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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Always Keeping Harmful Metal Things Out To Assure Safety

    Being a public servant is a bad thing sometimes. Sure you get hordes of supporters but you also gain some if not a number of foes that arent beyond dirty tricks.

    As part of the security staff of a governor I am constantly searching for much better security devices such as hidden cameras and hand-held metal detectors. Recently my boss told me to acquire a new Garrett Pro Pointer for a recently employed security guard.

    Security metal detectors are particularly necessary when the governor receives visitors regardless of whether for personal or business reasons. These are super sensitive to metal items like guns knives and also blades. They are able to discover illegal substances too which are packed in aluminum foil.

    Under the governors instructions I made a purchase for a CSI Pro-Pointer. This water-resistant tool features great sensitivity to metal items. It notifies the user by both vibrating or sounding off an alarm.

    When searching for a potentially dangerous object this metal detector pointer raises its alarm intensity based on exactly how near you are to the object which you are trying to find. It can look for items concealed in tight areas and could also detect metals packed within wood.

    I endorsed these hand-held metal detectors to the new security guard on his very first day at work. I switched one on to provide him a quick introduction of how to make use of it.

    To my amazement the metal detector pointer vibrated. I checked out the new guy and asked him if he had any kind of things made of metal in his pockets. He smiled shakily and took out a small utility knife explaining that he carried it together with him everywhere he went.

    Confiscating the knife I told him that he need to notify his immediate superior of such things just before he goes in the premises of his place of work. The Garrett Pro Pointer did its job well as it proved that it can identify even such a tiny weapon.

  • How To Keep Your Money Secure Within College Dorms

    Dormitory security is really lax in terms of the room of each student. Despite the fact that each and every dormitory enforces tight security at the gates inhabitants should take it upon themselves to keep their very own rooms secure. I used to take dormitory life for granted until something terrible happened.

    I was really careful about individuals trying to go into the building along with me however that was about it. Knowing many of my fellow dormitory residents I always left my door open. With all the good friends and classmates coming into my room I still did not think of buying a money safe box.

    Everything was great until the cash that I was saving for a weekend trip went missing. I thought that this was borne out of my very own carelessness and did not remember about it. One or two weeks later my food allowance for the whole month vanish into thin air.

    I was now positive that another person was stealing from me. I grew more cautious and began locking that door whether I was in or out. My roommate started to lose cash also so he became vigilant as well.

    Soon after being robbed I wanted to acquire a safe for things of value. I had the common safe in mind a huge and heavy metal thing mounted on a wall. I went on the internet to search for a cheap one and found a far greater option when I saw diversion safes.

    These safes looked like ordinary objects that you would find anywhere. There were book safes with real pages but a compartment box in the middle. I stumbled upon a Slim Jim stash can which even got the weight right so you would believe it was full.

    I thought that having disguised safes was a very sensible remedy to the case of the disappearing money. No one in our building would think that my allowance hid in a Brut shaving foam can safe. These fit my budget also.

    Right now we keep visitors to our room at the minimum. The thief could devote hours looking through my things without knowing that my money safe box was sitting there innocently.

  • Advice On Safeguarding Oneself Without Having To Break The Law

    I had a long-standing tiff along with a law enforcement officer that extorted from stall owners like me at a bargain shopping area. It got blown out of proportion soon after he involved my wife by sending his guys to give her a message for me.

    We feared for our own children and decided immediately to simply relocate somewhere else. Out of feeling nervous for our safety I set about determining the places within America that deemed a Taser legal for use to ensure that I might acquire one for family protection.

    A Taser being a tool that functions to disarm its target by means of an electrical shock straight into the body is under the laws and regulations regulating stun guns in the U.S. I had known before our transfer that Taser stun guns were allowed lawfully in numerous but not every one of the states.

    I have confirmed with 2 government Web sites that stun guns such as Tasers are prohibited to own or use within the states of Hawaii Massachusetts Michigan New Jersey New York as well as Rhode Island.

    Tasers along with other stun guns are outlawed further more in the metropolitan areas of Annapolis and also Baltimore along with Baltimore County within Maryland and also Chicago inside Illinois Dension and Crawford County in Iowa the District of Columbia and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

    In Las Vegas NV where I had resided from age 18 until that police officer extortionist drove us out owning and also making use of a Taser is 100% permitted. However in my hometown of Newport RI where I initially pondered returning this was going to be an issue.

    Considering that my wife had an auntie within New Haven CN who was willing to take us in I looked it up. Apparently stun gun use is lawful although with restraints in Connecticut Illinois and Wisconsin. We might yet be able to work something out.

    Now where else in the U.S. is a stun gun such as a Taser legal to possess and have be it totally or restricted? I believe that it defeats the purpose of looking for a means of protection in the event that you do not acquire that means safely.

  • The Ease Of Using A Small Stun Gun

    Small stun guns offer an advantage over normal-sized or conventional-sized stun guns because of their strategic size. Arguably the smallest stun gun will be simpler to hide for surprising a potential wrongdoer advancing towards you.

    A stun gun that is thinner will also be lighter and could be put virtually everywhere. You can put it in small clutch bags in tight jeans as well as shorts or your hand to help make retrieving the self-defense weapon a lot more effortless.

    The size aspect is going to be especially beneficial to individuals with smaller sized hands. Since the smallest stun gun could be gripped and concealed as well you have the benefit of surprise over an assailant.

    A stun gun is non-lethal and the effects that it delivers will last merely for a few minutes that will offer you an adequate amount of time to find help. It will bring about only short-term disability that will not provide long-term harm to a target.

    Almost all stun guns including the smallest stun gun send electrical energy to an attackers body which will instantly disable him. It is essential to note though that the electrical power is not going to go through your body in the instance that an attacker touches you as he is falling to the ground right after being stunned.

    Thin stun guns may be either low or even high voltage stun guns. The Z-Force stun guns as examples give off 100000 volts and 300000 volts. They also are available in really small sizes that include the 5-inch 100000-volt and 6.5-inch 300000-volt stun guns.

    Moreover many offer another benefit which is the addition of a convenient wrist bracelet. The wrist band will be ideal for girls concealing the smallest stun gun within their hands since theyre not going to drop the weapon in the event of an unexpected assault.

    Another great aspect of some miniature stun guns is a safety lever. The safety lever will make women feel a lot more secure about carrying a thinner stun gun by hand and rule out unintended discharge.

  • Keeping Yourself Safe Whenever Going Home During The Night

    I have a bookstore that is located about a 10-minute walk from my own apartment. With it being very near I do not see the necessity of getting a vehicle or taking a taxicab to go to work anymore. However having your own shop often requires that you stay in the premises right up until late into the evening.

    Given that just about anything can occur during a 10-minute walk and with the news reports stating that ladies who are all on their own are the usual target of rapists I decided to acquire a Wildfire pepper spray as a means of protecting myself.

    Pepper spray is a non-lethal device which leaves an excruciating feeling comparable to burning as soon as it comes in direct contact along with the skin as well as the eyes. Because of the pain the recipient of the pepper spray is going to be incapacitated briefly (there arent any permanent effects) offering you enough time to flee the place as well as call for assistance.

    Hot pepper spray has a hotter solution than normal pepper spray being commonly an 18% pepper spray. As such it causes a faster reaction onto the skin.

    These strong pepper sprays can easily enter the skins pores shut the eyes instantly as well as make respiration challenging.

    This was exactly the kind of pepper spray which I bought one with 18% oleoresin capsicum. Initially though I debated over which defense spray to get and in what size considering that they were available in 5 different sizes: half pound 1.5 ounces 4 ounces 9 ounces and also a pound.

    Personally I chose between a 4 oz. pepper spray stream a 9 oz. pepper spray with pistol grip and also a 1 pound FireMaster pepper spray. In the end I purchased the pistol grip pepper spray.

    I constantly bring my hot pepper spray with me not only to work but also to the social functions that I head to. Having a Wildfire pepper spray I feel safer even when I am out all by myself in the evening.

  • Effective Way Of Strengthening The Security Of Apartments

    My spouse and I rented an apartment within Connecticut where our child could stay while she studies for her college degree. Given that she is going to be living in a home faraway from ours her safety and security became a worry for us.

    The apartment supervisor encouraged us to install a burglar alarm system in the unit as an additional precaution for security. This along with the tight security within the well-guarded main front door of the complex is going to hopefully be sufficient for me to realize that my very own daughter is protected within their apartment.

    As I searched web based stores for security options for small houses I stumbled upon auto dialers and decided to try one out for my daughters brand new apartment. I set it up on a wall where it has a complete view of the room.

    Some of the physical features of the auto dialer with security alarm which I ordered were a 14-digit large monitor a numerical keypad with buttons that automatically changed the mode of the unit an adjustable sensor head and slots behind to make the item mountable on virtually any wall.

    This auto dialing gadget that I placed in my daughters apartment can be set to the chime or armed setting. When in chime mode the motion detector only produces a chime whenever it detects movement. I informed my daughter to utilize this feature each time she is home.

    Its armed setting on the other hand ought to be the alarms setting whenever she leaves the apartment. As soon as the auto dialer with safety alarm perceives motion a loud alarm is going to be heard and the base unit will call up to five different phone numbers that have been set by the user.

    The phone numbers which I programmed in my daughters motion detector include the office numbers of the apartment supervisor and also the local law enforcement and also our mobile and residential telephones.

    Several weeks right after placing a burglar alarm system within their apartment we now feel certain that our child is going to be protected although she lives far away from us.

  • Recommendations On Precisely How Students Could Remain Protected Off Campus

    My own parents used up enough money to enroll me to the only college which I wanted. Thus I had taken the initiative to save money by trading the dorm for a boarding house off campus. To take care of security I combed the place inquired thoroughly as well as chose well.

    There was one particular problem. The shortest way to my chosen place was not like the school premises poorly lighted and also patrolled. Had I not run into stun gun reviews on the internet in those days I would have stayed unaware regarding what to do for self-defense.

    It happened that I started making use of the internet more regularly for schoolwork and would chance regularly on stun gun write-ups inside my Web communities. Since opinions appeared to lean toward positive I decided to check out the items.

    What I have obtained is that a stun gun once fired causes a swift discharge of electrical energy or an electric shock into the body with which it is in contact. The recipient is going to suffer because of this from disorientation and temporary paralysis.

    An easy conclusion here is that the electrifying effect as it were has to do with voltage. I keep reading though that it is amperage that makes a stun gunshot hurt for real. Who was aware that one amp could take a life?

    Thankfully amps could be measured so that the level stun guns contain is measurably non-lethal. Their effects do not provide irreparable harm and disappear in 20 to 50 minutes which is time best spent to escape danger and go get help.

    On the other hand voltage is one way to take a pick. Stun Master stun guns keep 5 to 8 milliamps only far away from any deadly dose and the one I presently own is a low voltage stun gun that may offer 200000 volts to incapacitate an attacker for a short period of time.

    Having a dependable form of defense the one that came with a lifetime warranty makes my walks home coming from class a lot less fearsome. Perhaps that I will still stay on top of online stun gun reviews for so long as Im attending school but living outside the college.

  • Tips Concerning How To Continue To Keep Armed Robbers Out Of Your Business

    Due to my love for accessories I decided to open up a jewelry store in my hometown. Since I grew up in the neighborhood I felt comfortable regarding starting up a business there.

    Nevertheless I understood that I had to take security measures to make sure that all my products remain secure and my workers stay safe. I looked for metal detectors for sale on the web but decided that it should be okay to open my store while I searched for the suitable product.

    Needless to say I was naive to think that. Seeing as we sold jewelry it was clear that thieves would target us. During our initial week several armed robbers entered the premises and asked that my employees give them the merchandise.

    Luckily I had the mind not to exhibit our priced bijou entirely but I still suffered a huge loss. I quickly closed up shop and also made a decision not to begin once again right up until I have fortified the security in the whole place. While I looked at my own options I found different types of Garrett handheld metal detectors.

    I settled on a CSI Pro-Pointer that is a pinpointing metal detector which immediately detects metal objects. It is a extremely sensitive pointer which uses both audible as well as vibrating alarms to make sure that the user is warned the way he chooses.

    This kind of metal detector adjusts its sensitivity automatically so there isnt any tuning required. In addition to a pinpointing tip it has a 360-degree side-scanner. That is to cover one place conveniently scanning can be done with one side of the detector only. It further detects static and also has a built-in LED flashlight.

    I do not want any armed incident to happen once again. Despite the fact that I had 2 security guards then obviously I did not provide them with the suitable security metal detectors at the start.

    Had I known that looking for efficient metal detectors for sale for protecting businesses was this easy then the robbery could have been prevented. I learned my lesson the hard way as well as suffered losses along the way.

  • Securing Personal Possessions When Your Work Entails Moving Around

    Becoming a point guard for a semi-pro basketball team takes me places not to mention that it pays handsomely. The lack of security gets my goat though. I have lost personal items and money in locker rooms lockers and my very own sports bags.

    For sure I would never accuse a teammate of filching. The coach would hang me out to dry and the fans would eat me alive. Instead I came across a way to hide my things in plain view within a beverage can safe or a diversion safe disguised as a beverage can.

    I have not ceased singing the praises of diversion safes ever since encountering them on the net. They pose as normal merchandise from potato chips to oven cleaners to seem like they are or have nothing of value.

    Due to my profession I have opted for one dressed up as a can of Arizona iced tea for stowing money and also credit cards in the bag that I lug around during rehearsals and games. In fact vitamin water and refreshments are normal sights in players baggage.

    A Brut shaving foam safe conceals emergency cash and mementos inside my locker room at the gym or court. Amidst actual grooming products inside a travel pouch it is very unlikely to give its true nature away.

    Whether big-time or small-time thieves work with time constraints lest they be detected in the act of thieving. They hit the expected hiding areas like wallets jewelry boxes or the regular money safes where they have the most chances of searching booty out.

    Soda can safes camouflaged as Coca-Cola Dr. Pepper and Cherry 7-Up do the trick of securing valuable items in my bachelors pad. Intruders simply dont have time to search inside every single container in the refrigerator.

    No person has figured out the normal-looking iced tea can safe inside my bag. It certainly helps that I have surrounded it with actual beverages a few of which appear like the better thirst quenchers and would be the first to catch someone elses interest.

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