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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Benefits Of Making Use Of Self-Defense Units In Always Keeping Yourself Secure

    My brothers buddy whos a cop ate dinner at his apartment while I was vacationing in there for the weekend. This friend asked me regarding my job in San Francisco and if the community in which I resided was secure considering that there were many crimes in the city.

    The moment I returned home I started reflecting on exactly what my brothers pal had said. So I read up on self-defense devices on the web. I then stumbled on a small stun gun review that influenced me to acquire one.

    The article that I read was very informative. I realized that my fear of accidentally maiming or completely paralyzing somebody by using a stun gun was certainly unfounded since this self-defense weapon is non-lethal.

    A stun gun can obviously disable an attacker for the moment. This will provide me enough time to flee the spot as well as some relief that I didnt kill any person.

    Upon completing my reading regarding stun guns I made a decision that I wanted a small stun gun. This is a tiny weapon which could serve its primary purpose which is to stun an opponent but still remain hidden because of its size.

    The moment my sibling went to visit me the next weekend I asked him exactly what he thought of my recently bought Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun with flashlight. This gadget is a small disguised stun gun which looks like a tube of lipstick. Its misleading appearance makes it undetectable to ensure that I could catch an attacker off guard.

    It is also a flashlight stun gun which implies that it features a built-in flashlight. This comes in handy each time theres a need to stun an assailant in the dark.

    Right now I always bring a stun gun along with me wherever I go. I feel more secure whenever I go back home by myself after working late at work or after going out at the local bar together with my friends. That online stun gun review has been definitely useful in making me a lot more aware of the importance of protecting myself.

  • Effective Way Of Defending Yourself From Surprise Attacks

    I shared with my buddies how my foam pepper spray ended up saving me from a robber that had surprised me from outside my vehicle and demanded my wallet as well as accessories. As soon as they heard I sensed their real interest in my own experience. One of them even inquired about the difference between pepper spray along with pepper foam.

    I felt that it is going to be beneficial to motivate my female college buddies with the use of self-defense tools. Hence I decided to explain a little bit more.

    I told them that pepper foam takes an opponent down the same manner that regular pepper spray gadget does. When the pepper solution touches the skin an excruciating stinging is going to take place successfully incapacitating the target.

    As soon as the assailant becomes incapacitated the would-be victim should use this as a signal for escape. Immediately leaving the scene and then alerting the police is going to work best as it permits the apprehension of the wrongdoers.

    The real difference among pepper spray as well as pepper foam is that rather than spewing out a cloud of pepper solution pepper spray foam squirts out a gel-like pepper solution. This improves targeting as well as elongates the weapons range. It also reduces the potential risk of over-spray. Excessive spraying is a normal impulse from anybody in dire need of safeguarding himself but it could hit other people near the target.

    I assured them that the negative effects of pepper foam as well as pepper spray are both non permanent as well as non-lethal. As such they should have no qualms regarding using these kinds of equipment to be able to offer protection to themselves.

    Our self-defense unit is the Mace 10% pepper foam. It contains a higher concentration of pepper that is able to knock an assailant down faster compared to the standard pepper spray would. It could spray within up to eight to ten feet in five 1-second bursts.

    I motivated my buddies to carry out extra research and also to visit online shops. I instructed them that there was more to learn about foam pepper spray and also other such defense sprays.

  • Unpredictable Methods To Discourage Vandals

    Throughout homeroom as well as breaks I often come upon my own second graders role-playing as their favored heroes. I think that their idols vary every month. Now it is The Avengers. Several months back it was the Transformers. Just before that they were pretending to be ninjas and samurais.

    As always I am surprised by the creativity of these young minds. When they were playing at samurais and ninjas I saw that they were using crude paper cut-outs as 6 point throwing stars throughout their pretend battles.

    I was especially amused by this considering that I also being a child had a keen curiosity about ninjas. This childhood interest resurfaced when I was browsing the web searching for a suitable security device which I can use for self-defense in the home and found ninja stars.

    A bunch of vandals had chosen to make nightly visits to our neighborhood busting windows as well as street lights spraying paint on automobiles and such. We would call the police to take care of them however they always came right back.

    I decided to take matters into my own hands. I needed to make a move in order to discourage them from going to our street. But confronting them head on is going to simply annoy them and make me as well as my home a target of theirs.

    I figured that I needed to take action covertly. I thought to scare them off ninja-style. I returned on the web and obtained a set of four 2-inch mini professional edged steel throwing stars.

    With (I must admit) unconcealed childish joy I put in enough time practicing along with my ninja throwing stars. I was amazed at exactly how easy it was to utilize the steel ninja stars. Soon after just 2 weeks I decided to put them to use finally.

    When the vandals came as usual I zeroed in on their spray containers from the upstairs window using my 6 point throwing stars. I even nicked one of them in the calf. Stunned by the enemy that they couldnt see they ran away. I have not spotted them ever since.

  • More Suitable Hiding Areas Than The Bank

    It is scary to place money in banks what with a lot of closing and interest rates decreasing. I find that keeping my cash in the house these days is a lot safer. If youre interested in keeping your cash in the home just like me you can purchase covert safes that look like books for additional security.

    Diversion safes appear like things found in and out of most houses. Not like hidden wall safes or closet safes diversion safes can sit out in the open yet go unnoticed.

    This is great because robbers know where to look for wall and closet safes. They might have heard of diversion safes but dont have the luxury of searching each and every item inside a house to find those.

    These disguised safes come in many styles. Some might decide to use a peanut butter can safe beside a fruit cocktail safe inside their pantry or fridge. Others may like a flowerpot safe or a rock safe in their garden or patio.

    Book safes are one type of diversion safe. The cover and binding are made of the very same material as any other book. The only real difference comes out if you open one up.

    Each appears exactly like a book yet with the center hollowed out to hide your possessions and cash. It may be stored on shelves and when sandwiched between genuine books no one looking to steal anything valuable would pay it any attention.

    The beauty about a book safe is that it could also be carried around. In case you have to transport your money you can do this by keeping it inside your book safe. Thieves would not suspect that it has money within so you are a lot safer transporting your funds.

    Banks was once the most secure places to store our cash and belongings. However nowadays there is wisdom in keeping your money near you since there is barely any interest to be earned in banks. You can buy safes that look like books designed to make it challenging for thieves to find your valuables.

  • Ideas For Warding Off Attacking Bears

    Becoming an adult in Freeport instills in anybody a unique love for the great outdoors. My high school buddies and I used to enjoy our summer months in the different campsites dotted throughout our place. Now nearly 20 years later my best pals and I still spend one week each and every summer camping as well as hunting together.

    This year we intend to get our game up and visit Alaska for our yearly summer season get-together. My friends have been on enough outdoor journeys to be aware of the dangers in the wild though. That is why we have made a decision to add a number of pepper spray for bears to our huge collection of security equipment.

    A bear repellent is a type of pepper spray formulated exclusively for bears. As such defense sprays made for human beings wont work against bears. The same is true for the utilization of bear sprays on humans.

    Bear pepper spray cuts down on the occurrence of permanent injury or fatality among both the human beings and bears. It provides a non-lethal however temporarily incapacitating impact on the bear upon contact with the skin.

    The defense spray effects allow the human to escape to safety and the bear to rejoin its population. As for the bear once these effects fade away it endures no permanent injury.

    While searching the internet I found a couple of bear sprays which we could add to our packs for Alaska. The initial one was a Mace bear repellent spray. It is a magnum fogger that could spray inside a distance as far as 30 feet. The variant Im intending to acquire contains 260 grams which it can empty within 5.4 seconds.

    Another one was a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent. It is preferred by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation. This kind of bear pepper spray is the only one listed in the EPA being a repellent for all bear kinds.

    Im very sure that all of us will have a great deal of fun as well as enjoyment as soon as we set off to Alaska this summer. Although geared up I really hope we never find the need to utilize our pepper spray for bears throughout our time there.

  • Keeping Your Household Home As Well As Home Business Secure

    To ensure that someone would be left home to take care of the kids my hubby and I decided that I would start a home based business while he would continue working full-time.

    With our kids running around the house and deliveries coming in and out for my business things would get crazy. I was worried about my kids falling straight into the swimming pool or running out or possibly even intruders entering. So I checked on the web for options. Thankfully I stumbled upon an alarm home security industry experts seemed to be raving about.

    It is a voice alert home annunciator system which offers PIR sensor transmitters and a remote receiver base unit. Users will be able to record their own alert messages that will be utilized to tell them of any activity whenever motion is detected inside a monitored location.

    You will find four primary applications provided by the Voice Alert System-6. These consist of a wireless driveway alarm residential and also small business security child monitoring as well as pool safety and also home automation.

    The alarm system can hold up to 6 recorded alert messages that are specific to each zone. This way the house owner is going to know precisely where the incident is occurring. The system can keep an eye on all the three zones simultaneously and an additional three places as required.

    The moment the PIR sensor picks up movement the base unit is going to announce Intruder on patio! Furthermore it activates a floodlight by using one of the 4 relays that are included on the base unit. This particular alarming gadget may be set up in minutes and is customizable based on the users needs.

    The wireless PIR alarms are weatherproof feature adjustable mounting as well as sensitivity and can send out signals 300 feet through walls and approximately 1000 feet within an open area.

    With everything happening at home from my family and business it is important that I am alerted in case of any incident concerning my children. Having an alarm home security experts consider as among the best certainly gives me peace regarding the security in my home.

  • Simple Strategies On Deterring Harassers In The Evening

    One work-related risk which waitresses within Miami need to be aware of would be the probability of being harassed by total strangers throughout the wee hours. In order to prepare for this kind of scenario I purchased a stun gun pen for my very own defense.

    Stun guns are non-lethal self-defense weapons capable of releasing an electrical charge upon immediate contact. Once hit the assailant will be incapacitated for several minutes giving plenty of time for the user to escape and ask for help.

    The electrical charge is going to compel the body to do a great deal of muscle work in a brief amount of time therefore making its victim fall onto the ground. To add the electrical shock does not bring about any irreversible damage to its victims.

    Some are disguised stun guns posing as regular items to make them less noticeable. As an example my Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun gun with flashlight is technically a stun gun that looks like a regular pen.

    Apart from being very discreet it came with a rechargeable battery built-in flashlight as well as a safety cover and switch to avoid unintended use. A nylon holster with belt loop also is bundled with the package.

    My purchase also happens to be a flashlight stun gun. The built-in LED flashlight is ideal for aiming at targets or simply just to see through the dark.

    A mini stun gun like this is ideal for females because it could be readily concealed inside a pocket or bag. Its portability is an advantage simply because I could hold the device within my hand without the assailant realizing that Im already set to defend myself.

    Using a hardworking though non-lethal tool has made me recognize that I may have everything which I might require in order to protect myself in an unfortunate incident. Since my primary aim would be to defend myself from harm preparing for it by purchasing a stun gun pen appears to be a pretty good idea.

  • Most Effective Technique Of Staying Away From Road Mishaps Caused By Drowsy Driving

    Drowsy driving is a dangerous routine and it can be fatal. Even though a person ought to avoid driving when he is too exhausted some people just cant keep getting into their own automobiles despite their sleepy state.

    An innovative tool can assist resolve this kind of issue. A nap alarm can help drivers remain fully alert whenever driving for long hours. This particular tool is typically worn over the ear and produces a loud sound whenever the user starts to doze off.

    Among the reasons for fatigue driving is insufficient sleep. If you force yourself to get behind the steering wheel despite feeling worn out you might not be able to respond appropriately to approaching danger.

    Wearing a portable sleep alarm can help you focus on the task at hand. When you are able to arrive at your destination safely you are not only doing yourself a favor but also your own passengers.

    Many motorists depend on stimulants in order to keep them awake while driving. This may work for a short time but as soon as the effects fade away they are endangering themselves again. A sleep alert on the other hand is usually built with an electronic position detector which alerts a driver instantly when his head nods forward.

    Nearly all portable nap alarms are designed conveniently to fit your own ear snugly. You could confidently get behind the steering wheel realizing that you will be properly informed when drowsiness takes over. Given that this is placed over the ear it is unlikely that youre going to miss out on its warning sound.

    Students who have to cram for examinations and workers that have to tend to overtime work can also take advantage of using a sleep alert. With this personal safety alarm they no longer have to depend upon unreliable techniques to be able to stay conscious.

    Numerous drivers feel that distractions such as listening to loud music can do the trick. In reality this practice could ruin their own focus. In contrast a nap alarm offers a reliable remedy to an age-old traffic problem as well as helps sleepy drivers avoid road accidents.

  • Effective Way Of Securing Your Own Enterprise From Armed Men

    Our own pawnshop business has been run by the family for many years. The shop was only passed down to me to handle and I believed I was performing a great job. However the moment armed robbers stormed in and also asked cash and also stole several of our high-priced items I knew that I had to make improvements.

    The very first on my list was to enhance our security. I looked around for metal detector dealers in the area in hopes to find a good gadget to arm my security guards with. In this way men lugging weapons wouldnt be able to breeze into the shop once again.

    I found a number of Garrett security metal detectors that I then considered. These are utilized for discovering weapons so that armed persons can be banned entry into any place.

    From the choices I picked a Superscanner V that has seemingly shown to be a highly reliable product all these years. Many people acknowledge it to be among the best hand-held metal detectors in the industry and its used by plenty of individuals within the security field.

    This metal detector scanner is very sensitive and could detect medium-sized pistols from a range of 9 inches box cutters and razor blades from 3 inches in range as well as jewelry and foil-wrapped drugs from an inch away. It can scan fast and extensively using the huge 8-inch scan surface that it was built with.

    In addition it is self-calibrating and also utilizes digital microprocessor technology that ceases the need for frequent sensitivity adjustments. All internal parts are kept securely with its rugged high-impact ABS case with a reinforced coil compartment.

    Other features are 3-color LED indication a piercing audible alarm a bright LED light signaling metal detection and a momentary push switch that pauses the detection of ambient metal near by.

    In any kind of store that markets high-priced things reliable security is required. I am happy that I was able to find help from our local metal detector dealers to ensure that our pawnshop is going to be protected from any armed individuals looking to cause trouble.

  • Effective Manner Of Protecting Yourself From Imminent Danger Throughout Fieldwork

    I worked as an associate of a chemistry teacher. A year in he offered to extend my work into attending to his other profession off the college. This turned out to be ancient treasure hunting which you can tell from the sound of it is not exactly a bastion of safety.

    Although I can take care of myself in this kind of situation thanks mostly to my own experience being a varsity swimmer my own employer did not neglect to keep an eye out for me. As soon as I accepted the work he provided me a Stun Master telescopic stun baton to utilize for self-defense.

    As I realized quickly stun guns induce an abrupt discharge of electrical energy into the body as soon as contact happens. As a result the receiver of the electrical charge can not control his own muscles or even keep his balance any longer and will fall down.

    The results are non-lethal as well as deal no irreparable harm. They are short-term and last no longer than 20 to 45 minutes which is your best chance to escape as well as contact 9-1-1.

    Besides all of that a stun baton even more keeps you beyond arms reach of the assailant. An extendable stun baton particularly can afford to become longer than the others since it can also be shorter and convenient to take along while not being used.

    I received a baton stun gun equipped with 2.5 million volts a light and a 120 dB alarm. It is 13 inches only when compressed but 21.5 inches if extended. This stun alarm is certain to invite notice to your having trouble and needing help.

    And it is a flashlight stun gun that is super useful within the dark. Furthermore with the entirety of the retractable metal part being electrified you can prevent the attacker from snatching the high voltage stun gun from you.

    My work is rarely like in the movies however you know how they say that reality bites harder. So really my employer was right to arm me with a telescopic stun baton rather than a mystical box or a magical sword.

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