on my way to becoming a journalist. They were scared however that I would be living far away from home in a dorm along with individuals whom I had no idea what were really like.

    With the latter in mind they informed me that they will be checking out portable door alarms on the internet so I could bring one along with me to the university. I could not find it in my heart to disagree and that was precisely what they did exactly.

    Door alarms are security devices which alert you whenever a stranger enters your own room or household. When triggered the alarms are set off calling the attention of people nearby to assist you.

    My daddy would like to obtain a dual purpose 120dB alarm. You can simply hang it on the doorknob. And in case anybody touches the doorknob from the other side the alarm will immediately sound off.

    I was not quickly sold on the idea so he recommended even more that we get a 130dB personal alarm with light. It can be converted into a door alarm by utilizing the window or door attachment that was included with it. Likewise it has flashing lights to get others attention that something is wrong.

    My mommy ultimately said to us to acquire a 115dB door stop alarm. It helps prevent the door from being opened and also is going to blare out whenever somebody tries to do so. It has a motion sensor the sensitivity settings of which can be tweaked in order to determine if the alarm has been tampered with.

    I sided with my mothers choice of a door alarm. They bought the unit and as soon as it was delivered they had me pack it inside my bag.

    As soon as I arrived at Brown I was surprised that a lot of of the students also had portable door alarms with them. I guess that parents really do know best in terms of their childs safety.

  • Using An Effective And Also Safe Self-Defense Device Whenever Together With Young Children

    I had just became 40 and retired from bodyguard work when I found a most curious want advertisement at Craigslist. The parents of a wiz child was in search of somebody to keep an eye on the boy yet couldnt afford the agency types that have had working experience escorting celebrities .

    While I still carried my own licensed firearm I wanted to complement it using a non-lethal device in the company of my new charge aged eight. I selected a Taser particularly to become capable of shooting in self defense effectively even though not fatally.

    A well known belief among law enforcers is that a Taser acts much more swiftly than a 9-mm. handgun and with good reason. What is more it is a stun gun which is also a ranged weapon to be able to ward off assailants near and far.

    Packed into a Taser is a exchangeable cartridge of pressurized nitrogen. It deploys 2 prongs affixed to the unit by wires a length of 15 feet carrying 50000 volts. So the assaulter does not have a chance to close in on you.

    Should he already be within close range the Taser could possibly work as a contact stun gun and not require the cables anymore. In either case my Taser C2 will cause the people receiving electrical shock to lose muscle movement and also his stability.

    The Taser C2 with laser sight is outfitted more to increase accuracy to my aim and leave a target temporarily blinded. However these kinds of effects will cause no irreparable harm and stay for no more than 30 minutes providing me time to take my subject to a safe place.

    By making use of electro-muscular disruption technology a Taser can triumph upon the opponent irrespective of his pain endurance. However it is utilized in consonance with stun gun technology to be able to generate zero fatalities.

    Regardless of my own know-how on the techniques and laws regarding shooting in self defense all the things changes when there are children involved. In such cases I prefer to depend on a Taser than a hand gun.

  • How You Can Keep Your Security Guards Ready For Troublemakers

    Being in command of security for our community shopping mall means that its my duty to constantly keep the shops safe and also ensure that every person is protected. So the moment a robbery took place which left several of my men injured I understood that I needed to do something.

    I looked into numerous security weapons which would be the most appropriate for mall security guards to carry. I would like them to be able to get extra help from a tool rather than using their bare hands alone to fight back.

    During my search on the internet I discovered telescopic steel batons available in numerous sizes. They included rubber handles for easy gripping as well as a free heavy-duty nylon holster for easy carrying making them ideal for security guards.

    The expandable batons came in a variety of lengths ranging from 16 inches to 21 inches and also 26 inches. I love that these types of gadgets offer an extra reach in order that my men can protect themselves from dangerous people coming from a secure distance.

    Among the advantages is that they are very easy to use. With just a flick of the wrist these kinds of extendable steel batons open up to a specific length. With the retractable function theyre super easy to lug around as well as extend when a situation arises.

    Even when the mall is closed in the evening I still have guards assigned to watch over the shops. This is why it is important that I provide safety devices which are helpful to them even after dark.

    Thankfully I could purchase a separate screw-on LED light attachment accessory for the retractable batons which provided 6000 hours of illumination. This particular ultra-bright LED that was built in a high-density aluminum body with high-impact-resistant lens was just what the guards would need during night shifts.

    Security weapons like these telescopic steel batons will be extremely helpful for my team of security. In the event that anybody attempts to cause any trouble on mall premises the guards have exactly what they need to be able to protect themselves and the shoppers around them.

  • Helping A Loved One Defend Themselves In Moments Of Danger

    Being in a serious romantic relationship with an admirals daughter I get very touchy with regards to never letting the littlest fly close to her. While it wasnt a problem Im fussing over it right now that I am preparing for asking her daddy for her hand in marriage.

    I do not want the dad hearing of any incident which imperiled his girl leading up to the day we have The Talk. Its no minor task. In the first place I had to explain to her on pepper spray effectiveness in order not to be met with protest when I finally got her one.

    Half my own issues regarding her safety would go away quickly if my sweetheart consented to have a defense spray. It could bring about a debilitating level of burning pain on the skin as well as in the eyes.

    In addition strong pepper sprays restrict breathing and stimulate unwieldy coughing and also gagging by inflaming the mucous walls. Plus they force the eyes to close shut by aggravating the eye veins.

    I guaranteed my near-fiancee who matured within naval bases that these non-lethal results dont give any kind of permanent impairment. They are short-term and linger for a good 30 minutes at which period she had better flee and obtain assistance.

    My interests were focused on purchasing her a Pepper Shot since its heat tipped the scales at 2 million Scoville heat units. This 10% pepper spray was concocted using a very fine grain claimed to perform much better than the coarse grains utilized in some of defense spray.

    Ultimately I provided my bride-to-be a Pepper Shot pepper spray tri-pack. It was comprised of a 2 oz. pepper spray with wall mount for keeping at home 1/2 oz. pepper spray with auto visor clip to keep in a vehicle and 1/2 oz. pepper spray with Quick Key Release key chain.

    She believed the tri-pack pepper spray was a good deal the moment she learned the packaged price. Convinced of pepper spray effectiveness because of my own experience with one I feel like I have won half the battle by gifting her with the same.

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