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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Ideal Way To Conceal Your Possessions When Unsure Of Whom To Trust

    After the divorce my daughter-in-law transferred to another state while my son became a single dad of two. His dad and I then offered to take the children in and take care of them to make sure that he could continue working and providing for them financially.

    It meant though a number of changes in my household. Besides my gardener of ten years a housekeeper and babysitters started work in my employ. I in turn required the kind of cleverly hidden safe home aides would not be able to nose out.

    The dynamic in the house became a lot different. Considering that both guys of the house had nine-to-five jobs I was left with the children and any of three sitters who rotated coming over each morning. A housemaid eased my load 3 times a week.

    If I had to go out I either left the kids with the house help or brought the children yet left the house with the helpers. Security was compromised so my husband felt that our things should be moved to a lot more invulnerable storage.

    For small belongings diversion safes resolved our predicament. These are camouflaged as practical products like canned fruit or laundry detergent to be able to eclipse the fact that theyre holding valuable things.

    With them being barely home I made a decision to have a Brut shaving foam can safe take care of my spouses home financial savings and a beer can safe keep our sons emergency fund. The former hides above the bathroom sink and the latter inside a personal refrigerator.

    Though I have come to have confidence in my hired assistants as time passes I cant eliminate the possibility of them inviting the wrong people in whether deliberately or mistakenly. Neither should I neglect the possibility of a break-in which has absolutely nothing to do with these workers.

    A disguised safe home burglars have absolutely no means of detecting is my best bet. Regardless of theft as an inside or outside job I really feel confident that my hiding places are 100% covert.

  • Important Factors To Remember About Personal Safety Whenever Heading Home Exhausted From Work

    I switched jobs from one health clinic to a new that had just opened somewhere nearer to my house. This new facilitys business has picked up after some time and my administrative work has become much more grueling.

    Some days I step out of the office feeling brain-dead and ready to drop. Coworkers worry that possible predators can sense exhaustion as well as think we ought to bring pepper spray but I am vacillating. Seriously what is Mace going to do for me while I am being mugged?

    As I search deeper its looking like pepper spray could bring about an extreme burning feeling to the skin and the eyes to incapacitate a target. I can see precisely how any criminal hit with it might be unable to keep his guard up not to mention see and also move normally.

    Furthermore certain items constrict the air passages. But defense sprays are non-lethal. The effects dont bring about irreversible injury but instead wane in 15 to 45 minutes good enough to let you flee as well as contact 9-1-1.

    My own search has brought me to small pepper sprays that appear to be very useful to carry along. These could fit in nearly all bag or pocket. Better yet you could hide yours in the hand to stay undetectable to criminals eyeing you.

    The element of surprise permits you to retaliate while your assaulter is not prepared. When you have a keychain pepper spray then you can leave it dangling from anywhere you could get it immediately to be able to stop an attack.

    I am almost all set on obtaining a Mace 10% PepperGard Personal pepper spray. It comes outfitted with a keychain finger grip dispenser and flip-top safety cap. The 17-gram canister has 10 one-second bursts to empty onto crooks standing 8 to 12 feet away.

    Just what is Mace best for in the interest of self-defense? It helps to ask to be able to evaluate your ability to defend yourself with your own weapon in tow. All I have left to find out is if I am allowed by law to have pepper spray where I live.

  • Effective Ways Of Defending Yourself At All Times

    There are instances when having a self-defense weapon is not enough. Dont get me wrong. I am somebody who owns a stun gun and a pepper spray however there are occasions when I do not bring a bag along with me when I head out. For example since theres a grocery store next to my apartment I take only my wallet along with me whenever I need to purchase stuff quickly in the evening.

    I needed something different to help me get out of sticky situations particularly since my neighborhood was not on the good side of town. I considered studying a few self-defense techniques thus I flicked through instructional fighting videos and found one by Chris Clugston which I liked.

    I was a little hesitant at first believing that teaching myself martial arts moves was quite funny. But a friend of mine who lived a block away was mugged on her way home coming from work so I made a decision to push through.

    I bought Combat JKD online and had it shipped to my house. The self-defense DVD promised that I could take on experienced street fighters boxers and also martial artists using the moves that would be taught.

    Soon after several seconds of scanning the back cover I popped the street-fighting DVD into the DVD player. I was immediately astounded by the moves being explained and demonstrated. And that was before I started copying these kinds of moves.

    In under a month I began feeling as if I could deal with any condition thrown at me that required self-defense moves. I was taught how to heighten my senses that is make me far more alert to my surroundings.

    The technique I love the most on this self-defense video would be the two-finger take-down which actually uses 2 fingers only to take an assailant to his or her knees.

    Thanks to the experience of Chris Clugston as captured on DVD Im able to finally go out of the apartment even without a self-defense device and still handle enemies.

  • Precisely What Makes A Stun Gun A Formidable Defense Weapon

    Stun guns are certainly formidable self-defense weapons. The past twenty-five years have shown simply how much certain stun guns like those from Stun Master have been established as the weapons of preference for personal security. They are tried and tested products that can guarantee safety whenever a hostile condition occurs.

    The technology powering stun guns has developed through the years. A few units have increased their stunning abilities. Stun gun voltage effects have become prevailing that there is virtually little to no possibility for the receiver to be unaffected by the produced electricity.

    Powerful stun gun voltage effects can take just about any enemy down regardless of his size or physical power. All it requires is one jolt of a stun gun to begin the series of events that will result in immobility.

    Stun guns do the job by making a low-amperage but high-voltage charge. Amperage is analogous to current. One amp has enough power to take life. Stun guns just have about five to eight milliamps to make sure that no mortal harm is made.

    Voltage on the other hand is electric potential for energy or electric tension. Stun gun voltage effects are effective at producing electrical disruption within the body without the probability of inducing life-threatening problems. Stun guns utilize low voltage and also high voltage features according to the preferences of the user.

    Upon the stun guns contact with the recipient one particular press of the button will discharge the electrical charge from the item. The voltage is the pressure behind the charge making it to flow even through clothing.

    The electric current will disrupt the electrical impulses traveling coming from the brain towards the muscular tissues and will result in the muscles to be in constant uncontrolled twitching. This will induce confusion and leave the assailant unable to move briefly.

    Stun guns are very long lasting and need virtually no servicing. Some stun guns even give lifetime warranties. Temporary stun gun voltage effects are non deadly though. The primary aim is to help escape in circumstances that have a high risk of serious harm.

  • Pointers On How To Defend Yourself From An Unfriendly Pet Dog

    In order to keep myself physically fit I run for about 5 kilometers every morning. But our area is full of dogs which bark at me each and every time I pass by their homes. There are even instances when I have to change my course given that a number of dogs chase after me.

    Getting a shot for a dog bite is a bit expensive. And although it is included in my health insurance I do not want to get bitten by a canine simply put. So if I wished to carry on running I needed to get the appropriate kind of self-protection like dog pepper spray in particular.

    A dog spray is non-lethal to both dogs and human beings although it should not be utilized on the latter. Likewise pepper spray intended for humans should not be used against canines.

    A dog repellent is a non-combative tool for protecting yourself. That is it doesnt provoke a canine to attack you. Rather it wards it off.

    What I wanted was a product that was authorized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be sure that it was indeed risk-free for dogs.

    I checked on the net for effective dog sprays that were EPA-approved and stumbled on the Mace Muzzle dog repellent. It was claimed to be perfect for use by mailmen joggers cyclists newspaper boys and delivery guys.

    This particular defense spray for dogs features a flip-top safety cap to prevent any unintended discharge. It could spray up to a range of eight to ten feet so you can take comfort in knowing that the dog will not need to be as near to you as possible before you spray on it. The 17-gram cylinder features 10 one-second bursts. Thus in case your aim is inaccurate you can have another go at it.

    The morning following the dog pepper spray was brought to my house I began taking it beside me every time I ran. Today I can run wherever I would like as well as just change routes whenever I want.

  • Going Back Home To A Safe Home

    My better half and I are typically out of our home and traveling on business trips. So we we would like to have a home safety package to assure our houses protection at all times. With many different gadgets related to home security to be found in one single kit you are able to escape the hardship of searching for them one by one which is time-consuming as well as expensive.

    While a home security system may contain diversion safes as well as wireless alarms what we wanted was one having the latter. Like most residences we dont have a fence. A motion detector or door/window sensor is going to be ideal for warning house owners such as ourselves that their security has been breached.

    As soon as movement is discovered either that detector or sensor can send out a signal to a base unit. The base unit then gives off an alarming sound as well as contacts the top number on a list which the owners would have programmed into the system themselves.

    Anybody who answers the call is going to receive a recorded message stating or indicating covertly that the property is being broken into.

    The recipient of the phone call may disarm the wireless home security system speak out through the base unit or listen in on the room being safeguarded.

    An unsuccessful telephone call done by the base unit is no obstacle to keeping your property safe. Since it can typically be set to keep approximately 5 telephone numbers it will quickly call the second number and so forth. It will also perform the very same in the event the motion detecting security system isnt disarmed.

    I discovered all these important capabilities in the HomeSafe wireless home security system. It included a base unit a window/door sensor which could send alerts approximately a distance of 250 feet a motion detector that could sense activity from a range of 8 yards and a remote control that could arm as well as disarm the device.

    With our completely new collection of wireless alarms we know that we can go back to a safe and secure house that still has our belongings in place.

  • Ideas On Arming Yourself For Night Jobs

    I was working as a waitress in a dance club when one of the bouncers went to me with a side job to become a promo girl. It wasnt unlike waitressing that there were specific alcoholic beverages that I needed to recommend sell as well as eventually serve.

    Becoming a face for these brands I would be compensated higher for fewer time. I would also have to spend far more face time together with the drinkers though. So I took the job and brought out the new Taser that I had been given serendipitously around that time.

    After my boyfriend read through police reviews on the internet on the Taser being far more reliable compared to a 9-mm. pistol he felt that had got to count for something and purchased me one. What is more it provides long-distance along with close-quarter defense.

    Loaded right into a Taser a changeable cartridge made up of pressurized nitrogen will shoot out two tiny darts secured to the device by cables 15 feet long. Thus I can stop an assault from as far as 15 feet away.

    While the wires are not needed the Taser can still work like a contact stun gun in order to knock the enemy down in close proximity. The Taser C2 with laser sight that I acquired can help my aim as well and leave the target confused momentarily.

    Being made on latest electro-muscular disruption technology a Taser could deal with a recipients tolerance regardless of how high for pain because of electrical shock. At the same time the use of recognized stun gun tech keeps the weapon non-lethal.

    Even though a Taser is going to induce a loss of muscle movement as well as equilibrium the effects lead to absolutely no permanent disability. They last no longer than half an hour which provides you some time to escape danger and also call 9-1-1.

    With my new Taser tagging along anywhere I go I am able to handle two after-hours jobs fearlessly. I make enough to enjoy the daytime which is all mine to do exactly what I want with.

  • Using Self-Defense Devices To Be Able To Keep Women Safe From Criminals

    Becoming a single working mother is as difficult as it can be. I need to work two times as hard to provide my child with exactly what he needs. As a personal associate to a workaholic boss I sometimes need to stay late at work in order to finish off his requests. That simply leaves me absolutely no option but just to walk the 4 blocks from the bus stop towards my apartment late at night.

    I understand that this routine is extremely risky particularly that single moms are the only ones their kids can depend upon. I need to be able to provide protection to myself from muggers and also rapists but what is the best self defense weapon for single mothers such as myself?

    I want something that could disarm an opponent and bring him or her down to his or her knees yet minus the death brought on by a handgun. Anyway I am way too scared to try that since I may use it the incorrect way.

    Furthermore I would like a self-defense weapon that gives a comfortable distance say around a foot or so in between me and the attacker but one that can still easily fit into my purse.

    While surfing the net I have discover a telescopic steel baton. Its expandable meaning that it is in its short form when not needed and you can keep it inside your bag. When the moment comes to make use of it you could stretch it with a flick of your wrist for it to extend to its total length. You can simply pound the tip on a hard surface to be able to shorten it again.

    These types of retractable steel batons come in different lengths just like 16 21 and 26 inches. Those measurements are more than how long I wanted my self-defense weapon to be in the beginning.

    With an extendable steel baton I could return home at 10 at night knowing that I will survive to still be able to read my son a bedtime story.

    So what is the best self defense weapon for single moms? For me it is one which could continue to keep her protected for her kids.

  • Less Obvious Places To Keep Important Things Intact

    Surprisingly jewelry boxes make it harder for you to store your bling safe. These are immediately recognizable that absolutely no burglar would pass by a chance to get them along the way. Whether you have put a single diamond ring or even a pair of pearl earrings within the item is still too precious to lose.

    When you put these valuable things in disguised jewelry safes however you turn the tables around and make it more difficult for criminals to get to your loot.

    Making your hiding place more covert is the perfect strategy to conceal your jewelry without being far too obvious. When you conceal them within a bathroom cleaner safe for example and put this along with other cleaning agents you can instantly keep your bling-bling safe and secure.

    Utilizing a diversion safe is much more practical as compared to having to rely on a common jewelry box. The latter draws in too much interest that even a person without ill intentions is going to be curious enough to open it.

    Jewelry especially when genuine fetches high market prices. This makes them some of the most sought-after loot by burglars. Putting them within jewelry boxes just makes them all the more ready and available to take.

    Hidden safes give a a lot more dependable location for your valuable items. A flowerpot safe near your dresser is less likely to be rummaged through by a burglar than a box stored away within your closet. The thing is the more you make an effort to conceal them the more appealing your jewels becomes.

    Perhaps it is the idea that humans would naturally keep priceless belongings out of sight. As true as this might be for conventional safes it is never applicable to covert ones. Simply no burglar would think a wall socket safe to be full of expensive rings and necklaces.

    Burglars will commit at least 8 minutes on the average inside a house. This time is used getting their hands on precisely what is clearly appealing to them. Disguised jewelry safes while displayed for everyone to see are safer and a lot more reliable in storing your valuables intact.

  • Recommendations On How To Remain Safe While Traveling

    My job as a researcher for a magazine usually takes me to the road and sometimes to unfamiliar territories. In many instances I take these types of road trips by myself. I later on realized that as a young girl taking long drives with no companion whatsoever I must appear to be a fairly easy target.

    I then thought it best to start being responsible for my own safety by researching the various self defense guns and gadgets which I could utilize. I quickly became informed regarding stun guns non-lethal products that leave no long term injuries however are built to disable any enemy momentarily giving away sufficient time for escape.

    A brief online search brought me to a several quite interesting and also amazing types of stun guns for womens use in self-defense.

    Disguised stun guns are covert devices built to resemble something else. Any would-be attacker would assume you to be completely defenseless and would certainly be taken aback whenever you put your weapon to use.

    The selling point of mini stun guns also plays on the element of surprise since these types of small gizmos may be hidden very easily in the hand. Apart from this small stun guns are designed to be very compact and also portable.

    Flashlight stun guns are dual-purpose items. Not just are they designed to give off electrical energy and stun would-be assailants but also equipped with a flashlight to give illumination particularly in the evening.

    The stun gun which I now have is a Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun with flashlight. This lipstick-looking rechargeable stun gun is only 3 inches tall. Its built with a flashlight and zaps up to 950000 volts enough to knock down a person of any size.

    Right now I feel more secure with my stun gun and never go at any place without it. I am very pleased with this tool. It essentially fuses the great properties of three types of self defense guns which appeal to me: a clever disguise size as well as a built-in light.

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