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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Reliable Remedies In Harmless Self-Protection Tools

    The recent news reports with regards to apartment burglary triggered me to enhance the security features inside my condo unit. To add I realized that I should also equip myself with personal safety products in order to provide me the upper hand when a troubling scenario comes up.

    As I searched the web for answers I ran across security alarms and exactly how they can be utilized to offer protection to both my home and myself. Personal alarms may be harmless as compared to stun guns and also pepper sprays but this does not mean that they are not effective tools for self-protection.

    Basically a personal alarm is capable of emitting a high-pitched noise which could distract the attacker as well as attract the attention of other individuals nearby. It may be brought around or also installed to be able to function as an alarming gadget for entrance doors windows and even drawers and also personal computers.

    Aside from generating ear-piercing sounds a number of security alarms have a built-in flashlight for illumination and also a key ring for transportability. These types of features are ideal particularly when the security alarms are being utilized as personal tools in order to ward off assailants.

    Right after significant consideration I finally decided to give personal security alarms a shot. I bought 3 different designs two of which were for my apartments security and the other one for myself.

    I put a 130dB personal alarm in the emergency exit window of my house. In case another person attempted to force the window open from the outside the alarm would be activated. As for the primary door I set up a 115dB door stop alarm in order to function as my signal whenever someone is seeking to break into my house.

    The one that I got for myself was a personal alarm with flashlight. This particular 130dB alarm is going to be set off once the activation pin that connects the wrist strap towards the base unit has been removed.

    Immediately after weeks of having defense alarms around I found that procuring these types of personal safety products should certainly be considered as an advisable security measure. They ought to be in every individuals bag and also house.

  • Preventing Criminal Activity Without Acting Just Like A Criminal

    Soon after our sixth grader child obtained record scores in a statewide science battery of tests a big-to-do researcher tried wooing us to let her aid him in his work. My spouse and I declined nicely many times but some individuals just wouldnt take no for an answer.

    We discovered to our horror that he had come to see our little girl in school and goad her to consider his own offer against our wishes. I spent virtually no time filing a police report as well as meeting a lawyer friend with regards to Taser gun laws so that I can safeguard my family lawfully.

    It was the same buddy which had acquianted me to Tasers saying that they could give long-distance aside from close-quarter defense. He had added that they based on a police survey were considered better incapacitating tools compared to 9-mm. handguns.

    Using darts linked to 15-foot wires a Taser can offload 50000 volts of electricity straight into the body whether from afar or near. In consequence the receiver becomes unable to move his muscles and keep his equilibrium and can fall over.

    The end results are non-lethal as well as give no irreversible harm. They fade away by 30 minutes. But Tasers and all other stun guns devices that use electric shocks to disable their own targets are subject to different laws per state and also city inside the U.S.

    My attorney buddy told me that making use of stun guns is banned inside the states of Hawaii Massachusetts Michigan New Jersey New York and also Rhode Island. They are legal yet with constraints in Connecticut Illinois and Wisconsin.

    Along with their state laws stun guns are prohibited fully within the cities of Annapolis as well as Baltimore together with Baltimore County within Maryland Chicago in Illinois Dension and also Crawford County in Iowa the District of Columbia and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

    Luckily for us the Taser gun laws within our home state of South Carolina enforce no prohibition at all on these kinds of non-lethal weapons. The misses and I would like our daughter to savor childhood without any creep hounding her for her brains.

  • Use Of Hand-Held Metal Detectors To Effectively Detect Weapons And Also Contraband

    The school board of which I am part has been thinking about updating the security equipment in our school building. Right after much discussion we have agreed to increase the quantity of monitoring cameras utilized in our area.

    As the next step I am now considering equipping our security personnel with Garrett hand-held metal detectors. My plan would be to try to find a portable metal detector which will be suitable for our purpose and then submit it to the board for approval.

    In the beginning we have appreciated the value of having the guards use security metal detectors at the gates of the school. On several occasion the guards captured small weapons as well as different kinds of contraband with the aid of these kinds of handy tools.

    At this time I have my interest on the SuperWand. Its a hand-held metal pinpointing tool which is built to detect ferrous non-ferrous as well as stainless steel weapons contraband and also other metal objects.

    The length of this particular metal detector provides a 360-degree detection field for uniform sensitivity. For pinpointing the end of this particular metal screening gadget can reveal weapons as well as other metal things with extreme accuracy. It possesses a one-touch switch and also three color LED lights for ease and also convenience.

    This type of hand-held metal detector also provides versatile dual alarm capabilities. It could change from clear audible detection to a silent vibrating LED alarm. Plus it carries a digital microprocessor that effectively does away with the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.

    I am especially interested in its ergonomically designed grip that can fit just about any hand size. This will ensure ease and comfort of use for the security guards which subsequently will lessen their stress and also enhance their efficiency.

    I really believe that this particular portable metal detector can easily satisfy the security demands of our own school building. I am sure that getting our hands on a number of units is going to prove to be a wise investment for a long period.

  • Best Strategy Of Protecting Yourself In The Streets At Night

    I was never really a person you would label paranoid. But immediately after being attacked within a dark street heading home from a night out I would say that its not about being a scaredy-cat but about being prepared during times of danger.

    The good thing was that I was not critically hurt but the next time this occurs Ill be ready. The latest incident and also a writers pepper spray review finally pushed me to purchase one of those. Immediately after being assaulted it would be foolish of me not to possess protection.

    From the article that I read I found that pepper sprays leave an unbearable burning pain in the eyes and also on the skin of the receiver. This pain will disable the target for a few minutes offering sufficient time for the probable victim to get away.

    I checked online shops for options and found a 1/2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray with quick key release keychain as well as locking actuator. It has five one-second bursts of 10% pepper and could spray as much as a distance of 8 feet.

    In addition to the overall burning pain induced a strong pepper spray like this brings about other effects. It triggers the bulging of the mucous membrane making it hard to breathe and also causes the inflammation of the blood vessels within the eyes forcing the eyes shut.

    Despite all these effects all pepper sprays are non-lethal devices so no permanent cause harm to is caused. These effects are only short term and will continue for about 20 to 30 minutes.

    I decided to choose a keychain pepper spray since I could easily add my house keys to it making sure that I have it along with me whenever I leave home. Small pepper sprays are light along with very easy to carry so they are really convenient. I could hide one easily giving me an upper hand towards the assailant.

    The pepper spray review which I found on the internet truly persuaded me to purchase my very own self-defense weapon. That and of course the mugging incident I encountered that I promise will never occur to me again.

  • Learning Self-Defense Steps For Your Own Safety

    I have never been linked to a physical fight. It is not that I am chicken or anything at all. Its much more of an adherence to being able to fix fights without the need for resorting to any kind of physical violence. But as soon as I was mugged and held up not too long ago I discovered that I did require some type of self-defense.

    At once I asked several fitness centers in the neighborhood if they offered martial arts street fight classes. Afterward I began attending self-defense courses in one facility thrice a week right after work hours.

    In order to be able to offer protection to myself I soon learned that I needed to train a lot more. To accomplish this I decided to buy a street-fighting DVD that I could watch within the convenience of my very own home.

    That epiphany made me search online for instructional fighting videos. Since I am not into violence you might have guessed that I am also against the use of guns. Therefore I wanted a street fight video which could teach me hand-to-hand combat.

    I came upon Unarmed Combat Course: Hand to Hand by Frank Cucci. The name alone suit my preference of self-defense technique. This kind of instructional fighting DVD assured to instill in me a mix of fighting moves which were renowned inside their respective nations.

    Moreover even when you are not in good physical shape you can still make use of the fighting styles being shared within this self-defense DVD as there is not much athletic ability needed to execute a move properly. The steps are so simple and direct. That is you will not be getting ninja-like moves as seen in movies. Rather you will be learning practical steps which will certainly help you.

    Unsurprisingly I bought the street-fighting video. Today I continue with my formal self-defense training while teaching myself a few other amazing moves at home.

    By learning self-defense tactics to help me through any martial arts street fight I began becoming a lot more confident about myself. I am also becoming much more in tune with my sixth sense whenever I am out in public.

  • Ideas Regarding How To Live Through A Mugging Experience Intact

    I was out doing work at a yet undeveloped piece of land when three guys robbed me and injured me badly. They grabbed my automobile. Weak as well as hurt I walked for miles until I reached the first signs of civilization a row of houses but only some of which were occupied.

    A household took me in and also cared and fed me until finally help arrived. It was one particular act of goodness I would never forget. Furthermore when the man of the house met me a complete stranger at the door he possessed a kind of expanding stun baton within his hand thus introducing me to self-defense weapons.

    He taught me that stun guns induce a sudden emission of electrical energy towards the body when in contact with it. For the people receiving the electric shock the outcome is paralysis along with disorientation. In case he tries to move he could take a spill.

    Now the results are non-lethal as well as momentary. They do not inflict permanent harm and they fade away after only 15 to 50 minutes. Thats the best moment to run away as well as look for assistance.

    Baton stun guns or stun guns shaped like batons help keep you at some distance from your attacker along with all those benefits. And when they are retractable then they fold to a really convenient size for being moved around whenever inactive.

    That goodhearted dad had a rechargeable stun gun baton equipped with 2.5 million volts a 120 dB alarm and also a light. Collapsed it was just 13 inches. Elongated it went up to 21.5 inches. Being a flashlight stun gun it was the best night companion.

    Being a stun alarm as well it could draw in awareness of the danger you confronted and looked for help from. Plus the extendable metal section is completely electrified to ensure that any criminal will get stunned when he tries to take your electric baton away.

    Immediately after checking it out for myself I had no reason not to get a Stun Master telescopic stun baton unless of course I enjoyed my mugging ordeal. It figures that a family guy would prize life so much as to understand how to truly preserve it.

  • Just What Is The Finest Method To Conceal Your Valuable Items

    A very horrible surprise awaited us when we got back from a weeklong family vacation. Our home had been broken into while no person was inside. I lost jewelry along with other valuable things that were left behind.

    The thieves seemed to have been able to enter in via the kitchens windows. And with the now-stolen items only lying around the house I was positive that they had a very easy time grabbing those. It was really regrettable that I did not consider household safes just before the incident.

    It was just when I told my brother with regards to the crime that he encouraged getting diversion safes. As I was looking into on them I found out that these are disguised safes intended to keep belongings such as money in a covert fashion.

    Who would suspect that an innocent-looking soda can is in fact controlling a stash of cash? That was exactly my way of thinking the moment I put my hard-earned cash inside an A&W Root beer can safe and lined it together with the rest of my household goods in the cupboard.

    As the seller revealed to me a thief only devotes a couple of minutes surveying the place that he is going to loot. The moment he uses a lot of time checking for items to take he raises his likelihood of getting caught.

    Right then I was persuaded that a secret hiding safe will be the ideal spot to hide important things. Even if a thief suspects that a can of fruit cocktail is holding jewelry he will think carefully about checking out the can knowing that his time has limitations.

    I feel at ease regarding making use of a wall socket as a secret hiding safe. It would be the final spot a thief would look in the moment robbing my house. Nicely placed against a wall it appears real enough.

    Although my family has already become victims of thieves before having household safes it gives me relief realizing that the next time wont be so simple for these burglars. I feel confident that they will even leave empty-handed.

  • Effective Strategy Of Protecting Your Children From Internet Predators

    Just like any kind of parent I am concerned about the undesirable effects of computers and also the Internet on my children. While the open nature of the Internet allows them gain access to untold amounts of information I cant help but be concerned that they are at risk at the same time.

    Crooks are almost everywhere on the open Web but it is just too far-reaching and important to day-to-day living for me to get rid of. After discovering the IntelliSpy computer activity tracking software I opted to invest in protecting my kids while they are on the web.

    Given that I cant continually be near to be able to keep track of the online activity of my little ones I have employed the use of this kind of software to do it for me. Its got several features that are ideal for monitoring exactly what minors do on both the computer as well as the Internet.

    First it could log keystrokes. This means that everything entered into the personal computer is recorded right into a file. I can see everything from documents such as school reports homework as well as letters to emails and instant messages sent on social networks and also chat rooms.

    Also it is going to automatically get screenshots of the desktop at varied periods and save these to a folder. These images will capture everything on screen and any kind of program that was open and visible to the user will be visible to you as well.

    Furthermore I have the capability to block as well as filter inappropriate Web sites. I utilize it mostly to be able to control the kinds of sites which my kids are permitted to go to and to enforce our house rules regarding chatting with buddies on the internet games as well as social networking.

    Last but definitely not least the application runs completely in the background and cant be seen or closed down by anyone on the computer. It is set to start the moment the computer is switched on and can automatically restart if somebody were to shut it down accidentally.

    Although the internet and its influence increase with each passing day the IntelliSpy computer activity tracking software enables me to rest easy in the evening realizing that my kids are protected from the dangers of online predators.

  • Suggestions On Precisely How I Give Protection To My Store From Potential Burglars

    Right after years of saving up as well as hard work I ultimately got to open up my first electronics shop in Glendale. With a whole assortment of devices available safeguarding this business from thieves whenever I am away grew to become a top priority.

    My sibling that works for a security agency suggested that I acquire an auto dialer with security alarm for the shop. It is a simple alarming device which could also call the cops and your other contact numbers once it detects activity in the range of its built-in motion sensor.

    The 3 identical devices which I found and bought on the web were positioned before the storage room by the cashiers booth and on the pillar closest the primary doorway. I positioned each one within busy locations along with other items to make it look less noticeable.

    This particular safety alarm which I procured can be set into armed or chime mode. Those two options are perfect for different situations and give the appropriate signal that I need at a particular moment.

    Whenever the alarm is in chime mode it just creates a weak tone to be able to show that another person has came into the premises. This is great during store hours since it informs me to customers coming in to look at the items.

    Just before I leave the business during the night I make sure to turn my security alarm to armed setting. Once this is turned on the motion sensor is going to immediately call the police hotline and my other pre-recorded telephone numbers one by one as soon as it perceives activity in its scope.

    I could not be more grateful that I also ended up with a security gadget which is very easy to utilize. It just needed a telephone line to connect and also make the emergency telephone calls.

    To date my auto dialer with security alarm has carried out its job really well. After months of utilizing it I have decided to purchase more of similar merchandise to secure my small house in the suburbs.

  • How You Can Keep Yourself Safe From Dangerous Criminals

    As soon as I informed my better half that I suspected that another person was following me home immediately after work he appeared as though he wished to employ bodyguards to go with me everywhere. Obviously that sounded insane particularly since we were not millionaires who required protective detail.

    Fortunately he settled for something much more reasonable and decided to seek out the best personal protection gun for self-defense. I agreed that this would be the most ideal solution for me for you to stay free from harm in case anyone tried to assault me.

    He found me a Taser. It provides two types of defenses. Long-range protection is provided by two darts attached to 15-foot wires. And close-quarter defense is given when the darts work just like those of a stun gun when the wires arent deployed.

    My hubby obtained a Taser C2 that he wanted me to carry everywhere I went. It has almost a 100% rating and I read even a higher incapacitation rate in comparison to a 9-mm. handgun. Against 50000 volts traveling through its cables no one stands a chance.

    Tasers make use of electro-muscular disruption technology that can disable anybody with electric shock no matter how much pain they are able to take. This is combined with traditional stun gun technology that guarantees that no permanent harm is caused.

    One feature my husband and I both loved about the Taser is that it can be discharged on any area of the body making it really helpful for stressful emergency conditions. Furthermore the fact that police authorities in several countries make use of it shows that it must be effective.

    Whenever you are buying a Taser C2 a background check is initially carried out to be able to ensure responsible use as well as avert misuse. It comes with cartridges that have a unique serial number each and are built with an Anti-Felon Identification system.

    After researching through choices Ive discovered that this could possibly be the best personal protection gun for my safety. It is also reassuring to know that all Tasers are non-lethal weapons to ensure that any effects induced are just short-term.

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