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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • How To Arm Yourself With Protection Against Likely Attacks

    I am one of those ladies addicted to watching all the popular crime shows these days. As much as I like watching them I must say I have become quite paranoid given that I am aware that many of those circumstances were based on real events. Realizing that I simply had to arm myself with proper protection.

    Finding what stores sell pepper spray on the internet was step one. With my own personal self protection weapon I was sure that I could safeguard myself in the event that anyone attempts to hurt me during my day to day travel or even when I am at home.

    Pepper sprays provide a throbbing burning sensation in the face of the enemy. This pain is going to incapacitate the recipient for a couple of moments providing the targeted victim enough time to run far away from danger.

    I would like a tool which was effective and would help me take the assailant down instantly. I chanced on a 1.5 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper spray which seemed to be referred to as the hottest and fastest-reacting self-defense spray around.

    A strong pepper spray was just what I was seeking. Being a lady I needed to possess a personal defense tool which would make up for my lack of physical strength. With its 18% pepper content simply no enemy could possibly get in my way.

    Hot pepper sprays consist of pure hot pepper that enters instantly straight into the pores of the skin continues to keep the eyes close and hinders breathing. All these types of effects are in addition to the overall burning pain caused.

    Although there are various sizes readily available from 1/2 oz. to 9 oz. and even 1 pound I made a decision to choose the 1.5 oz. can. Its handy and one which I can conveniently bring along with me wherever I go. Plus it includes a key ring that I can attach my house keys to.

    Checking the internet for what stores sell pepper spray is the easiest method to make a purchase. All pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons so absolutely no permanent damage is inflicted on the target.

  • Effective Ways To Hide Personal Belongings

    I have never been too trusting of men and women I know nothing about. So when I went off to study in college and needed to share a dorm room with a total stranger I was not too delighted regarding it. Nevertheless there was nothing I can do.

    As soon as some of my personal items started to go missing I had nobody else to blame but my roommate. Obviously I could not flat out accuse her. My older sister advised that I get a hold of a clever but cheap safe to keep my belongings secure.

    I was not quite certain that I would find affordable safes as I knew that the normal safes were costly. For this reason I was so happy to have stumbled upon a Cherry 7UP can safe. It had an excellent disguise as a soda can and suit my budget.

    Diversion safes are hiding safes that appear to appear like regular things. Thieves trying to steal from you will not bother looking in such everyday products making them suitable for keeping your cash and jewelry hidden.

    Since my dorm mate knew that my snacks were off limits I felt sure that a Pringles can safe would blend in and go untouched. She certainly wouldnt suspect that a bag of potato chips contained something valuable.

    It is very reasonable to hide things in plain sight. The advantage of these covert safes is that they arent simply disguised cunningly but also much more economical compared to regular safes that arent often effective.

    A hair brush diversion safe comes across just as naturally along with my belongings. It looks so common that no one seeking expensive items to filch would ever think to get it.

    I am grateful that I came across a cheap safe that works a lot more effectively compared to a pricier one. Being a college student I cant manage to lose any more money. None that I have hidden inside a secret safe has gone missing and I feel certain that it will stay that way.

  • Tips On Quickly Scanning Your Potential Customers

    Among my very own concerns on the launching of my souvenir shop in Honolulu was to make certain that peace and order could be observed regularly within. In order to avoid inconveniences that could be caused by law-breaking people I needed to look for a method to block undesirable individuals from coming into the premises.

    My sister recommended that I have a look at metal detector stores to determine if there were hand-held types which my security guards could use during their duty. Having security metal detectors the security guards could possibly screen all the individuals who would enter and leave the shop without making them feel harassed in any way imaginable.

    I adhered to her advice which led me to search on the internet for metal detectors which could perform the job at hand. Throughout my search I realized exactly how metal detector scanners could be an effective security measure for my business.

    Many hand-held metal detectors can detect ferrous or non-ferrous metals and stainless steel items upon near as well as direct contact.

    Several portable metal detectors were designed to make it less difficult for the user to scan a certain package or bag. Paddle-type wands for example are great for quick sweeping a large package while a wand-type metal detector is great for sifting through the items in a bag.

    I ended up equipping my guards with a 16-inch extremely sensitive Superscanner V which is also capable of self-calibrating its own sensitivity. Its solid and also high impact exterior ensures that the internal parts are safe and will stay completely functional.

    This easy-to-use metal detector came with a dedicated button for easy operation. As soon as it detects prohibited material it may either broadcast an alarm or light up the LED lights as soon as it detects any kind of item having metal elements in it.

    Looking through metal detector stores and eventually purchasing hand-held metal detectors was a smart choice on my side. Aside from screening out the troublemakers these also guarantee me that our clients get to enjoy their time within my souvenir store.

  • Utilizing Self-Defense Tools To Be Able To Safeguard Yourself During The Evening

    My best friend who is from a typical middle-class family always manages to appear like a million bucks even if she is at her lowest financial status. Even when she is just wearing jeans as well as a shirt it still seems as though she has a lot of cash along with her. I usually tell her that maybe it is one of the main reasons why she usually gets mugged.

    After being held at gun point for eight times and also having weekly nightmares from those ever since we entered university I finally decided to get her a disguised mini stun gun with a flashlight.

    A stun gun is a non-lethal weapon that directs an electric shock to an attackers body upon direct contact. The shock is going to momentarily incapacitate him giving the victim plenty of time to flee the area.

    In particular a disguised stun gun provides an element of surprise. One that pretends to be a normal writing pen for example seems far from being a weapon which is the key reason why the felon is going to be caught off guard whenever he or she attacks someone.

    Furthermore a mini stun gun already has an upper hand towards an attacker due to its size. Since it is tiny it can be hidden quite easily in the users hand.

    On top of these a flashlight stun gun ensures its user accurate aiming because it enables him or her see the opponent.

    The Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun gun with flashlight that I bought her protects my friend not just from a felon but also from unintended discharges. This stun pen contains a safety cap and switch which need to be taken away and turned on respectively just before it could be utilized against an attacker. It also features a rechargeable battery that is one way to save money considering that my friend only has to charge it when the electrical power runs out.

    Since receiving the mini stun gun my good friend has felt safer. There were another 2 mugging attempts but she was able to ward off the attackers. Right now she is able to enjoy her evening strolls throughout the campus alone.

  • Effective Manner Of Fending Off Possible Danger While Travelling

    After moms passing daddy chose to be part of a community that provided assisted living. My siblings had moved to other places by the time. I solely stayed put in the borough in which we kids were all born and also raised as I had married and started out my own family there.

    Our households werent very far apart that I could keep father company often enough. Only I would feel really exhausted from work throughout the travels and also didnt always take my automobile. I started to inquire regarding where to buy Mace pepper spray for protection on the road.

    Pepper spray can incapacitate other persons by simply bringing about an acute burning experience on the skin as well as in the eyes. Furthermore it can set off frenzied coughing as well as choking hinder breathing and inflame the eyes until they close.

    Considering that defense sprays are all non-lethal their effects are temporary and will not result in permanent damage. These continue no longer than 20 to 45 minutes time which you would be advisable to use for getting out of peril and seeking help.

    Now I find road dangers unnerving because they are unpredictable and there may just be no one in view to help. I felt like only law enforcement pepper spray would do and targeted to get one which was intended for use by common people.

    My very own search ended with the Mace 10% PepperGard police model pepper spray. It could fire out 10 one-second bursts for a good 8 to 12 feet. It comes outfitted with a flip-top safety cover finger grip dispenser belt clip and keychain.

    The 17-gram container that I picture is a great choice to possess inside your car or at home is the same size as defense sprays made available to police officers. And if it is suitable enough for peace and order keepers around then it is suitable for me.

    I had no clue that police-grade pepper spray was around right up until I looked at where to buy Mace spray on the web in order to keep me protected during long-distance trips. The lesson to be learned there is that questions have answers. In case you keep worrying about your protection then start asking.

  • Recommendations Concerning How To Hide Belongings From Burglars Or Curious Housemates

    My closest friend and I bought a duplex right after we both became single again oddly enough in the same year. She divorced her husband whereas my boyfriend and I break up and so quit living together. Only I got a house to myself while she has 3 kids.

    I offered one of my abodes 2 rooms to one of her children for which she is thankful. And given that I didnt desire to instigate trouble of any type concerning this set up I thought it best that an innocent-looking household can stash my valued belongings securely.

    Her oldest is closest to me and being in middle school seemed the most achievable for a person childless to take care of. I realize though that adolescence is a hard time normally coexisting with rebelliousness and also the defiance of convention.

    As the adult I would be really irresponsible to leave money and pricey items lying around that may tempt my friends boy to steal. Instead I sought after for burglarproof hiding places that could slip past the radar of even smart teens.

    On the internet I found diversion safes. These pose as general items be it pet food or a bathroom cleaner for the purpose of being passed off as holding nothing of interest to filchers and also burglars.

    I got a brush-free toilet bowl cleaner can safe to hide my house money in plain view as my friend could never in her wildest dreams get her firstborn to clean the bathroom. I dont think that any of his pals who come over would either.

    Plus a wall socket diversion safe by the night table secures my heirloom jewelry. While I could accept the idea that curious teenagers would come snooping within my bedroom they arent likely to find my storage secrets out.

    I think only diversion safes can stash valuable items under everyones nose since they look so trifling that no one will give them a second look. Burglars wont bother to inspect them at the risk of getting caught while stretching a break-in.

  • Things To Consider To Find Out If A Retractable Stun Baton Ideal For You

    Many different items for self-defense can be found in the market that it can be confusing to decide on a weapon which is right for you. Among the most preferred self-defense equipment are pepper sprays and stun guns especially retractable stun batons.

    If you are not confident about aiming a standard electric shock stun gun which is shorter when compared with an extendable stun baton then the latter may appeal to you. Furthermore because these telescopic baton stun guns are lengthier it would be a lot easier for you to slow an attacker down from a secure range.

    The lengthened reach offered by a retractable stun baton is lacking in a standard shock stun gun simply because normal stun guns that dont retract require closer physical contact to function. This will be very beneficial for you especially if you easily clam up in the face of immediate danger.

    Furthermore expandable stun batons are excellent choices since they may be elongated for additional size after which shortened for less difficult portability when not utilized. These useful tactical stun batons can be found in numerous sizes that range between 13 to 32 inches long.

    An extendable shock stun gun as soon as triggered will give a jolt of electricity to an assaulter. Once struck the assaulter will become paralyzed momentarily that leaves you ample time to flee and search for assistance.

    Expandable stun batons could drop powerful volts of electrical power just like any other high voltage stun guns. The 800000 volt Stun Master telescopic stun baton for example is among the stronger collapsible stun batons due to its higher voltage merged with a supplementary light and also a 120 decibel alarm.

    This specific collapsible baton stun gun is 13 inches long when withdrawn and 21.5 inches when extended in contrast to a regular stun gun that is normally around 3 to 5 inches in length. It is also able to shock through half an inch thickness of clothing.

    Whats more an electric shock stun gun is a non deadly weapon for personal protection. It will not give any life-threatening aftereffects.

  • Use Of Self-Defense Tools Of Individual Taking Part On A Neighborhood Evening Patrol

    After the latest sequence of break-ins within our community all of us neighbors pulled together and made a decision to take turns doing night watch. Even though we understood that we could encounter danger by doing this we felt that it was ultimately for our benefit.

    Being the head of the family I volunteered for our household. But just before it became my turn to stand guard I would like to be ready. I was deciding to purchase some other pepper spray vs Mace for my own protection.

    A pepper spray is a handy self-defense device which will give an excruciating burning discomfort within the face. This will immobilize the recipient for a few minutes allowing me to get in touch with the other folks on the neighborhood patrol.

    While surfing around on the web I discovered a Mace pepper gel Night Defender and took interest. It was equipped with a vivid LED light that would be helpful for my evening patrol. It came in a 45-gram can and had a spray distance of approximately 18 feet allowing me to protect myself from a safe position.

    Pepper gel is a brand new formulation of pepper spray that is made up of suspended gel rather than a liquid stream form. These types of gels consist of stronger pepper as well as give greater range for protection. They are also much less contaminating and also non combustible.

    Its simple to find out how gel pepper spray that adheres just like glue will cause much more pain to an attacker. The sticky gel is surely a lot more challenging to remove compared to its liquid form.

    My spouse was concerned at first about me carrying around a personal defense product. But I just reassured her that there was no problem with doing this since all pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons and wouldnt induce irreversible injury to anyone. Plus having one available was for my very own safety.

    When I debated about buying a different pepper spray vs Mace for my defense I was able to look at the various options available. With my tool I am more than ready to stand as night watch.

  • How Secure Is Your Brand New Home?

    After numerous years of hard work my husband and I have finally put up quite a cozy home within Granada Hills for our 3 children and us two. Instead of making a small pond or an outdoor sauna we have chosen alert systems to become the so-called final touch to our recently built home.

    The kind of system we obtained is one that makes use of voice alerts: a kind of early warning system that utilizes detectors transmitters base speakers and recorded alert messages.

    What we have set up in our home is the Voice Alert System-6. It includes an annunciator system that allows users to save as much as 6 different voice alarm messages.

    With the voice alarm system well become notified with our very own voice message in the event the sensors pick up movement inside the six watched areas (zones) which we have assigned.

    What I personally consider to be the important aspect of the system is the wireless driveway alarm that we designated to cover zone one. This home driveway alarm notifies me through my very own zone-specific message whenever a motor vehicle approaches our driveway.

    Zones two until four are the front side and also back entrances to our house. We assigned a different zone for our basement in case burglars choose to enter coming from above. Zone six goes over our entire front yard.

    Rigging up our voice alert system to the other sensing tools inside our home has also made things much simpler and more reliable. These run from smoke alarms to motion as well as CO detectors window/gate/door contacts doorbells and water level indicators.

    Hearing my own voice as an alert message draws my focus adequately without resulting in panic. I do believe it is the greatest benefit that our current voice alarm system gives. I do believe that any household starting up with their brand new homes should give due regard to alert systems as well as other such items that boost the protection of the house.

  • How To Assure Personal Security At A Risky Job

    My occupation being a repo man is to claim belongings which have been used by individuals as collateral for financial loans. My work is one of the most dangerous on the planet mainly because no person would like their things to be taken away so suddenly.

    Men and women usually threaten violence towards me every time I come to claim things that currently belong to the banks thus I started thinking about my personal security. When I saw that a local pawnshop had a stun gun for sale I performed some research and purchased one.

    A stun gun is a non-lethal self-defense tool. It disables an assailant by letting out a powerful electrical shock on impact. This shock overrides their capability to move and also causes them to go down in pain.

    The effect just lasts for several minutes and does not bring about any kind of permanent damage. The small stun gun which I purchased was a 5-inch Z-Force stun gun rated at 100000 volts. It came with a wrist strap and a built-in safety switch.

    Low voltage stun guns like this one are certain to be non-lethal due to their low voltage rating. This makes them a lot safer to keep around compared to police-grade high voltage stun gun versions.

    They had a far more powerful type available that was exactly 1.5 inches taller and rated at 300000 volts. But it was very large for me to carry around effectively so I selected the smaller one.

    I bring my thin stun gun beside me when I am on the job and also keep it holstered in my waist commonly tucked within my pants or in a special holster. This way I can conveniently reach it in case I am attacked.

    Thanks to the pawnshop that had the stun gun for sale at a truly great price Im far more confident at the job. The very last thing that you would want to encounter in this particular work is somebody attacking you but owing to my stun gun I know that I could safeguard myself.

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