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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Effective Strategy Of Protecting Oneself While Commuting Back Home At Night

    I am about to begin work in a restaurant and as the rookie I am going to be stuck with the evening shift for some time. The neighborhood in which I reside in is not precisely the safest area at night thus I am pondering that I might require something for defense.

    Im quite set on getting this particular personal protection weapon I once spotted on the net but what is pepper spray good for throughout an assault? Since its my safety at stake I wish to be certain that what I am going to obtain is effective in keeping me away from harm.

    As I search more on the internet I have discovered that a pepper spray leaves an agonizing burning discomfort in the face of the recipient. This particular discomfort is going to incapacitate the target for several minutes providing the would-be victim a chance to get away.

    I am hoping to get Mace 10% pepper foam. It is proven to blind an attacker briefly plus it consists of UV dye which marks the target to make it easy for the police to recognize him.

    Pepper foam covers an assailants face which makes it difficult for him to see. In the event the enemy tries to remove the foam away the pepper is crushed into his skin as well as eyes. Foam pepper spray also gives a good range at 8 to 10 feet.

    Apart from the overall burning effect I have found out that hot pepper sprays have high pepper content to inflict more pain. These result in obstructed breathing choking coughing and nonstop tearing and helps to keep the eyes close.

    Another great thing I have learned is that all pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons. This implies that their effects are short-term and wont cause the target permanent damage.

    While I have a pretty clear thought of what self-defense tool to obtain what is pepper spray ideally utilized for when you are up against an assailant? As soon as I make a purchase I hope that I will be able to defend myself from an assailant on my way home after work every night.

  • Why A Small Stun Gun Offers The Bigger Edge

    Even if you live in a very peaceful area you can never be too sure of your safety. With the kind of society we live in nowadays anyone can be a prospective crime victim. It is extremely necessary to protect yourself simply because men and women might not always be around to assist you.

    One useful way is to bring a small stun gun. With its size you can constantly carry it with you by putting it within the pocket of your jeans. Usually the most powerful stun guns are the ones which are tricking in that manner.

    The Runt stun gun for instance is a compact one that can deliver high volts of electric shock onto any individual it comes in contact with. Despite the fact that a stun gun is a non deadly weapon it can immobilize your targets body briefly allowing you to escape and look for assistance.

    No person will think that you are having such a unit much less a thug who could take you by surprise. By using a small stun gun you could do the surprising yourself and incapacitate him along the way. The most powerful stun guns dont have to be big. They simply need to stay hidden and make it look that you are unarmed.

    Remember that the objective is for you to defend yourself and never harm anybody. That is precisely why a stun gun is the perfect personal safety gadget. It provides an excellent degree of personal protection without causing physical harm to others.

    There are specific criteria on just what characteristics the most powerful stun guns should have got. It all boils down to practicality. Would you care to take a huge gadget together with you? You may be staring at death in the face before you could even lift it.

    Size is an edge in terms of stun guns. The more compact they are the better. Discover how you can handle them correctly so you do not fumble awkwardly when faced with adversity.

    The most powerful stun guns are not the most obvious items. This is what makes them useful and extremely effective.

  • The Most Effective Means Of Defending Yourself From Danger

    I have always believed that the best weapon for self defense is something that you already have at the moment. It could be your own bag your cell phone or that ballpoint pen inside your shirt pocket. Lets face it. Even if you have the best gun or hunting knife it wont do you any good if it is locked up within your own cabinet right when you need it right?

    So as a self defense coach I carry several seemingly harmless weapons about me all the time. The very first reason is I have to show my own students that they could utilize similar-shaped items for self defense and the next reason is that I do live in a not-so-friendly portion of Saskatchewan.

    One of my favorite tools is the kubotan. In other styles of martial arts its also called a palm stick or dulo dulo. It is basically a small stick made of either wood or metal which can be used as a keychain so that (1) people dont forget to take it with them constantly and (2) they can carry it around inconspicuously.

    Some people prefer the wooden palm sticks. I prefer the aluminum kind simply because it is shinier and less difficult to find in low light conditions.

    The two are very versatile either way. It does not matter if your own opponents are bigger. You can harm them with a jab on strategic nerve points within the soft tissues and also escape unharmed.

    I recall that one of my students had an aggressive date. He grabbed her from behind and wouldnt hear the word no. So she poked him in the eye using the palm stick and left.

    You can effectively attack bony parts with it really hard too just like the shin or even the jaw. And if youre within striking distance your kubotan can stabilize your fist when you punch that nose.

    Now always keep in mind that the best weapon for self defense would still be ineffective if you dont have the presence of mind to make use of it.

  • The Key Reason Why I Prefer Making Use Of Disguise Safes As Compared To Storage Safes

    Just before I left home to go to college my dad got me a small drawer safe. He said that I needed one to keep important things such as money required IDs and the bracelet and earrings which my mother gave me soon after graduating.

    He was correct. I live in a dorm. Other than sharing the room with another woman my friends and my roommates friends often go to our room for some girl bonding.

    There are days when my roommate invites other people over when I am not around and I do the exact same thing any time she is not around. We never ever lock our door. It is hard to keep track of people going into our room.

    I had no problem with this particular set up right up until I found one day that someone had stolen my money from the safe which I placed in my drawer. The thief picked the safes keyhole lock and got everything. I was just happy that I was wearing on that day the bracelet and earrings my mommy gave me. Otherwise I would have lost those also.

    I thought about what could probably push another person to go so far as to pick the lock of my safe. And then I discovered that the thief was drawn to the safe for one simple reason: it was a safe!

    A safe screams that something of worth is concealed within and it is the very first place a thief would look. I made a decision that I needed a cleverer hiding area for my valuables. That was how I discovered diversion safes.

    A diversion safe resembles a common thing like a book or a canister of chips with a hidden compartment inside where you can conceal your possessions. It is a safe in disguise as it blends well with the other items on my desk. Who would imagine that a pair of expensive jewelry was hidden in a book for instance?

    I got myself diversion safes and threw out my drawer safe. Today I keep important items in plain sight of our dorm visitors and they dont even know it.

  • Just How Any Individual Could Rise Above The Fear Of Making Use Of A Stun Gun

    Several ladies and teens arent at ease with the thought of having a Taser stun gun. They are sometimes frightened that the device would backfire or simply not do the job.

    Even when the Internet television and also radio all advocate the use of such devices to secure ones self it is easy to understand that first-time users might be hesitant. This concern could be conquer with right knowledge of precisely how to make a Taser gun work for you.

    It would only take a press of a button to switch on the 2 probes that carry the electrical power. Most of these kinds of weapons could be employed for long-range and also close-quarter defense.

    For an opponent at a distance the 2 probes linked to wires could be shot out of the body. Those probes could also be used without the wires simply on the Taser gun itself. So long as the probes touch the bad guy he is certain to be down for the count.

    The question of the way to make a Taser gun far more easy to use relies upon the different models. The Taser X26C for example has the ability to calculate the life expectancy of the magazine as well as remember energy use. And all this data is displayed via a central information display which also indicates the battery level countdown timer and also warranty.

    Also so as to know how to make a Taser gun simpler to take around one has to check into other specifications like weight and mobility. Some include holsters and straps to help the user keep his unit close by.

    It is no wonder that a growing number of people are counting on these self-defense weapons for the personal protection. They are secure effective cost-effective and also a breeze to utilize.

    So learning exactly how to make a Taser gun protect ones safety can indicate the difference between being susceptible and having an awesome unit by ones side. In this world filled with crooks and hoodlums it just makes sense to take additional precautions.

  • Effective Manner Of Coping With A Stalker

    I have had a stalker previously and without a doubt the ordeal was really terrifying. It was okay at first since he just used to call me in the house as well as in my workplace. But when he began waiting for me outside the office after work hours I got a bit more scared.

    I reported him to the police and although I was able to get a restraining order I was still encouraged to obtain a self-defense device. The law enforcement officer whom I talked to told me about the effects of pepper spray and added that he had just then got his daughter a 1/2 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper spray.

    Pepper spray is a non-lethal device which causes an unpleasant burning sensation on the face as well as in the eyes. The pain is severe enough that the opponent is disabled temporarily providing you with enough time to flee the area and call for assistance.

    Nearly all defense sprays have 10% oleoresin capsicum the results of which are mentioned above. 18% pepper spray has a lot more pepper content. Thus it has a hotter pepper solution is absorbed quickly by the pores closes the eyes involuntarily and makes breathing challenging.

    Right after taking a look at a number of hot pepper sprays I bought a 4.oz 18% pepper spray stream. I kept it beside me all the time particularly since my stalker still found ways to harass me.

    One day I was walking the block from the bus stop towards my own apartment the moment I saw that he was walking only five feet behind me. I grabbed my own pepper spray fired it at him and ran. In my panic I might have dropped my self-defense weapon as it wasnt in my handbag any longer when I got home.

    I contacted the police station at once and they arrested the guy. I bought myself another strong pepper spray a 4 oz. 18% pepper spray fogger this time.

    The effects of pepper spray are really lifesaving. If it was not for my own defense spray something terrible would have likely happened to me.

  • Ideas Of Hiding Areas For Your Valued Stuff

    As newlyweds years back my hubby and I suffered being robbed within our house. They took a laptop computer and also $5000 cash that we thought was concealed very well inside a desk drawer. We learned our lesson and today keep our emergency funds within an inconspicuous water bottle diversion safe.

    Banking institutions are the safest places to hold cash. Occasionally though its so simple to use that money when youve got a debit card and little impulse control in the shopping mall. That is our challenge which is the key reason why we store cash in the home.

    As renters we did not wish to put in a wall safe as well as searched for some other alternatives. We thought about a house safe that could be concealed inside our closet however we realized that is where burglars would look next after a desk drawer.

    We purchased numerous diversion safes immediately after the break-in. These are safes that are made to appear to be ordinary objects with the aim of fooling criminals into thinking that there is nothing valuable inside.

    We moved from that first house a year later just to be robbed once again in our second house! However on this occasion our valuables were secure. Besides the safe posing as a water bottle we had items concealed all around the house.

    A safe which seems like a can of Maxwell House Coffee sitting in my kitchen held my moms jewelry. A couple of racks beneath that sat a fruit cocktail can safe that stored about $8000 in cash money we were keeping for a vacation to Europe.

    It was devastating to have our home violated once again yet luckily we did not lose much. Our hidden safes kept our most precious things intact.

    We have relocated for the third time this time outside the city and obtained a Doberman. To date weve not had any burglaries happen. However even though they did I am certain that my water bottle diversion safe as well as its coffee can and fruit cocktail brethren would hide our most precious things successfully.

  • Raising Your Fighting Odds Against An Opponent

    Criminals werent born the other day. If many possessed the brain to plan an offensive towards a would-be victim then they would have half the mind to plan a defensive too. When they see a self-defense weapon on you they have an opportunity to be prepared for it.

    If they cant tell that youre armed then bad guys lose the upper hand to you. Think about toting a powerful stun gun that looks no different than just about any other camera cellular phone. The stun gun camera phone then gets to be a smokescreen.

    Given that most anybody strolls having a cell phone in hand today the hooligan wouldnt figure out exactly what you have as a weapon instead. A disguised stun gun is among the most foolproof ways to capture a wrongdoer unaware.

    Being unaware a criminal would not care to evade what he has no idea is a crippling stun gun camera cell phone on its way at him. He would almost bring it upon himself to be hit by your cell phone stun gun all too openly.

    After the stun guns impact on a human body it would deliver electric shock and lead to short-lived incapacitation on the individual consequently. Plus he will encounter a loss of stability and also confusion.

    Disguised stun guns move the strategic advantage to their users despite the aggressors built or physical strength. Even though the stun gun camera and phone would not have been functional they will have met their real purpose of fooling the criminals.

    Moreover stun guns do not normally rely on just a single capacity to hamper danger. As an example the Pretender 4.5 million volt cell phone stun gun is a high voltage stun gun too and a flashlight stun gun possessing a very brilliant built-in 12-LED flashlight.

    Apart from a stun gun camera phone disguise you can find stun devices disguised as a lipstick pen Blackberry-type handheld device and also other harmless-seeming things. Stun guns although are all non fatal and do not lead to long term injury.

  • Suggestions Concerning How To Take Care Of Yourself When Alone Outdoors

    I am a strong-willed lady. I go anywhere I please at any time I please and can look after myself thanks. Troublemakers can stay out from my path if they really know what is good for them.

    Or so I figured until one night returning home. On a dimly lit street a big guy came at me out of an alley holding a knife. I ran fast so I got away. But I knew I simply got lucky. I started thinking then about personal security devices for self defense.

    A lady friend that is a law enforcement officer confirmed with me that personal alarms are perfect for scaring opponents off. The racket they make can easily attract attention to you and what is going on and can enable you to get help faster. Furthermore theyre only intended for personal protection. These are effective weapons however non-lethal.

    I decided that a small personal alarm with belt clip is going to be best for me. It is easy to use and its compact design makes it easy to put on or slide into your own pocket or bag. It may also be attached to a key chain. It may be tiny but its 101 dB alarm surely is not and ought to send an opponent running.

    When compared to guns or knives personal safety alarms have advantages. You dont require training or a license so that even my younger sibling or my grandmother can carry one. They do now.

    I have discovered that being raised in a city does not mean that you can take on violence without extra equipment. If you are assaulted your street smarts might end immediately.

    Our place is among the most unsafe cities the Feds say. The U.S. crime rate has decreased however not here. That is why personal protection is more and more important.

    When walking by yourself the usual precautions still apply. I avoid dimly lit streets and come home late at night only if Im together with friends. But now personal security devices have provided me as well as my sister and grandmother an even larger dose of protection. Even my dad and brother could each utilize one.

  • Policies On Taser Gun Use In Pennsylvania

    Whenever deciding on the ideal personal defense weapon for you the initial things that you are probably thinking about are the limitations within your location. Several states have no utilization limits at all while there are others imposing specific stricter laws and regulations that you need to follow.

    So are Tasers legal in Pennsylvania for security? It is just natural that you should want to learn and you would be pleased to find out that all stun guns are completely legal to buy and take in this state except in Philadelphia.

    Tasers are effective tools that provide both far-distance as well as near-distance protection. Two probes connected to a Taser by 15-foot wires could achieve that much range. Meanwhile when the wires arent in use these probes work much like those in a stun gun.

    Individuals who are thinking - are Tasers legal in Pennsylvania for self-defense - need to look into the states stun gun laws to assure responsible use. In this way you can be sure that you wont have any difficulties with the law.

    Taser stun guns make use of electro-muscular disruption technology to immobilize anyone with the electric shock released irrespective of ones threshold to pain. This is put together with standard stun gun technology which ensures that no lasting harm will be inflicted.

    So are Tasers legal in Pennsylvania for resident use? In case you are searching for answers to the question then you have to make sure to look into stun gun laws thoroughly.

    With regards to your defense it is obvious that Taser guns are just what you require. With one you will not have any issues taking an assailant down and getting away from a harmful situation.

    One thing that you will find out whenever trying to find info on legalities is that the Taser is a non-lethal weapon. Considering that their effects are only short term are Tasers legal in Pennsylvania? For certain no lasting harm is going to be caused to any individual.

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